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 Esparto Investigations by Teresa Williams

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PostSubject: Esparto Investigations by Teresa Williams   Sun May 02, 2010 11:40 pm

By Teresa Williams - representing:

During the summer of 2009, I had investigated an Esparto, California location three times. The first investigation was with the resident at the home. My partner and I did a pre-investigation with minimal tools. The resident said she had been experiencing some strange activity such as feelings of being watched by unknown sources, and having ‘feelings of harm to come’. We brought the KII meter and digital cameras and EVP recorders. These are standard for a pre-investigation to determine if a larger investigation is necessary. We had run through the home with the KII meter to determine any ‘fear cage’ areas in the residence and found none. Upon night fall, we completely shut down the power to the home and began the digital recorders for EVP’s and began taking a series of pictures. Using the KII meter we began going from each room in the 2 bedroom home. We were getting absolutely nothing. Yet you could feel the eyes on you as she had told us. After about 3 hours of getting nothing, we set the KII meter on the coffee table in the living room and started to call it a night, thinking there mi8ght be something we find during the review, the resident walked past the coffee table and in the darkness, the KII meter went off like a Christmas tree. We noticed, and asked her to walk past it again. When she did, it set it off again. This repeated many times consecutively and only when she would walk past it. I tried to set it off and couldn’t, my partner tried, and couldn’t either. We had the resident perform this experiment again for us, and it triggered the KII again. We had her stand just far enough away from the table until the KII wasn’t reacting, then we had her lean over toward the table and the KII triggered again several more times this way. At this point, we felt if this was paranormal activity, it was attached to her, not the home. We left the home that night thinking we very possibly might have caught something in the pictures or on the EVP’s. To our disappointment, there was nothing on the audio. To our excitement, there were some very interesting photo’s that showed a blue oval shaped ‘orb’ that when zoomed upon, showed characteristics of a face. The ‘face’ orb showed up in several pictures throughout the home. Sadly, this was not enough to say there was a haunting going on even though we had the personal experiences of feeling watched.

The second investigation, the resident was out of state and left us the keys to her home to do another pre-investigation. We conducted the investigation the same way as the first time. To our disappointment, we got absolutely nothing on any of our equipment.
At the same time, we came to the conclusion that if there was a haunting, it was attached to the resident, not the home, property or an item in the home.

