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 Bigfoot Interview with Paul Dale Roberts

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PostSubject: Bigfoot Interview with Paul Dale Roberts   Thu May 06, 2010 2:04 am

Interview with Paul Dale Roberts, Cryptozoologist/Monster Hunter
Interviewed by: Mattie Noelle Magnuson

Hello I'm Mattie. You have been talking to my roommate, Carissa, and she told me that you study big foot. I'm writing a speech on Bigfoot right now and was wondering if you could answer a few questions about it.

1. What makes you believe that Bigfoot is real?

Answer: There is a case in Canada, in which an owner of a cabin was upset that his cabin was ransacked. He placed a board with nails at the entrance of the cabin. The next year, the cabin was ransacked again and on the board with nails was a 13 inch footprint. There was skin, blood and hair samples. The DNA results were: unknown primate.

2. What interests you so much about Bigfoot?

Answer: I am interested in ALL things paranormal. I believe Bigfoot is a interdimensional creature. It can go from our reality to its reality through various portals. It may come into our reality to feed, as there has been found evidence of Bigfoot nests. Bigfoot is also associated with UFO activity. It appears that UFO entities are interdimensional, as some UFOs are seen to come out of a portal or go through a portal. Some Bigfoot activity has been closely associated with UFO activity. When people witness UFOs, they also see Bigfoot. In a few cases they saw Gray aliens working alongside Bigfoot, it appeared the Bigfoot were 'workers' for the Grays.

3. Have you ever personally seen a Sasquatch?

Answer: No, but I have interviewed witnesses that have seen Bigfoot and I have been on Bigfoot hunts in Covelo, Santa Cruz, Mount Shasta and Skinwalker Ranch in Utah.

4. Why is it so hard for people to find Bigfoot, and get enough evidence if they have?

Answer: Again, I believe it's a interdimensional creature. Other interdimensional creatures would be Shadow People, Black Eyed Boys, Black Panthers of England, etc.

5. Do you believe that the Patterson- Gimlin film was a hoax? Why?

Answer: It appears one of the participants of the film makes claim that it was a hoax and the person that was doing the filming had experience in making Hollywood movies.

6. How do you know all that you know about Sasquatches?

Answer: My research, studies and investigations. Also, actually going out on the streets and interviewing live witnesses to the phenomenon.

7. Do you believe that Bigfoot is dangerous?

Answer: Absolutely not, there is no cases that indicate that Bigfoot has ever harmed men. There are cases that mention that people were abducted and the creature known as Bigfoot was curious about us. There is an incident in which a cowboy was abducted and drank some hot coffee in front of Bigfoot and Bigfoot took a big gulp and burned its tongue. Later the cowboy escaped.

8. What do you feel is the most interesting thing that you have learned since beginning your studies of Bigfoot that most people don't know?

Answer: That we live in a mysterious universe and that there are many unexplained phenomenon that exists. We live in a Multiverse with multiple dimensions that scientists embrace. With the concept of a Multiverse, a multitude of lifeforms can exist on this Earth in many various dimensions that we are unaware of. When they do somehow cross the threshold of their own dimension into our dimension, then we become aware of an existence that is completely unfathomable to our minds.

Thank you!
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Bigfoot Interview with Paul Dale Roberts
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