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 Supernatural Hoofprints in the Basement: Angel's Camp

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PostSubject: Supernatural Hoofprints in the Basement: Angel's Camp   Sun Apr 04, 2010 10:55 pm

Supernatural Hoofprints in the Basement: Angel’s Camp
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Getting ready for an investigation, it's been a late night from pounding out an earlier story. Where's my hot java? Where is the music to pump me up as I hit the shower. Yes, let me put this on. Sweet Emotions by Aerosmith, that should do the trick. Hear the song here:

April 3, 2010, Saturday: Riding with me to the Angel’s Camp home is Ann Dupire and Kamilah Smith. When I picked up Kamilah from her Carmichael home, she showed me a Bigfoot footprint cast impression that her ex-boyfriend captured from one of his Bigfoot investigations. See the picture of the cast in the photo link.

As I arrived to this home, I was going over HPI researchers Laurie Rutledge of the UK and David Mace/former police officer’s information that they dug up. The house is over 100 years old, it used to be a Catholic Prayer Home, there is an Indian burial ground nearby, 16 miners died nearby in a mine accident, multicolored orbs have been seen in the home, hoofprints are seen in the basement. There is no explanation on how or why the hoofprints make their appearance. Added Note: Occupant Robin Hilmanofski claims to have seen a Mothman/Batsquatch type of creature with large leathery wings fly near her property, it had a white underbelly, this happened 2 weeks ago.

The short time we were here Kamilah and Gwen witnessed a strange design on the window, that at first looked like a palm print and looking at it later, it looks like the face of the devil. I tried to take a picture of the face and it does not reproduce itself as a photo. Jimmy Peterson/Occupant showed the team some of the anomalies in his own photographs and some looked like human faces, other anomalies were orbs which are always questionable.

HPI Investigators Roll Call: Kamilah Smith/Reiki Master; Sherry Andersen/Professional Photographer; Gwen Johnson/Reporter; Ann Dupire/Former Police Officer; Mandy Haines/In Training; Bernard Haines/In Training; Kathleen Hunt/In Training; Chris Singleton/Audio Expert; Rory Fitzgerald/In Training; Shirley Hasselbrink/Psychic; Chuck Larson/Video Technician; Randy Annis/Video Technician; En-Vision Investigators: Donna Jackson, Lynn Combs and Connie Brenner.

Occupants: Lindsey Blackledge; Jimmy Peterson; Robin Hilmanofski; Dawn Hartwig, Zeke Renner.

There are 4 sections of the home to investigate. We have 1. Basement; 2. Living Room; 3. Kitchen/Bedroom; 4. Entry Way – Front Yard.

The teams are broken up as such:
En-Vision Team: Donna Jackson/Lead Investigator, Lynn Combs, Connie Brenner.
Team 2: Ann Dupire/Lead Investigator, Bernard Haines, Kamilah Smith, Rory Fitzgerald.
Team Trouble: Shirley Hasselbrink/Lead Investigator, Kathleen Hunt, Lindsey Blackledge, Robin Hilmanofski.
Team Freewheelers: Sherry Andersen/Lead Investigator, Mandy Haines, Dawn Hartwig, Chris Singleton.

There will be four 45 minute investigative sessions with a briefing after each investigation. During the briefing, we will present any evidence that we gathered. Initial briefing was conducted in which the history of the home was presented by me and the occupants, with a question and answer session. Investigative techniques were discussed during the initial briefing.

Equipment Inventory: video cameras, monitors, laptops, K2 Meters, Ghost Radar, Frank Box, digital cameras, 35 mm cameras, digital audio recorders, temperature gauges, GPS (used in my car to get to location). Chris Singleton will actually analyze any EVPs captured this evening on the spot for presentation to the occupants.

Donna’s team was in the basement and 4 team members witnessed with their own eyes a moving orb that moved 10 feet. The witnesses described it as a ball of light. Again, I repeat, the 4 witnesses (Donna, Connie, Gwen & Jimmy) saw the ball of light with their own EYES. Here is the doozy, Randy Annis captured the ball of light on video! Pictures with anomalies were orbs, a face and another face of what looks like an American Indian. K2 meters were going off in the basement. The ball of light was 6 inches in diameter and estimated speed claimed by witness, 5 mph.

Shirley’s team experienced unusual cold spots in the living room and the K2 meters went off for a period of 2 minutes.

Sherry’s team results were zero activity.

Randy Annis and Chuck relate that on one of the video frames, a closet door appears to open and close. This will analyzed further.

Ann’s team received some hits on the K2 meter.

Ann’s team experienced K2 meters going off. They acquired an EVP that says ‘Thomas’ and Chris my audio expert cleaned it up and you can distinctly hear the voice say Thomas. Ann cleaned the window with the devil face and in a moment’s time a palm print appeared, without the devil face.

Donna’s team did not receive any results.

Sherry’s team captured major orb activity, which most likely most was dust. Some of the orbs were classic designer orbs and when enhanced possible faces inside the orbs were detected. Further analysis is warranted.

Sherry's photos can be seen here:

Randy captured orb activity on video. We concluded it was dust.

Shirley’s team witnessed K2 meters going off and they summoned the entities to gravitate towards their meditating circle. On the video, it appears that there was orb activity that appeared to gravitate towards them. Further analysis is warranted to determine if the orbs displayed intelligent movement.

Some of the investigators had to leave. I placed Ann Dupire in charge with the rest of the group and she placed them strategically into areas with the most activity. Kamilah had a personal experience, in which she felt hands grabbing her waist, when this happened the K2 meter went off.

No results.

Kamilah is performing the Reiki cleansing with the head of the household Jimmy. The investigators will be required to depart from the house to allow the cleansing to take place.

I would have to say that this home appears to be truly haunted. The compelling evidence is when 4 people witness a ball of light in movement and that ball of light is caught on camera. Was this truly a spiritual containment field? I believe it was, I do not believe the 4 team members conspired to create this story and somehow their story manifests on video. Yep, I would say that is pretty compelling.
2nd compelling evidence is the EVP, in which the entity says 'Thomas', when one of the investigators asked what his name was.
As for the devil face / palm print in the window, this is questionable and I would not deem the face/palm print as paranormal.
As for the hoofprints in the basement, we never saw them.
Special Note: Ann Dupire captured the Thomas EVP.

Photos from Angel's Camp Investigation. Also, more pictures of Kamilah holding up a Bigfoot foot cast impression. Kamilah obtained this cast impression from her former boyfriend Tim Clay - Bigfoot Researcher of the Texas Bigfoot Research Group in 2003:
Special Note: More pictures are coming in, that show anomalies. None of my pictures contain any anomalies.

HPI Psychic Renee Martine Remote Views Angel Camp:

From HPI Researchers Laurie Rutledge/David Mace:
Information about 1035 Bret Harte, Angel's Camp.

And on a Good Note!

HPI Welcomes New Family Members: Central Valley Paranormal Searchers:

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
UFO Investigation at Seaside YouTube Video by Bryan Coleman
Cellular Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503
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Supernatural Hoofprints in the Basement: Angel's Camp
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