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 Eliahi Priest, President of Contact Zero Network

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PostSubject: Eliahi Priest, President of Contact Zero Network   Mon Mar 29, 2010 6:24 pm

Interview with Eliahi Priest, President of Contact Zero Network
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
President –

*Question:* Please explain what the Contact Zero Network is all about?
Contact Zero was officiated by Malaysian Prime Minister Badawi at the 18thWorld Peace Congress. It was here under official witness with formal scribes note-taking for a U.N. resolution on conclusions reached from the Congress. Details of Contact Zero and its operations were shared with senior figures in the political and global peace movement under the formalities of this process, it was announced at this time that Contact Zero would underwrite the security clearance for Truth Amnesty to take place.

Notable writer & creator of the Hit T.V. series “Spooks”, David Wolstencroft also based a work of fiction by the same name off the elaborate architecture that is the Contact Zero Network. As far as our intelligence suggests the network has extensive placement in history. Wolstencroft garnered idea’s for his book “Contact Zero” based off intelligence from
interviews he states that he undertook with men and women of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, MI6). My first experience with the organization and its upline came into play in 2004 in Australia. Contact Zero’s position
in MI6 was also confirmed to me by a former MI6 asset who is familiar with the higher game beyond usual rudimentary intelligence gathering. The field as it were, is multi-dimensional and indeed one must step through the
looking glass in order to see the larger picture and the global/ cosmic play of events that indeed shape reality as it is.

As such, Contact Zero roots back deeply into intelligence mythos and understanding here in the United Kingdom. You could say that our meme is fabled down the corridors of Vauxhall Cross (MI6). Though, from my experience of the same name, it roots back far deeper than this into deeper levels of intelligence gathering/handling. It’s in this area where the veil is thin. Between the compartmentalised intelligence veils Contact Zero is involved in security channels that hold global dialogue on off-planet/aerospace/contact issues and advanced technology e.g.: zeropoint energy, anti-gravitics, looking glass technology, the chronovisor, psi abilities/ psi warfare etc. We also run our own Psi-Ops, these Ops are all
completely non-violent and above board, seeking to counter the work of more sinister Government CIA run psy-warfare operations designed to enslave and suppress human beings further. We’ve understood the more occult nature of
our friends work down at Vauxhall Cross and other secret society’s and decided to perform the functions that many in and outside of Military Intelligence have been crying out for. This process is called for to facilitate Truth Amnesty.

On a more pragmatic level, our work involves facilitating peaceful transition into a transparent and decompartmentalised peaceful international cooperative complex. Essentially being a move from a destructive multi-trillion dollar war economy to a creative peaceful space age eco-society. In summary, our basic remit it to open official global dialogue
on the E.T. issue and ZeroPoint energy reality.

*Question:* I hear you are being punished in some way for your views, please elaborate.

I would not say I am being punished, as that would imply that I am a victim of something. To imply that I am a victim means that I recognize a higher authority. To put it very simply I believe that all men and women on earth
are equal and forever will be, no matter what positions, titles or status they may have, we are all of us equal. None of us have a right to wield authority over another. This is primitive “point of the gun” caveman philosophy. The only authority I recognize is that of divine creator source.

In regards to my placement in Britain and the ignorance I have been confronting in this area, this is another story. My work has contributed good, clear and concise intelligence on the E.T. issue and advanced energy issue to official departments from official and unofficial global intelligence channels. I have dedicated the last five years of my life in
service to Britain for humanitarian reasons, though also as it’s the home of my two Scottish Children. My associates and I have been in Westminster, myself several times and briefed close aids of the Energy Secretary on the ZeroPoint issue.

However, on August 7th 2009, I was unlawfully and illegally arrested and incarcerated for 15 hours in a concrete cell, which consisted solely of a toilet with no toilet seat (you could not flush the toilet from the inside) and a mattress on a cement floor. I did not know if I would ever see my children again. This is a clear breach of article 9 of the universal
declaration of human rights.

