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 The Valencia Club Woman in White: A Haunting in Penryn/Loomis

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PostSubject: The Valencia Club Woman in White: A Haunting in Penryn/Loomis   Sun Dec 27, 2009 5:58 am

The Valencia Club Woman in White: A Haunting in Penryn/Loomis
By Paul Dale Roberts aka The Demon Warrior

The day after Christmas. December 26, 2009, Saturday. I get a phone call from L.P.I. (Lincoln Paranormal Investigation)’s President Deborah Baughman. I hear excitement in Deborah’s voice, she has something for me to investigate, a haunted bar called the Valencia Club in Penryn.

To see pictures from this investigation, stop by here:

Deborah has some witnesses for me to interview and she is hoping we can get some EVP evidence of a haunting at this bar. I tell Deborah…”I’m on my way!” The Ghost Tracker zooms up Highway 80 to Penryn and Loomis and the song ‘Cisco Kid by War’ plays on the radio. The X-Files theme song ring tone plays and it’s my paranormal cellular hotline. On the other line is John A. Vasquez, author of Incident at Fort Benning. John talks about his case, on how he is hoping that some of the 1300 soldiers that witnessed the UFO event in Fort Benning will start coming forth with their own stories of their experience in Fort Benning on September 1977. As I talk with John, thoughts of how much evidence we have that UFOs may have an extraterrestrial origin. The Skunkworks Division created the U-2, SR-71 and F-117 Stealth Fighter, but also did some of this technology come about because of back engineering of UFOs? Bob Lazar would have you think it did, after he told the media that he worked at S-4 at Groom Lake aka Area 51. Evidence shows that Bob Lazar did work at Area 51 and why would Bob come out with elaborate lies of back engineering? Ahhh..we have testimonial evidence. What else do we have? Our reconnaissance satellites take photos and video footage of fastwalkers all the time. When I worked with Military Intelligence, I saw 6 photos of fastwalkers. Oh hell, the Soviet Moonlanding probe Luna 9, took pictures of what looked like long runway formations and pyramid shaped objects on our moon. Are we looking into this further? NASA is probably looking into this, but they are not telling the public. It seems we have to get our information from other countries like Belgium, France, Japan and Russia. Case example Colonel Marina Popovich shows us a photograph of a UFO taken by Phobos II space probe of a UFO that is 15 miles long. Ahhh…now we have photographic evidence. The DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) which was founded in 1961 is supposingly the depository for UFO reports and to think when I was in Military Intelligence, I would be working side-by-side with these spooks. We have other evidence, like the radar grid print-out of UFOs that were seen over Washington DC in 1952. We have ham radio operators that can attest to the fact that astronauts James McDivitt and Ed White observed a strange cylindrical object with a proturberance traveling in orbit with their space craft. Were all these HAM radio operators lying about the radio transmissions they heard from these prestigious astronauts? I really don’t think so. There is so much evidence such as alien implants, UFO landing spots, ancient structures, Ezekial’s eye-witness account, India text on Vimanas, Sumerian clay tablets, geometric shaped crop circles, video footage, multitude of witnesses, etc. If this was a murder investigation, the murderer would have been convicted one million times over, because of the evidence that we have accumulated. So, when a person like John A. Vasquez tells me about the Incident at Fort Benning, I listen.

Now let me switch gears from being a UFO Hunter to being a Ghost Hunter. Ahhh…the life of a Fortean Investigator. Tonight I team up with Deborah Baughman and her sensitive Annette Silvey. With the three of us investigating, we become the HPI Penryn Splinter Cell, I am leading this investigation. One of my first interviews is with waitress Elisha Flury. Elisha tells me that she has seen the Valencia Club Woman in White 3 times and the appearance of the Woman is anywhere from 9pm to 2am. She usually walks down a hallway from the dining area to the bar main floor. Elisha has also heard a strange whistling and she cannot distinguish if it is a man or woman whistling. Annette Silvey, the sensitive does not detect any kind of paranormal activity in this bar. She tells me at the age of 3, she started having paranormal experiences, she would see 4 small shadowy creatures in her home in Salinas. Annette now resides in Loomis and ever once in a while, she will pick up on a presence in various locations in Loomis and Penryn.

The next person I interview is Maggie Pennington – Bartender. Maggie witnessed seeing a beer bottle hover in the air and then drop to the ground. Maggie is not a stranger of the paranormal and lives in a haunted home in Loomis. She discovered that there was a grave on her property. The tombstone of this grave has writing that is illegible. She has heard stories about her home, that a man hung himself in the bedroom and that an Asian worker died in the orchards near this home. The tombstone in the shape of a cross could be the tombstone of either the man that committed suicide in her home or the Asian worker that died in the orchards. Maggie also tells me that at the home that she now lives in at Loomis, she once heard the sounds of a train. The sounds of the train came right through her bedroom. She had ice cold water dumped on her from an unseen force. She has found ice water on her bed and one time she had the entity twist her foot and the next day her foot was swollen. She now places flowers on the grave she found on her property and the activity has ceased. After Maggie talked about her home, she continues with her story about the Valencia Club. Maggie mentions that the Valencia Club may have been a whore house at one time. One patron says that it was built in the early 20s, while another patron says it was built around 1838. The Valencia Club was once a whore house, then a gas station and finally a bar. One of the whores of the whore house died in a fire at this establishment and she may be the Valencia Club Woman in White.

Deborah, Annette and I, moved away from the musical jukebox sounds of Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd to do some EVP work, after several EVP sessions we finally got a man’s voice that said ‘hello’. I found no anomalies in my photos and Deborah showed me the entry way to the basement. Deborah explains that the basement leads to a tunnel that goes underneath the street to the quarry building across the street. We investigate the quarry building too and I find nothing I would consider paranormal at the quarry building.

One EVP of a male voice that says ‘hello’.

Preliminary Investigation is inconclusive. Further investigation is warranted. The owner wants me to come back with my team to investigate this bar from 2am to 4am.

Special Note: The Valencia Club is quite unique. When I was there, I saw 5 cowboys on their horses mosey up to the club and saddle down their horses to play some pool inside the club. The President of the Weasels Motorcycle Club came in for a drink and tri-tip was being barbequed out back of the Club. I tried their tri-tip and French fries and it was deliciously scrumptious.

Paul Dale Roberts aka the Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's HPI
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Investigation of Tyrol Lane - Stockton, CA YouTube Video by Randy Annis - Placer Paranormal. Part 1
Investigation of Tyrol Lane - Stockton, CA YouTube Video by Randy Annis - Placer Paranormal. Part 2
Behind the Scenes: Michael Jackson: In Search of his Spirit.
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503 (for comments on this

If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI
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The Valencia Club Woman in White: A Haunting in Penryn/Loomis
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