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 Sam Morishima, Paranormal Experiencer

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PostSubject: Sam Morishima, Paranormal Experiencer   Sat Apr 10, 2010 5:52 pm

Sam Morishima, Paranormal Experiencer
Interviewed by Ann Olson-Dupire, HPI Journalist
Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Question: Hello Sam, first off, tell me a little about yourself. You have your own business here in Sacramento, yes?

Answer: Yes, I am the owner of “SnoZone Endless Slope” at 3701 Stockton Blvd. I am conveniently located in the same building as “Mighty Kong Muffins”, formerly known as the “Capital Boxing Gym”. That was one of the original boxing gyms in Sacramento. Don Chargin, a once prominent boxing promoter was affiliated with the gym. You may have seen his name in the papers recently as his wife just passed away. Many well known professional boxers of the 50’s through the 80’s got their start here.

Question: So tell me about your business.

Answer: It is an indoor ski and snow board school, also indoor/outdoor surfing. My website is You “ski” or “snowboard” on a slant, and a revolving deck moves up. You don’t actually go anywhere, but still use the same set of skills when skiing down a hill.

Question: How long have you been involved in this business?

Answer: I have had my ski school for ten years. I originally ran it out of my garage. I have had this location for two years now. I have been teaching since junior high. Some of my pupils have moved on to become famous; I can’t mention names as it is confidential. My most unique students were a trio of chimpanzees. I trained them for the Disney movie MXP: Most Extreme Primate. It was produced by the same people who produced Air Bud.

I like condensing several seasons of skiing and snowboarding into one. All they have to do is put in the passion and motivation and I provide the environment for the best practice.

Question: How long have you lived in Sacramento, and what have you come to love about the city?

Answer: I have lived here for 18 years. I lived in San Diego, which was like living in Hawaii, or a holiday every day. You can ski in the morning and surf in the evening. The problem is it lacks a “Homey” feel. If you need a plumber and the surf’s up, you aren’t going to get anyone. I wanted to raise my child in a place where people are down to earth. Here I have real neighbors who watch over the neighborhood, people get together in the evenings, and they don’t have to get dressed up. People are just so much down to earth, and that’s why I moved here. I also love the history of the city. Plus I am still really close to Tahoe, and can still go surfing in Santa Cruz.

Question: Tell me about your paranormal experience. Where did this event take place?

Answer: It was called Ice Land, located in the Del Paso area of Sacramento. It was an old ice skating rink.

Question: Is there a local ghost story associated with Ice Land?

Answer: Well, it’s interesting. It was right next to another old building. It was called the Sacramento Ice Co. That place was definitely known to have ghosts there. I didn’t know anything about these stories when I went there. After my experience I asked the man who let me in through the Sacramento Ice Co if this place was haunted and he said that it was haunted and it was documented. I did not ask how, I was more interested on getting on the ice.

Question: What was your own personal experience?

Answer: I was appealed to Ice Land because it was such an old building. I am always drawn to old buildings, I love the architecture. Ice Land fit me perfectly. They never had a lot of people staying there when I wanted to skate, so I would have to gain access through the Sacramento Ice Co. I would have the whole place to myself. There was a glass window in front of a snack bar, I imagine on the west end of the building. There were tables set up like a diner. I would skate around that corner, and I saw a man sitting at one of the tables in the corner of the snack bar.

Question: What did he look like?

Answer: He looked like he was wearing a fedora hat. He appeared as a dark shadowy figure, or a silhouette. He looked like he was looking down reading a newspaper or something. I got the impression he was a father waiting for his child to finish their skating. I saw it many times; always when I would least expect it. I would be skating around and catch him out of the corner of my eye. But if I tried to look for him I wouldn’t see him. He appeared no different from a parent today waiting for their child to finish their skating lessons. It just reminds me of that and I can imagine that was the way it was in an era that was a bit more formal.

Question: So he was always in the same place, doing the same thing?

Answer: Yes, I saw him often. I never felt anything, like a chill or “creepy” feelings. I only saw him. I just took that image and melted it into a little story that suited me, trying to make it blend in with something I could not explain.

Question: When did these events occur?

Answer: I just started ice skating this last summer. I would show up about 12:00 pm. For at least a half an hour or so there would be no one else around. I skated until around 2:00 pm. I usually saw him in that first half hour when I was on my own.

Question: Do you know anyone else who has a similar story?

Answer: I know a ski student of mine, who was once a professional skater, alluded to having seen the same image. When I told her about it she didn’t seem surprised. After the building burnt down she asked me “I wonder where the spirits will go now.”

Question: You told me that you are not what one would consider to be a believer. That being said, what paranormal theories most intrigue you?

Answer: I liked Houdini, so I liked magic. It requires skill, both physical and mental. I love science fiction books, and mixing magic and science, but only for entertainment value.

This is what I think: people can imagine about spirits and stuff, but there is so much mystery about humans in general, why do we want to go beyond looking and the living. Unless looking beyond helps us to understand humans and why we do the things we do. To me, just seeing the behavior of human beings is a mystery.

Question: On that note, do you have any words of wisdom you would like to share?

Answer: It’s like walking through meadow field near the woods. Some people would like to stomp right through it. Others would take time to see the life and beauty in the field, learn how the meadow relates to the world, and how it associates to us and life in general.

Below are links to two related articles that are very recent regarding two things mentioned in the interview, the death of Lorraine Chargin and the burning down of the Iceland rink.
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Sam Morishima, Paranormal Experiencer
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