Keep in mind I am a world peace diplomat with a UK, U.S and Australian Government accepted and recognized Cosmic (off-planet) security clearance in my Australian passport. The police were baffled upon my release, though according to the evidence no department in the UK has ever been able to explain my arrest, or who authorized my arrest in relationship to the evidence Contact Zero has on file.

The Home Secretary Rt. Hon. Alan Johnson was requested by Sir Menzies Campbell Q.C. M.P. to explain the circumstances around my arrest. The Home Secretary’s signed response represents illogical and damning evidence
against the Home Office itself.

As such, my VISA status and lawful right to live in Scotland both as a Father to my children and also as a professional & diplomat is under question by the Home Secretary Alan Johnson who is the respondent to the case. However, the respondent is still under question by myself and my agency is relation to the false arrest. Apparently Mr. Johnson believes he has the authority to state whether I deserve to live close to my children. I would simply remind Mr. Johnson of his own childhood before believing he has the right to determine my children’s future.

As such I will be administering justice in relation to the damning evidence I have on Number 10 Downing Street, the Home Office and the Ministry of Defense in relationship to my already accepted diplomatic and intelligence work under Cosmic Security clearance in the United Kingdom and abroad.

My position remains that I will not be leaving the United Kingdom willingly without a diplomatic letter from both the Home Secretary and the Foreign Secretary without an agreement with them that provided for safe and unhindered passage back into the United Kingdom. Without which I would be faltering on my responsibilities as a Father to my children and as a lawful diplomat and intelligence agent demanding justice for Government malfeasance and a global cover-up of matters pertinent to the sustainability of our civilization.

I am well aware that at things stand at present, the moment I leave the United Kingdom, it would be virtually impossible for me to get back in given the hornets nest I have stirred up in Government.

I plan to resolve the matter by attending a Tribunal on March 31st 2010 on this issue as a courtesy to the United Kingdom Government who still clearly require education when it comes to Common law vs Admiralty Law and my rights
of diplomacy under the Vienna Convention Articles of 1961.

I plan to bring Extraterrestrial evidence to light at this tribunal as it directly relates to the security clearance in my passport and thus diplomacy status in the United Kingdom.

*Question:* Do you actually feel there is any truth that FEMA is building concentration camps for the populace. What are these concentration camps for?


Unequivocally YES! The Camp FEMA situation is very real and paints a stark contrast to the inherent nature of the American Constitution. Much of the material and evidence of said, including the FEMA coffins can be found open
source online on Youtube Video’s and other underground web sources.

When one looks at the facts in a cohesive framework which include the martial law motions being administered into legal framework by President Obama, the microchips, the false flag swine flu pandemic, the private police on U.S. streets, 911 (building 7 collapses because of “fire”?), the North American Union, Amero and many other scenarios combined. It is evident that the United States has in place emergency measures to control its population as a “just in case” policy if the people do not digest the New World Order obediently.

Our agency took action and subsequently I have spoken to two FEMA Directors and a spokesperson for FEMA. Not one person within FEMA could deny the allegations I put against them which included the building and maintaining
of hundreds of concentration camps and FEMA coffins. As such Contact Zero under our recognised Off-Planet Diplomacy and Cosmic Enforcement Status have officially served a “cease and desist” notice on the Department of Homeland
Security and FEMA. These departments have subsequently breached out legal contract as they did not respond in ten days with fact evidence and law. However they did hit all our websites with their FEMA servers and IP
addresses, so clearly they were concerned about our investigation.

*Question:* Many people theorize that chemtrails are poisoning us and it's a way to maintain population control, do you believe this? Do you have any proof?


I have spoken to a leading microbiologist who I will not name for his/her safety who can confirm that there is some serious credence to noxious chemicals in chemtrails not to mention Nanotechnology that some microbiologists believe is linked to morgellans disease. It must be noted that there has been a string of unexplained and mysterious deaths of dozens of highly skilled microbiologists.

Please see the provided link for visual proof of foul play in relation to this issue:**

*Question: *Are the Bilderberg meetings a step towards world domination and the New World Order? Do we have proof of this?


