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 A Haunting in Esparto

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PostSubject: A Haunting in Esparto   Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:17 pm

A Haunting in Esparto
By Paul Dale Roberts, Esoteric Detective

True Story: Flashback to Munich, Germany - 1975. Porkchops aka Paul Dale Roberts is working undercover narcotics with C.I.D. US Army Criminal Investigation Division - D.S.T. (Drug Suppression Team). Porkchops is sent to Munich, Germany and meets up with 2 undercover female MPs (Military Police). My undercover MPs will be working in the capacity as prostitutes and I will be working in the capacity of a pimp. Target: A former GI (soldier) now civilian, living in Germany who is trafficking heroin, selling heroin, black-marketing and pandering German females to soldiers and German men civilians. Suspect is known as Big Daddy Homicide. He received the nickname because it is rumored that he sold heroin that contained a lethal amount of strychnine in which 3 soldiers overdosed and died. Big Daddy Homicide's motto was: Feel my pride, or face my homicide. Big Daddy Homicide was always strapped. DST felt if anyone can get next to this pimp, it would be me. I had a new appearance for this undercover role, I wore a black velvet brimmed hat, black ankle length fur coat, plush velvet black and white inside jacket with large white buttons, silk black pants, black alligator polished shoes, sunglasses, wooden cane with top-sided silver mounted gargoyle. I was used to playing the role of a black marketeer, drug dealer, drug trafficker/transporter and drug addict, but this is the first time I played the role of a pimp. My female MP undercovers wore their mini-skirts and low-cut blouses. By hanging out at various Munich discotheques, I was finally able to target the suspect by sporting my wares in his territory. After negotiating with the suspect, he would give me a small percentage cut for my 2 female undercovers services. I played along with his business pimp savvy. As time went by, I became a good friend to Big Daddy, a confident and business partner that handled some of the more treacherous hazards of his trade. He would just smile as he snorted his 'white lines' (Cocaine). His bravado and braggart ways, lead to confessions being collected by my 'wire'. When we took Big Daddy down for the final count, it was dog eared determination that lead to the success of this operation. An operation that lead Big Daddy Homicide to Fort Leavenworth.

Hear: White Lines by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five at:

This is the same kind of determination that is needed with paranormal investigating. We must never falter, we must never waiver, we must continue with the hunt. You may go on many ghosthunts and find no results, but if you keep on looking, it's like playing Russian will eventually get shot and find those results. The afterlife exists, but you must be head strong and determined, it's like police work, I can't tell you how many times I pulled surveillance and a drug buy doesn't pan out, but when you do have results, the adrenalin rush is incredible and you feel like you have accomplished the impossible. Never give up my ghost hunting friends, never.

Date: April 10, 2010 Saturday.
Tonight we are headed to Esparto. Location: 26265 County Road 21A, Esparto, CA. The occupants of this home are seeing strange orbs flying around their home. They want validation that the home may be haunted and if it isn't haunted, what is the answer to the strange orb activity.

Sherry Andersen's photos of Esparto, can be found here:

To see pictures I took of the investigation, go to this link:

HPI Researcher Extraordinaire Laurie Rutledge discovers all kinds of interesting facts about this area. See her findings here:

Let’s take a roll call. HPI Paranormal Investigators present: Teresa Williams – Author of ‘Ghosts and How to Find Them – and investigator for P.A.S.T (Paranormal Activity Surveillance Team); Harold ‘Douglas’ Jenkins of Bay Area Central Valley Paranormal; Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Jenkins of Central Valley Paranormal Researchers; Crystal Scudder of Central Valley Paranormal Researchers; Tina Lee Haralson – Independent Investigator/Occupant; Donette Wood – In Training; Karin Bacom – In Training; Mandy Haines – In Training; Kathleen Hunt – In Training; Sherry Andersen – Professional Photographer; Kari Emery; Danita Cotner; Chris Singleton – Audio Expert; Ann Dupire – Former Police Officer/Senior Investigator; Chantal Apodaca/Senior Investigator/Psychic.

To start off this investigation we went one mile down the road to the Capay Cemetery, we may have picked up 4 EVPs. Chris Singleton will check the EVPs on his laptop using Audacity. Photographic anomalies were those pesky questionable orbs. I gave a historical briefing about the land and property that I received from HPI London Researcher Laurie Rutledge. (See what Laurie discovered at the link in this article). Tina the occupant explained in the briefing that she has captured mist and orb activity in her photographs. Tina also explained that on one night she knocked on the wall 3 times and received 3 distinct knocks back. Sometimes Tina sees things with her peripheral vision.