Shortly after this, I had moved to Illinois to further my experiences in paranormal investigating, feeling that being in the colonial era locations, I might have bigger experiences. I had returned to California 2 months later for a visit with my family and felt I should check in on the resident to do a follow-up on the case. Upon arrival, she greeted me with excitement and said “where have you been? I have another investigation team coming to do another investigation this Saturday!” I chose to stay throughout the weekend to observe the other team and their techniques. I was so glad I did! She had contacted Mr. Paul Dale Roberts who is doing investigation throughout California and beyond. He was bringing a sensitive with him and a crew. That proved to be the understatement of the year! Prior to his arrival, I had told the resident not to give up too much information and see just what they would give her on their own. Paul Dale Roberts was very connected in the field and many groups from many locations showed up for the event. I was amazed! He proved to me that he knew what he was doing, and had been doing this for a very long time and was not a thrill seeker. Very impressive man. During the time he arrived and waiting for his investigators to arrive, our conversations had strayed off onto my prior experiences, and I had told him of the Caypay Valley Cemetery just down the road from where we were. His researcher had told him that if he was going to the area, make sure to visit the cemetery. He was excited hearing that he was that close, so upon his teams final investigator arriving, we left for the cemetery to allow him to see for himself. His investigators walked through for an hour and attempted some communications, to my understanding, he did catch some EVP’s there.
We then went back to the residence and I was leading the way. As I stepped out of my car, I turned and saw just how many people had come to this investigation. The turn out was impressive! The group Central-Valley-Paranormal-Searchers had an investigator named Crys and for what ever reason, I felt a connection with her. She was an interesting person, and I noticed her on the phone a lot prior to the investigation. She kept in constant communication with the co-founder of her group named Kimberly. Kimberly was ill at the time and didn’t want to miss the investigation, so Crys kept her posted. I felt the loyalty between them and to investigating was genuine. The way a team should be.
When the investigation began, Paul had split the large group into three groups, placing myself and the resident in one of the groups. I was excited that he was including me, as I thought I was lucky just to be allowed to observe the event. Placing me in the same groupas the resident, and knowing what I knew from the prior investigations there, I knew my group would be in the active area of the home, wherever the resident was. When my group was seated in the back bedroom doing an EVP session, we caught nothing with the audio. I, however was constantly taking pictures, and in one of the 200 pictures I took there, I caught what couldn’t be reproduced by photo specialist was a shadow on the ceiling of the room.
Paul had then instructed the three groups to rotate areas, which placed my group in the living room area. There, I was catching an object floating above the coffee table where the resident was seated with two others. When I said “I am getting something in all these shots floating above you guys” the person who was in the dining area came and took the residents camera from her and began taking shots of them from another angle at the same time I was and was capturing the same object in those shots.
The whole group came to the living room area and discussed what their thoughts and possible evidence at the time was. Upon telling of the object above the coffee table for a good length of time, the resident suggested gathering in a circle to invite it to use our energies.( note: resident didn’t know where her idea came from or why she had suggested it) We agreed and the sensitive began inviting it in. I for one need a lot of proof before I can believe in a persons claim to being a sensitive.
The resident, whom I’ve known for years, was a shy, low self esteem ex-addict person. This is the perfect combination of characteristics of an attachable host for any entity. As the sitting began, the resident who could never put on a performance for people she knew, certainly couldn’t do it for strangers, began to tremble uncontrollably. The investigator Crys was on one side of her, and I was on the other. Crys and I looked at each other with our eyes wide open. I knew she was feeling the shaking as the resident slumped over immediately after we began. Crys jumped up and told the sensitive to trade places with her so she could feel the resident shaking. The sensitive continued and I began to worry about the effects this might be having on the resident. I asked her if she was okay, I got no response. Her hand was ice cold, and as she was reaching upward with her head repeatedly, I felt like she was using her weight to push up against me. Her head lowered again and I was supporting it with our hands that were joined. Her head was sweaty and she couldn’t hold her head up again, so I asked once again “are you okay?” She was still slumped over but looked towards me and what is seen was not her! Her eyes were glazed over and it was like she was not there. I was scared for her and said “we should stop now!” The sensitive closed the circle and the resident immediately jumped up and ran to the bathroom saying she needed a drink. Crys and I kept looking at each other in amazement at what just happened! When the resident returned from the bathroom, the sensitive told her to sit down. She began to tell her that she seen two spirits attached to her. A Wintun Indian woman who was there to protect her, and a young male and told her the name of a boyfriend from when she was 20 years old that to our amazement had drowned over two decades ago. This was not a common name either. The residents jaw dropped in awe. This was where she had wanted the investigation to end, so it did. The sensitive offered her assistance in removing the spirits from her, not to my surprise, she declined. She has them with her to this day and is much more confident and outgoing. I feel Paul Dale Roberts’s investigation gave her the confirmation she was looking for. My prior investigations gave her the comfort of knowing she wasn’t imagining the things were happening to her. Later the resident had revealed to us that her boyfriend had drowned. This information leads me to believe that his spirit placed the thought of forming the circle to communicate with her, and while she was under his influence showed her the last moments of his life, because the only thing the resident remembered of the circle was trying to go up for air. She remembers nothing more than that feeling.
I now have a fresh outlook and belief in sensitive now. At least in this one. She proved to me that she is for real. They do exist.
Joining in on that investigation also gave me the comfort in my own judgment of my abilities as an investigator; after all, I got confirmation as well in my investigating skills. Not too often an investigator gets that opportunity. Thanks Paul.
Later, Crys contacted me and we began discussing the event that took place that night. I was then invited to join Crys’s group that she co-founded with Kimberly (on the phone, hating that she had to miss) and I eagerly agreed. When I saw Crys on the phone a lot with Kimberly until the investigation began, I knew this group was as serious about the research of paranormal claims as I am.
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Esparto Investigations by Teresa Williams
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