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 The Nicole Little Story: My Supernatural Life

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PostSubject: The Nicole Little Story: My Supernatural Life   Thu Mar 25, 2010 3:43 pm

The Nicole Little Story: My Supernatural Life.
Story Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

The theme song to this incredible paranormal story is: Sweet Child of Mine by Guns & Roses

This article is written in Nicole's own words. Take it away Nicole:

Since I was a young girl I think I have always been able to see and hear spirits, with this came a lot of experiences. The most memorable experience I can remember was when I was about 12 years of age; my mother and I had gone to the mall together and we stopped to ‘ooh and aww’ at a gorgeous dress in the display window. While we were looking at the dress I had gotten a strong feeling that someone was staring at me, I turned around and started looking around to see if I could figure out why I felt like this way. Immediately after I turned around I saw my great grandmother sitting on the bench directly in front of us staring right at me. I turned back around and grabbed my mother's arm and she turned around and saw her grandmother sitting on the bench; after my mother blurted out "Oh.. My.. GOD!" we looked at each other and discussed what to do and finally came up with the decision for me to go talk to her. Once I got enough courage to go talk to her I turned around and she had disappeared.

After I turned 18 yrs old I moved to Arizona to live with my mother, once I got settled in, it didn't take long for things and other activities to start kicking up. I remember a few experiences from living there, in the evenings you would hear heavy footsteps walking back and forth down the hallway, or getting tapped on the shoulder to turn around and nobody is there. Both my parents and I would randomly hear a man with a deep voice talking; however, we never could understand what he was saying because it was so muffled. One night I came home from work and got out of my car. I started to walk to the house, mind you there were no street lights so I couldn't see anything except for the large front porch light. So I walked towards the porch and as I was walking I heard the rocks crunching like someone was following me, I stopped and then it would stop. I continued to walk and the mysterious footsteps continued. Eventually I got so scared I ran up the steps of the porch and quickly turned around so I could see who it was. After I stopped running I could still hear the footsteps coming towards me and went to a dead stop right at the first step of the porch in front of me and nobody was there. After a year or two the voices, taps, stomps continued. About a year later I had a good friend die of a heart attack at school, when my husband came to tell me the news at my work I already had a feeling about 5 min prior that someone had died. Once the funeral was set up we went to pay our respects and while we were all in the dining hall where everyone was eating, except for me. I got that familiar feeling of someone staring at me so I panned my eyes around the room, my eyes locked on my friend whose funeral I was attending. He was sitting right next to his mom with such a sad look on his face, I tapped a few friends who were sitting next to me who figured he was just a relative that looked exactly like him. I looked away for a split second and he was gone, a few years later I asked my friend’s mom who sat next to her at the funeral and she said nobody was next to her. When I told her what I saw she backed up and sat down on the couch and just stared at me the whole time I was there.

After a few years flew by I moved into my first apartment with my now husband, the activity didn't stop here. My mom had come over to help cook something for dinner and while I was in the other room my mom yelled " Stop it!!" I walked out of the room and asked her what she was yelling about, she turned white and jetted out of the kitchen and she said someone had pulled really hard on her apron strings and she thought it was me. Over the two years I lived there doors would randomly slam shut. Sometimes so hard it would shake the apartment. One night after having several tests at the doctor’s office, I was not feeling well and due to my husband snoring I slept in the guest bedroom. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling someone rubbing my back and felt the dip in the side of the bed, I turned over thinking maybe it was my husband and nobody was there. While living there I worked for a children’s shelter on the night shift, that evening I decided to bake muffins for the kids so they could have those for breakfast. While I was stirring the orange juice I looked out the kitchen window into the main area of the shelter and saw a young girl walk down the hallway into the office, thinking it was one of the kids I walked into the office flipped on the light switch and then looked around and the fan turned on by itself but never saw the girl. I later found out that the shelter had a cleansing done due to activity in the shelter.

Later I got married and moved into a house, my mother for a period of one week was house sitting and walked in realized the doors were unlocked. So she called me verified nobody came over, then she locked all the doors and was about to leave through the garage and got a feeling someone was there walking back through the house and all the doors she locked were unlocked; Nobody was in the house besides them. In the evenings I still hear at times two people talking next to me, by my bed, but again I can't understand them. I got up one morning to take out the trash to realize I left the trash can out and decided I would lean it up against the wall into he garage for a bit, I started to walk back through the laundry room door but poked my head back out to make sure it wouldn't fall over. I felt a breath in my ear and heard a man whisper "It's fine", I jerked around and walked back in to see who it was and nobody was there and I checked again to verify that no one stopped by. Another time, a friend and I were sitting in the living room talking about our friend who died and all of a sudden I heard a loud bang on the wall right next to me. My friend looked at me and I said "Don't look at me, because it wasn’t me", then we both heard my blow dryer turn on by itself in the guest bathroom. I got up to investigate and it was a tough switch to turn on and off, but yet the blow dryer was switched on. Later that day I drove to the grocery store and saw a lady smiling at me as I passed her, once I passed her completely she turned around and said " Oh, I have something for you" So I turn around and allowed her to dig through her purse, she pulls a card out and I take it from her and walk towards the store not looking at it and she said " Oh, I do astrology too". I looked at the card and it said Spiritual Advisor and Astrology, unfortunately I was unemployed and never called her. To this day I am 25 and I still continue to have activity in my home from bottle caps rolling across the coffee table, to seeing a shadow figure of a man jet through my kitchen. Kitchen lights will turn on and off on their own. I also have heard a cat and felt a cat rub against my leg and I have no cat. I have pretty much accepted that the activity may never stop but my curiosity has continued to grow.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
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The Nicole Little Story: My Supernatural Life
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