We spent one hour at the Capay Cemetery investigating and then headed back to Tina’s home. The 3 areas that we will be covering is the back room area of the house, front area of the house and outside perimeters.

There are three teams.
Team Dweezle – Ann Dupire, Lead Investigator. Team Members: Teresa, Tina, Mandy and Kari.
Team Casper – Chantal Apodaca, Lead Investigator: Team Members: Donette, Elizabeth, Kathleen, Danita.
Team Charlie Bravo – Doug Jenkins, Lead Investigator: Team Members: Crystal, Karin, Sherry.

Equipment Being Used: Night Vision Camera, EMF Reader, Digital Audio Recorders, Digital Cameras, Video Camera, 2 Laptops, Audicity Program, walkie talkies.

Special Note: I have received many phone calls from residents in this surrounding area, that have seen apparitions walking down the road, in the cemetery and on various pieces of property. This is where Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe, Chantal Apodaca and I investigated the farm of Dr. Apodaca (Chantal’s uncle). Dr. Apodaca has reported a lot of paranormal activity on his property. Most of the residents claim that the hauntings are benevolent. HPI considers this as ‘Casper Hauntings’. Casper Hauntings are friendly entities that do not harm people in anyway.

Investigator asks: “What is your name?” EVP male possible voice answer: A word that starts with G and it does not derive from the English language. Another possible EVP is a man saying his name is 'Country'. EVPs are being fully analyzed.
Special Note: The Capay Cemetery is full of wildlife from bats to turkeys to peacocks to native domesticated birds to coyotes. We marked all animal noises. There was one comical situation in which some bats came out of an evergreen bush and Chantal leaped 20 feet, the leap would have been the inspiration for any Olympian athlete. The leap would have made Springheel Jack envious.

Theresa takes very unusual photographs of a moving shadow blob inside the home. Sherry Andersen, our photo expert tried to duplicate the shot and was unable to, she explained to even come close to having a shadow blob photo, you would have to turn the camera in an awkward position and place your finger close to the lens. By taking a photo this way, she still could not create a distinct black blob on the ceiling. This photo could not be debunked. No EVPs were recorded.

4 Investigators outside saw a creature with blue eyes, 3 feet tall that ran towards them, stopped and ran away from them, it raised up on two feet. More questionable designer orbs were captured on photographs. No EVPs were recorded.

A séance was conducted by Chantal and I went outside to investigate the creature the 4 investigators witnessed. I was hoping to capture an elusive gnome. As I shined two high powered flashlights into the field, I witnessed a small glowing light, thinking it was the eye reflection of a rabbit, I steadied the flashlights towards the light and to my amazement the small light floated away into the night sky. I could see car lights further in the distance at approximately a mile away. The small light was no more than 300 yards from me. Did I witness a firefly that is not indigenous to the area or did I see a mysterious will o’ wisp? I kept contact with base camp using a walkie talkie.

The dark blob photo could not be debunked. The EVPs are questionable. I know what I saw, but didn’t have a witness with me, I was concerned about the investigators who felt the intensity of the cold outside. Is the home haunted? I can say there is unusual activity, it may have reasonable explanations. This night I could not truly find the answers I was seeking. Further investigation is warranted.

Special Note: The conclusion I wrote was in real time. When going home, I discovered what the will o' wisp was. By using my flashlight in my own Redwood trees in my backyard, I centered on a bug. That bug was a beetle. The reflection from my flashlight to the beetle's shiny plated back, will reflect a glow and of course beetles can fly. I believe this is my will o' wisp. Debunked.

During the investigation, when I was chasing this 'will o' wisp aka a beetle', Doug joined me after hearing me on the walkie talkie. A cat scared him and a horse scared me, but yet we were both out there to tackle a monster. Yep, life can be crazy sometimes!

Standing ovation to Chantal Apodaca, the girl does it again. As she talks to the occupant, an overwhelming feeling came upon her and she was able to describe personal details to the occupant. One of the details was the exact name of a person that the occupant was close to, that passed over into the other life. As Chantal lead her team into an EVP session, they acquired an EVP of a man 'snickering'. As Chantal used her third eye, she went through the part of the alphabet, until she came to the letter 'G', she stopped and felt the name started with a 'G'. From the letter 'G', Chantal focused on this letter and came out with the correct name, in which the occupant validated.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
UFO Investigation at Seaside YouTube Video by Bryan Coleman
Cellular Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503
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A Haunting in Esparto
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