The facts are this:

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair lied about his attendance of a Bilderberg meeting. Why would a Prime Minister put himself in the position of lying if he had nothing to hide in relation to such a meeting?

Bilderberg meetings gather the most powerful influential people in the world including CEO’s, oil tycoons, Royalty, Presidents and Prime Ministers. Though there is never any major media coverage or conclusions reached
provided to the public on what actually takes place at these meetings.

I have had the President of the Bilderberg steering committee, Etienne Davignon reply to my agency and myself directly stating that the meetings are “Not Secret, no conclusions are reached and that the meeting is in fact not private”. As of this letter, we’ve decided to invite ourselves along to the next meeting and hold Etienne to his word in the letter.

True freedom is self sovereignty. In today’s society those who take authority over citizens with taxpayer money have a duty of responsibility for public disclosure on all meetings undertaken whilst serving the good of the public. It’s very obvious that Bilderberg meetings at top levels do involve orchestrations towards a New World Order. William Cooper’s expose on the early days of the amalgamation of the Bilderberg group based off evidence he saw in the Project Grudge documentation whilst in the U.S Navy, also makes a compelling case in relation to the Bilderberger’s true and
clearly secretive agenda. On this one, the jury is still out…

*Question:* How does a Democrat like Clinton and a Republican like Bush be connected to the Bilderberg Meetings? Wouldn't there be a conflict of interest between the two parties?


Great Question, very apt! United States Government like most world Governments can be likened to the World Wrestling Federation. WWF wrestling is such that the guys look heavy, their fights appear spectacular and their blows do indeed appear to hurt. However, these buff guys are simply paid actors. In reality there is no fight, it is already decided who will win before the first hit is thrown.

Sun Tzu taught for a General to win he must “divide and conquer”. What a Government does to its populace is very much the same. With the masses, they use sport (like Rome and Caesar did at the Coliseum). For intellectuals they
use politics.

There is no conflict of interest between heads of parties. The parties are satisfied because they are being paid. At the lower ranks because of compartmentalisation most politicians don’t even know it is happening. Most in the United Nations don’t even know it is happening. However, it is happening. And mostly such things are decided in high ranking Freemason
meetings behind closed doors.

Major money buys whole Governments. John F. Kennedy spoke about a shadow Government that controlled the military industrial complex and was about to lift the lid on Government secrecy before he was assassinated. It appears on
the Disclosure issue President Obama finds himself in a similar very precarious position.

It’s simply when looked at this way. The office of the United States President is most certainly not the most powerful office in the United States. The United States President is a public relations agent, staged to give the people of the United States the illusion of democracy.

Or the “too big to fail” war industry that would go bankrupt if it did not have a continued demand for its products, thus has an interest in perpetuating warfare for the sake of its own profit margin. I have heard inside stories from reliable sources of U.S munitions dumps to Taliban soldiers in the dead of night in remote mountain regions.

One money box, buys both Republicans and Democrats. Why have one team when you can have both? Clearly this is a good way to ensure you never lose, the game is money, follow the money and you see the design.

*Question:* Does the Illuminati or Freemasons have a connection to the Bilderberg meetings and if they do, what is the connection?


The Contact Zero Network is still conducting forensics on the literally piles high of information that can be found and cross referenced on both organizations. It needs to be said that occult origins of some Templar
Organizations, Masons and Illuminati have been Hi-jacked and twisted to the ends of clearly corrupt and heinous individuals. This power has been in many cases turned against the population for profit, control and power.

As for finding and naming individuals responsible, war crimes investigations under Universal Jurisdiction are still underway on many of these secret societies. I would not like to draw a direct link to both organizations at this time.

However, organizations such as the Tavistock Institute, Chatham House, Council of Foreign Relations, Committee of 300, Trilateral Commission, skull and bone, scroll and key and JASON society all still clearly perform highly obscure global functions. One merely needs to ask the common sense question of, “why so much obscurity in the democratic process”?

