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 UFO Fleet vs. US Army at Fort Benning, GA 9/77

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PostSubject: UFO Fleet vs. US Army at Fort Benning, GA 9/77   Tue Dec 22, 2009 4:38 pm

UFO Fleet vs. US Army at Fort Benning, Georgia: September 1977.
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Fortean Investigator

In September 1977 did something amazing happen at Fort Benning, Georgia? Did 1300 soldiers witness a UFO fleet over Fort Benning? Did the US Army go to battle with these UFOs? Were some of the soldiers abducted? Is this one of the biggest military cover-ups of all times? I have been in telephone contact with John Vasquez, author of 'Incident over Fort Benning' and John received an email from another witness to this incredible event. His name is: Kenneth Darnell. Below is an excerpt from his email that he sent to John Vasquez.

From: Kenneth Darnell
Subject: Ft. Benning
Date: Thursday, December 10, 2009, 2:30 PM

Hello John...I received your e-mail several days ago. Sorry I have not had a chance to reply till now. I am a training specialist with the Department of Corrections and I spend most days away from the office. I conduct firearms training on Mondays, Unarmed self defense on Tuesdays, Impact weapons training on Wednesdays and lecture classes on Thursdays.I read your article many years ago when I did a search and used the words Ft. Benning and UFO on the search line. I was looking for anyone else who may have been standing in that laundry line that night in 1977 and witnessed the incident I spoke of on UFO casebook. I found your article then and that was the only thing I have ever found. Have you ever had anyone else relate information to you regarding the incident you spoke of? It always seemed to me that your incident happened a couple months AFTER my incident. I completed jump school around the middle of May in 1977 and shipped to Bragg right after that.

I'm thinking my incident happened around March or April. I always wondered why that if all of us saw those lights that night, why did the security at the base not investigate and question us about what we saw. It's always amazed me that no one ever reported in the news or videotaped the events that I spoke of. I wish I could remember a few of the other people that were with me then. I have a unit photo form AIT and jumpschool and I can remember a few first names, but I can't remember last names or hometowns. Somebody else out there still has memories of what we saw that night. It was amazing....and scary...the speed at which those lights moved from horizon to horizon....and the sudden stops and turns have always made me a believer that it was extraterrestrial craft, that I saw. Both of our events are close enough that there could be some correlation. I don't know...But it is good to meet you and have someone else form that period of my life who remembers that Summer. I wish you well and hope you have a wonderful Christmas...We stop training on the 18th and don't start back until Jan. 4th, so I will have a couple of weeks to recharge my batteries.

Ken Darnell
Correctional Training Specialist II
Dan River Prison Work Farm # 3080
Yanceyville N.C. 27379

A Special Note from Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Fortean Investigator:
There was definitely a UFO flap during the 70s on the East Coast and UFOs were being seen all the time near and around military bases. What is interesting is that in July 1974 I was in Ft. Jackson, South Carolina and I was in the town of Columbia with two other soldiers and the three of us all saw 6 glowing blue discs in V formation flying over Fort Jackson. One of the soldiers yelled "geese?"' and I said..."no way are those geese, those are UFOs!" As we kept watching we were astonished to watch the UFOs erratically dart off in different directions and simply vanish in front of our eyes. There was something very strange happening on military bases along the East Coast and when I heard the story about Fort Benning, it definitely caught my attention. Now, we have a Correctional Officer verifying John Vasquez's story.

It's time for CNN News, HLN News, Dateline, 48 Hours to send out some investigative reporters and find out the truth of probably one of the biggest UFO events in history. I believe the military knows exactly what happened on September 1977 and I believe the military is covering up one of the greatest historical UFO incidents on record. This could possibly be the Mother of all UFO Conspiracies!

If you were stationed in Fort Benning, Georgia in September 1977, please contact me immediately. Let's get to the finale of this story! I want to know the bottom line!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ufologist
Shannon McCabe's HPI
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
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Investigation of Tyrol Lane - Stockton, CA YouTube Video by Randy Annis - Placer Paranormal. Part 2
Behind the Scenes: Michael Jackson: In Search of his Spirit.
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503 (for comments on this

If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI
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UFO Fleet vs. US Army at Fort Benning, GA 9/77
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