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 Nuns with Guns by Viper Comics

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PostSubject: Nuns with Guns by Viper Comics   Sun Jan 24, 2010 8:56 pm

Name: Nuns with Guns
Publisher: Viper Comics
Creative Force: Jason M. Burns and Erich Owen
Price: $7.95
Email Contact:
Overviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts, President
Comments: Horrifying things are happening in Oklahoma as an evil sect is worshipping something most foul. That most foul is the anti-Christ. There are some very cool characters in this comic book graphic novel, like Sister Marie who can communicate with her colleagues through her crucifix. She is an agent of God; a former US Army soldier that target practices with what else…a gun! Sister Marie and 3 other sisters answer to a figurehead named Mother Hen. Their mission is to save innocent souls and will combat evil wherever it rears its ugly head. If evil threatens the church, they are prepared for holy warfare! The anti-Christ is a real threat to everyone, the world and even to a woman who is lying on the beach, as he kicks sand on her. When the girl’s buffed boyfriend confronts the anti-Christ and asks him to apologize, the anti-Christ says he does not apologize to any mortal and throws the buffed muscle bound man 50 feet in the air and into the ocean. The anti-Christ sends an army of sea monsters after the Nuns with Guns and there is action galore. I love this comic book graphic novel, because it takes you to the next level of mayhem and adventure. Nuns with Guns are devilish adventure with a dash of heavenly bliss!
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Nuns with Guns by Viper Comics
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