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 Interview w/ Teresa Williams, Paranormal Investigator

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PostSubject: Interview w/ Teresa Williams, Paranormal Investigator   Tue Apr 20, 2010 12:58 pm

Teresa Williams
Paranormal Investigator for PAST
Interviewed by: Richard Vasseur, VP Jazma Online!
Posted: 04/20/2010

Rich: Why and how did you become involved in the paranormal?

Teresa: I became involved in the paranormal after taking parapsychology classes. I had my own experience when I was 18 years old. I often questioned what happened that night, and was intrigued by what I saw. I learned that there was others interested in the same thing nearby, so I contacted them and formed a group. I moved to Illinois and was introduced to Brandon Kreitzer and Joe Schramer. Brandon had formed a group in January of 2010. It was a birthday present to himself, so I knew that the interest was genuine. They accepted me into the group and I've been investigating with them since.

Rich: What is PAST?

Teresa: PAST (Paranormal Activity Surveillance Team) is a paranormal investigative group that seeks out the answers of paranormal activity and the mission of providing FREE support for the haunted in all the Chicago suburbs. PAST takes great pride in offering a professional approach to researching all of the unexplainable. We are NOT thrill-seekers. We take paranormal investigating very seriously and will do whatever it takes to help diagnose and understand what the experiences mean. We may not be the most experienced investigators out there, but do possess whatís most important: the desire to find the answers to the paranormal; we strive to be the most dedicated group and offer complete dedication to our clients. Being a smaller team, you can expect nothing but personal service, caring and understanding. We will work day and night to be sure that we leave no stone unturned in order to formulate the most accurate conclusion possible. In every investigation, our client comes first and you will be kept informed of any and all of our findings. We believe education is the best tool. We will involve you in the process to help you be better educated now and in the future.

Rich: Why did you join PAST?

Teresa: I wanted to continue investigating in the early established parts of America in the "colonial" areas. This is exactly where PAST investigates.

Rich: What are a few of your most outstanding experiences?

Teresa: During Paul Dale Roberts (HPI) investigation in Esparto, California I was lucky enough to have been invited along, I witnessed his "sensitive" produce incredible persuasive evidence of her abilities to sense things beyond the "norm" and in my own bedroom at home, I had a shelf fall and I began snapping pictures because i felt a presence, and caught incredible photos of unexplained things in my own home.

Rich: Why would you recommend becoming a Paranormal Investigator?

Teresa: I would only recommend someone become a paranormal investigator if they truly have the interest and the heart for it.

There are thrill seekers and there are those who really want to know the truth.

Rich: What does it take to make a great Paranormal Investigator?

Teresa: What it takes to make a great investigator is the courage to realize that this is not the end of life, there is more to it than we know. It takes strength within ones own mind and a belief in ones faith, and the determination to keep going until the answers are provided to all of us and there is no doubt left to the existence of the beyond.

Rich: Would you like to encounter some ghosts of famous people?

Teresa: I would love to find some famous ghosts. Sorry to say they haven't exposed themselves to me yet. But I am willing to talk if they are!

Rich: How should someone proceed if they have a ghost and do not want it?

Teresa: If someone has a ghost and they want to be rid of it, first they should find out what kind of haunting it is. Some hauntings you simply can't do anything about (such as a residual haunting). They should contact a local paranormal group of investigators to determine what or who they are dealing with. Depending on what is haunting them would help in how they should rid themselves of the entity. Based on if it is attached to them (the person) or to a property, or a particular item.

Rich: Are all ghosts non living humans?

Teresa: No, all ghosts are not always non living humans. The most unwelcome ghosts are not of human origin.

Rich: How do you feel about U.F.O.'s?

Teresa: U.F.O.'s are like ghosts to me. I need to see one to believe in them.
Ghosts have proven themselves to me, I would love it if I had the same conviction of U.F.O.'s. I simply haven't witnessed any. Although they are possible and I am open to the idea that they are out there. I just need to see one for myself.

Rich: Can you describe a typical suspected haunted house investigation?

Teresa: A typical set-up for an investigation of a suspected location would be to have night vision cameras set up located at "hot spots" of the area to run all night (more cameras the better). Have KII Meters running, a lot of EVP recorders and an abundance of digital cameras taking as many pictures as can possibly be taken, Thermal meters reading any "cold spots" and cam- corders recording all of the action to validate any comments made by the team to coincide with all claims and personal experiences. If you are able to gather any document able evidence, you can call for a larger investigation with more higher technical equipment

Rich: Do you believe in ghosts?

Teresa: Yes. I strongly believe in ghosts. They have proven themselves to me to be a very real thing in our world.

Rich: How can someone contact you?

Teresa: I can be contacted through the PAST website:
or through my email:
I know of paranormal groups across the United States that I can put them in contact with for help.

Rich: Any last words for your fellow Ghost Hunters?

Teresa: My last words for fellow ghost hunters is:
Keep pushing for the evidence that all other investigators will envy! And yes, I will be envious of the one who produces the undisputed proof! I will also be cheering for them as well!

Richard Vasseur
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Interview w/ Teresa Williams, Paranormal Investigator
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