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 Interview with Ashley Caperello, Owner/Entertainment Manager of Re-Wire Productions

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PostSubject: Interview with Ashley Caperello, Owner/Entertainment Manager of Re-Wire Productions   Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:33 pm

Interview with Ashley Caperello, Owner/Entertainment Manager of Re-Wire Productions
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager President

Question: First off tell us something personal about yourself, your family life, recreational activities, hobbies, what kind of movies, TV shows and books you like, etc.

Answer: Well, I run a local music production company called Re-Wire Productions specializing in the Goth Industrial Genre. So I most often do book shows, handle promotions and sometimes sponsor events, as well as manage local Electro/Industrial bands: Savi0r and Cystem Cex. That takes up most of my time, but other then that I love horror, indie, and foreign films, as well as local Goth clubbing, and pretty much enjoy and appreciate most things dark, morbid, and Goth. Overall I’m a happy go lucky girl that is always dressed in black.

Question: Before I talk about your business activities, can I ask you how you got into the Goth culture?

Answer: I blame it on my family. Lol. Specifically my Aunt Cherie. She had a fascination with exotic cultures, films, and architecture. She took me to see Bram Stoker’s Dracula in theaters as well as the movie Interview with the Vampire. I believe I was in the second grade or younger, and It all pretty much started there- So I guess it was destined.

Question: What does the Goth culture mean to you?

Answer: Goth to me means, aside from a style of architecture, and style of music. It’s sort of an understanding or appreciation for all things dark and morbid basically.

Question: Does the Goth culture have anything to do with vampirism?

Answer: Well, I think the comparison within ‘Goth’ and ‘vampirism’ is that they are both things having to do with darkness, and within the darkness is the unknown, which is rather enticing and exciting. They sort of work hand-in-hand in that way.

Ashley: Let’s ask my business partner Rudy Alvarado (Daniel Reign Productions) whom is sitting with me now what do you think about the Goth Culture and Vampirism having anything to do with each other?

Rudy: I don’t believe that all Goth’s have an interest in Vampirism, but it seems to me that all people who have an interest in Vampirism are into Goth Culture to some capacity. I honestly don’t have very much interest in Vampirism, although I can see how the idea of fulfilling a sexual appetite through physical nourishment would be appealing to some people.

Question: Now tell me how did you get started with Re-Wire Productions?

Answer: I was in a metal band a few years ago ‘Anguidara’ and we shared the same management as the band ‘Savi0r’. Well my boyfriend is the lead singer of Savi0r, and the lead singer of Anguidara is now Savi0rs keyboardist. We are sort of one big family. But anyway, we were unhappy with our management at the time, and I ended up taking over along with my best friend Rudy who also happens to be my official sound guy. It all happened by accident, but all things happen for a reason right?

And same question to Rudy Alvarado

Rudy: My feelings on the Goth culture have definitely evolved over the last 15 years or so. Currently, my feelings on the Goth culture are that it’s grown in such a way that it has made it more accessible to mainstream culture. In some ways, I think it can be a bad thing because it’s become really easy for misconceptions to spread about the Goth subculture. So many people lose sight of the fact that not everyone in the Goth culture has the same interests in personal philosophies, music and even fashion. You have some individuals like me that refuse to wear velvet because it’s dead as disco and others that refuse to listen to the Sisters of Mercy because it’s too pretentious. I think the one trait that you’ll find in common with pretty much anyone that you encounter is that part of the Goth culture is that we don’t want to get too incredibly wrapped in mainstream culture. Not to the point where Goth Culture is as isolated as Gilligan’s Island, but definitely isolated enough so that we can be comfortable in our own skin.

Question: What is the purpose of Re-Wire Productions, what do you hope to achieve?

Answer: I hope to not only get more exposure for the bands that I manage, but to also help out the Goth industrial scene in Sacramento as much as I can. It is sort of a dying culture. Pretty much everyone within our scene here knows everyone else. So I figure if we all joined forces, we could bring it back to life, in a way. I am extremely passionate about its culture and the music of course.

Question: Do you have a website and is there a way for people to contact you?

Answer: Re-Wire is on myspace currently, as well as my personal myspace I will have an official website up soon.

