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 The Lightning Pixie of the Green Valley Vortex

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PostSubject: The Lightning Pixie of the Green Valley Vortex   Tue Dec 08, 2009 9:25 pm

The Lightning Pixie of the Green Valley Vortex
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager aka The Demon Warrior

I must say I do go on a lot of investigations and I write a lot of paranormal articles. With each article is my contact information. I get text messages, telephone calls and emails constantly from people who have stories to tell or who want to know more information. Below is an email I recently received:

"Hello Mr. Roberts, my name is Howard. I guess from reading all about your investigations, you have become pretty legendary in the paranormal circus. Let me tell you about my circus act at the Green Valley Vortex. Sit back, because I kid you not, this is some real stuff. This really happened dude. I just want to let you know I did some camping at the Green Valley Vortex last year and plan to do some more camping this year. The area is definitely odd. What did you feel when you went up there? My buddy Todd and I felt very lightheaded when we walked into a certain areas where the trees were all bent over.

Todd and myself camped out there for two nights and on one night it rained and that is when some crazy xxxxx happened. We saw lightning hit a tree limb and after it hit, there was this little creature made up of the lightning itself standing on the tree limb. The creature couldn't have been no more than 4 or 5 inches high and it was made up of electricity. The creature seemed to be skipping on the limb and then jumped down to the ground and started walking around. This lightning pixie seemed to take notice of us and at one point of time, it pointed it's little finger at us and shot out a lightning bolt. The bolt did not hit us, but missed us. It hit the ground roughly 3 yards away from us.

We watched this little creature for about 10 minutes, when all of a sudden a large beam hit the little pixie and it was beamed up into the cloudy night skies. Has anyone else seen a pixie in the Green Valley Vortex or are we the only crazy people that seen xxxx like this. I know the two high school kids saw a UFO and a alien robot chased them through the woods. I guess their story would be as crazy as our story. Please let me know if you plan to re-investigate the Green Valley Vortex, because there is something truly unusual going on at this location. It may be another Skinwalker Ranch. I do believe there is a portal at the Green Valley Vortex. Would you agree?"


An Answer from Paul Dale Roberts - HPI Fortean Investigator:

I have only investigated the Green Valley Vortex once and even though I did not acquire any substantial proof that paranormal events occur there, I would still love to go back and conduct a more thorough investigation. With as many people that claim to have experienced paranormal events in this area, I truly believe there must be some kind of explanation on why so many people are witnessing the paranormal. Yes, the Green Valley Vortex warrants another investigation.

To learn more about this area, go to this website:

To learn about my previous investigation, stop by this link:

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager, Paranormal Investigator & Ghostwriter
Shannon McCabe's HPI
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Investigation of Tyrol Lane - Stockton, CA YouTube Video by Randy Annis - Placer Paranormal. Part 1
Investigation of Tyrol Lane - Stockton, CA YouTube Video by Randy Annis - Placer Paranormal. Part 2
Behind the Scenes: Michael Jackson: In Search of his Spirit.
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503 (for comments on this

If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI
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The Lightning Pixie of the Green Valley Vortex
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