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 The Very Deceitful Holiday Travel of America

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PostSubject: The Very Deceitful Holiday Travel of America   Wed Feb 03, 2010 6:37 pm

The Very Deceitful Holiday Travel of America

When Holiday Travel of America comes calling...hang up and run as fast as you can. They may try and entice you to go to the Holiday Inn in Sacramento. They will entice you with a vacation to Hawaii, in which they make claim that they will pay for the plane tickets and hotel accommodations. They will also have a Las Vegas packet with free shows, free buffets, etc.

All filthy lies.

They want you to participate in a 90-minute presentation on Timeshares. They will have 3 thugs talking to you with vacation type of music playing in the background. The song that was playing was Madonna's 'Holiday'. Holiday Travel of America will send over a salesman to your table. Remember, if you say no, you will be meeting 2 more salesmen and they will keep you over the 90 minutes. Their salesmen look like 'thugs'. I kid you not. The first thug will be very personable and ask all kinds of questions about you and your significant other. My significant other at this 90 minute outing was my BFF Chantal Apodaca. Chantal and I sat through the BS and basically asked the first thug to cut to the chase and start trying to sell us the timeshare, so we can get our gift packets and get the heck out of here. When our final answer was 'no' repeated 100 times over, the 2nd thug comes in and he is a bit nastier. By the time you reach the 3rd thug, it's downright negative and you are hoping the 3rd thug will not break your knuckles. The 3rd thug usually is the size of a NFL wide receiver and has strong burly overtones. As I look around, I only wonder how many of these sales people thugs are on parole?

When you finally get through the 90-minute presentation with your teeth, you are thrilled to hold in your hands all kinds of paperwork that indicates you and your significant other are truly headed for Hawaii and when you have time, you may enjoy the freebies that you can get in Las Vegas.

I mailed in my $100.00 check for my Hawaii vacation and $25.00 check for my Las Vegas packet. When I received everything in the mail, I set my possible dates to go to Hawaii with Chantal. Before I knew it, Holiday Travel of America contacted me many times over and asked me to upgrade. Yes! They wanted more money! When I told them I would not upgrade (for more money), they became irritated with my answers. In retaliation, they would set my vacation date further ahead in the year. Finally with all the bickering that went on between me and Holiday Travel of America, they finally refunded my $125.00.

They promised me a hotel package for San Diego to cover my troubles. They never sent that, only my refund check.
If they say something is free, it's most likely not free. Believe me, I'm learning.

Holiday Travel of America is located at: 6405 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92009.

Paul Dale Roberts
916 203 7503
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The Very Deceitful Holiday Travel of America
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