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 We Were Visited by Extraterrestrials: No Doubt

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PostSubject: We Were Visited by Extraterrestrials: No Doubt   Fri Feb 12, 2010 11:35 pm

We Were Visited by Extraterrestrials: No Doubt.

Do you know who the “Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came” is? They are the Annunaki (extraterrestrials) that are mentioned in the ancient Sumerian Clay Tablets.

Do you know who the “Those Who Have Come down from the Heavens to the Earth” is?

They are the Nephilim mentioned in our Bible. Hmmm…veryWe similar. So are the Nephilim the same as the Annunaki? I would think so. Annunaki basically means in Sumerian “Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came.” Nephilim basically means “Those who have come down from the Heavens to the Earth”. Our very own Bible is telling you the Nephilim are extraterrestrials, but somehow our preachers, pastors and priests sort of overlook this information. Jesus even says “I am not from this world.” If Jesus is saying he is not terrestrial, that he is not from this planet, that would make him extraterrestrial. Come on, it’s as plain and clear as the nose on your face. Either the Sumerians were GREAT science fiction writers that would make H.G. Wells blink, or what they were writing were absolute facts! They state that 450,000 years ago the Annunaki came to Earth from their planet Niburu. They came to Earth to mine gold. This gold they were mining was to be used to fix their ozone layer. Our own scientists tell us that if we used a multitude of gold flakes and blanketed our atmosphere with these flakes, it would fix our own holes in the Ozone layer. How would the Sumerians know this kind of scientific information?

That is mind boggling, how would the Sumerians know that by dispersing tiny gold flakes in the atmosphere it would correct the Ozone layer? Sorry, if I am repeating myself, but I am trying to fully comprehend the question I am asking. Who could have given them this kind of information? Answer: Easy, extraterrestrials told them.

It is stated in the Sumerian clay tablets that that the Annunaki were mining gold in Africa and South America. Archaeologists have discovered remnants of ancient mining in Africa and South America that dates back to 100,000 BC.

The Sumerian clay tablets mention DNA manipulation with primates already on Earth. That this DNA manipulation included adding in Annunaki DNA into this primate, creating Adamu. Adamu would be a primitive worker or slave for the Annunaki to mine the gold on Earth.

Some of these human hybrids fathered by the Annunaki would rule in selected cities. Basically these human hybrids became known as half god, half man. Hercules was half man, half god and many other mythical characters make claim of having god like qualities. It is interesting on how the hereditary bloodlines were well recorded and protected from these ruling half gods that extend out to European royalty. It appears even the Nazis were well aware of these sacred bloodlines and it is hinted that secret societies like the Illuminati, Freemasons and Rosicrucian know about the bloodlines that have an extraterrestrial connection.

What I do know, since I am a Rosicrucian and Illuminati member that I have talked with a 33rd degree Freemason in Military Intelligence. Over drinks, he told me that the Freemasons were very much aware that the human race was kick started by extraterrestrials. When I asked him about this later, when he was sober, he denied ever relating this information to me and was so furious that I asked him about it, he never talked to me again.

It is said in our Bible that Eve was produced from the rib of Adam. In Sumerian language, rib derives from the Sumerian word TI, which means life. Was Eve somehow created from the DNA obtained from Adam, giving her life?

Another interesting footnote in the Sumerian clay tablets is the mention how Enki (half-brother to Enlil, son of Anu looked over the extraterrestrial settlement called E.DIN, very similar to the Bible’s Garden of Eden. It looks like E.DIN was also the experimental grounds for their Adamu as the Garden of Eden was the experimental ground for Adam and Eve. There are so many similarities between the Sumerian clay tablets and the Bible. The Sumerian clay tablets pre-dates the Bible and the tablets talk of a flood and how Enki loved his human creation and protected a select few with an Ark. Enlil didn’t like Enki’s creation, they were multiplying too fast, they were rebellious and he simply wanted to destroy them all. Enlil and Enki are playing the role of God and Satan. It was Enki that convinced Adamu’s wife to eat from the tree of knowledge. Enki and Enlil throughout the Sumerian clay tablets play the role of God and Satan and reverse those roles. Enlil plays God by wanting to destroy Enki’s creation. Enki also plays God because he wants to protect his creation through the Ark. Enki plays the role of Satan by convincing Adamu’s mate to eat from the Tree of Knowledge and Enlil plays God by banishing Adamu and his mate from E.DIN.

Maybe the Cuna Indians of Panama got it right when they said that Adam and Eve came on a spaceship.

Our Bible talk about the Sons of God and it suggests that possibly angels mated with humans. The Sumerian Clay tablets says that the Annunaki males breeded with human women 100,000 years ago.

The Annunaki really left an impression on the Sumerians when they set up their base camp in Iraq. To the eyes of primitive man, the Annunaki were immortal. 3600 of our years is only one year for an Annunaki. Their planet Niburu has a lengthy elliptical orbit. It takes their planet 3600 years to pass through our solar system.

The words: “Let’s make man in our own image.” Why is god speaking in plural? Because there were others. Those others I believe are Annunaki. When people say we are alone in the Universe, I scoff; there is so much evidence to the contrary. Our ancient history points to the fact that we live in a busy living Universe with multitudes of life throughout our Universe. Don’t fret, we are not alone.

Below are reviews of two exceptional books:
Name: Mysteries of Mt. Shasta
Home of the Underground Dwellers and Ancient Gods
Edited by Timothy Green Beckley
Published by: Inner Light Publications/Global Communications
Contact Information:
Reviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts, General Manager
Comments: Anything and everything you want to know about Mount Shasta is here in this book! The legends, the rumors of a UFO base within the insides of this mountain, Bigfoot sightings, etc. There are some great historical pictures in this book. The pictures and drawings are eye-candy to the reader. You will understand how Lemuria and Mu connect to this sacred mountain. There are so many stories you will take with you, after reading the book. Such as strange cattle that are seen in and around the mountain. How cigar shaped UFOs are seen going inside the mountain and out of the mountain. You will learn that Guy Ballard may have been the first person that mentioned that Lemurians resided inside of the mountain. You will understand why Wiccans, New Agers and just ordinary people are fascinated with this mountain. Timothy really places so much information in this one book. This is a book definitely to place on your personal library shelf! I will tell you one quick story. Did you know that the immortal Count Saint Germaine supposingly made an appearance on this sacred mountain in the early 20th century? That is just one more legend for this sacred mountain. If ‘Mysteries of Mt. Shasta’ transformed from a book to a movie, it would be the Summer blockbuster movie that everyone was waiting for!

Name: Strange Saga
Author: Timothy Green Beckley
Published by: Inner Light Publications/Global Communications
Contact Information:
Reviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts, General Manager
Comments: Timothy must be a genius in the way he collects everything from government cover-ups and stories of UFOs and aliens in one fascinating book called Strange Saga. This is a book that I wish I had with me during my layover going to Tahiti. This is a book that will make the time fly by, because it is so intriguing. There is no way you can easily put this book down. You will find pictures and drawings of space creatures, UFOs and everything else in this book. You will learn about a town haunted by UFOs or saucers seen over our major cities! There is an audio CD that is the icing of the proverbial cake that goes with this incredible book. Prepare to be enlightened, prepare for Strange Saga! A must read!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
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We Were Visited by Extraterrestrials: No Doubt
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