Finally, I presented in the Masonic Grand Lodge in London on February 1st2010. I am privileged to be the bearer of the Philosophers Stone. An element which scientifically has been shown to transmute base metal to precious
metal, as can be proven in a metallurgical lab with an Inductive Coupled Plasma Unit (IPC) to measure the purity of the precious metal. I informed the Grand Lodge and Grand Librarian that I would be prepared to go into
dialogue with them (as most of the content in their library is Alchemical Manuscripts), I provided proof of the transmutation process to a representative of the Lodge. So far with a science of this magnitude brought
to the Grand Lodge front door, they have denied dialogue. I will not be entertaining further opportunities for them.

*Question:* What other incidents will start happening? When will we see some of these incidents? Does it connect to the Mayan prophesy of 2012?

Much can be said for 2012, I for one do not believe it will be an apocalyptic event. However the evidence is clear that great change is coming to us. I would like to refer to Greg Braden’s book, “The Isaiah Effect” to express that it is my assured knowing that human beings as a collective have the opportunity to choose the reality that they wish to create together as a whole.

There is now, more than ever a huge awakening of the human spirit to the truth of our existence in the greater Cosmos. I have been witness to extremely precise and complex time sciences that demonstrate that indeed December 21st 2012 marks a unique turning point for humanity.

If this turning point is to be a good one I realize that as an individual I have a responsibility as a mature and rational thinker, aware of the ability of the human mind to manifest its reality in relationship to its own thinking processes. Because of this I most certainly choose a vision of a peaceful and enlightened society for us to enter into.

Everyone of us and our alignment to the great spirit has this same responsibility. What do we wish to see in our hearts? What is good and whole and true that we can imbue with confidence into our daily lives and this into the creation process itself; the culmination of all of us doing this will surely make for a more wholesome outcome for 2012, and thus the next
era of our evolution as a species.

*Question:* What is your mission and what do you hope to accomplish?

*Answer: *

My mission is simple, it is white feather dreaming. It is to be a good Father. It is to provide what common sense I can to a failing world. It is to do my own part, the way divinity guides me. It is to live honestly and honor the ancestors who have lived impeccably.

My mission is logical. Energy resources relied upon at the moment are scarce based in outdated science and the dynamics of entropy, thus these wealth divisions create poverty and thus, starving children.

Solution: ZeroPoint Energy.

This solution is part and parcel of the ET issue due to similar security clearances necessary to attain any semblance of official understanding on why we don’t already have ZeroPoint Energy and related ET disclosure. Considering that Nikola Tesla already cracked this problem in the early 1900’s.

Though still, the mission is simple. Be happy, follow truth and dharma, and do what I can to the best of my ability to do it. Thus, the rest will follow.

What I hope to accomplish is of course to create a global dialogue that opens up solutions to our most pressing problems, disease, famine, poverty, debt and warfare are transient issues perpetuated by lesser minds. The same
lesser minds that are unconsciously and in most cases consciously blocking the very solutions to these problems.

But the mission is still very simple. Do what is resonant, do what feels right, and do no harm. It’s simple.

What a world we would have, and what excitement for our next generation would we lay down our nuclear weapon madness. Stop manufacturing weapons to kill people and transform the military industry into a cooperative space age
sustainable society utilizing the advanced energy and propulsion craft that have been kept secret since at least the 1940’s.

Our children would become cosmic pioneers, and our birthright in an infinite incredible cosmos would be remembered and honored as our indigenous people always have done so. We again, would remember that it is
far easier to keep peace and love one another. This is the simple truth…

For me personally, a man who always wanted a mission, I just look forward to the day when I can rest, knowing well that the collective is on its way home to goodness. I would rest well knowing that in my own way, I have done
everything that Great Spirit asked of me. This is my dharma; I will continue to honor it, teach it and share it in humility to those who listen. And in full measure to those who don’t.

The Truth will set us free…

Thanks for the opportunity to share Paul.


Eliahi Priest
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Eliahi Priest, President of Contact Zero Network
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