Question: Wow! Great interview you two! I think you answered everything I needed for this interview. Let’s do a fun question. Ashley and Rudy: If you had 6 dinner guests, 3 historical and 3 fictional, who would they be and why?

Ashley: Hmmm, historical I would have to say Marquis De Sade definitely; Frida Kahlo, and Shakespeare. They were all as far as I know, interesting characters, and have all influenced so much of my life, in so many different ways. Fictional: all vampires of course… ha-ha, I can’t help it, they’re all sexier and more interesting then humans… Bill Compton (true blood), Lestat (Annie Rice character), and Dracula (played by Gary Oldman of course!) And then I could have my fictional characters turn into my historical ones.

Rudy: My historical figures of choice would have to be Che Guevara, Chuck Schuldiner, and Jon Nodtveidt

My fictional figures would be: Nicky Santoro (played by Joe Pesci in the movie Casino), Detective Somerset (played by Morgan Freeman in the movie Se7en), and Valeria (played by Sandahl Bergman in the movie Conan the Barbarian).

I would have this group at my table because I feel that they are all people with incredibly strong personalities although they are not necessarily all physically strong.

Special Note: When Rudy mentions Morgan Freeman, I had a flashback. My sister Sharon is a friend of Morgan Freeman and her ex-husband Captain Crazy Jeff Voshell used to work on his boat in St. Thomas Island. Morgan Freeman is an incredible actor!

Question: What TV shows, movies, books do you like?

Ashley: Poppy Z Brite, and Nancy Kilpatrick are two of my favorite writers, I am a huge Vampire Erotica fan, as well as a Vampire movie connoisseur so I would have to say a few of my favorite movies of all time are Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and Let the Right One In, and for non-vampire movies: Delicatessen, Old Boy, and Brother Hood of the Wolf. The TV show, True Blood (HBO) is at the top of my list currently, as well as Madmen (AMC).

Rudy: I don’t read a lot of books, 2 that come to mind would be The Blood Countess by Andrei Codrescu and 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Rudy: My favorite TV shows are: Chappelle’s Show (RIP), Entourage, Arrested Development (RIP), and the 2nd season of The Ali G Show.

Rudy: Some of my all time favorite movies are: Until the Light Takes Us, Visitor Q, Casino, Amadeus, Interview with the Vampire, The Big Lebowski and Synecdoche New York. This list would be longer than the interview if I listed every movie that I’m a fan of. Now you know what I’m doing in my leisure when I’m not reading, or do you?

Question: What is your favorite song?

Ashley: This is an unfair question, music is pretty much my life, it’s difficult to have to sum it up, but if I could choose a few it would be ‘Man that you Fear’ Marilyn Manson, and ‘Black Celebration’ Depeche Mode. Just a few that would have been included in the sound track of my life.

Rudy: I’ll have to give you a list. What kind of an audio engineer would I be if I only loved one song?

1349 – I Am Abomination
Gorgoroth – God Seed
Tori Amos – Pretty Good Year
Lily Allen – Not Fair
Tactical Sekt – Beslan
Led Zeppelin – Going to California
Bonobo – Terrapin
Goldfrapp – Number 1

Question: Thank you for this incredible interview. Any words of wisdom for your readers?

Ashley: Live like it’s your last day, life is too short to allow yourself to be trapped in a career that you are unhappy in. Thank-you for reading this extremely long interview : ]

Rudy: If you make the decision to get into the entertainment industry in any capacity, learn how to type. You’re going to need another job while pursuing your art form to keep a roof over your head and food in your belly. But if you’re one of those rare individuals that can score themselves a sugar daddy/ sugar momma, my hat goes off to you for killing your integrity.

Special Note: Ashley says that she is planning a trip to Turkey in April, she also made an interesting comment to me that she went to a psychic and the psychic told her that she is an old soul and once lived on the island of Atlantis, which in turn gave me another flashback that I mentioned to Ashley. My ex-wife Patricia took me to a psychic and the psychic did a reading on me. Not knowing who I am, she said I was an old soul and that I was once a scribe in Rome. She said many people would follow me around, because they were fascinated with my writings. Very interesting….very interesting…..
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Interview with Ashley Caperello, Owner/Entertainment Manager of Re-Wire Productions
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