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 Carolina Smith, Fashion Designer - Reincarnated Can Can Dancer

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PostSubject: Carolina Smith, Fashion Designer - Reincarnated Can Can Dancer   Sat May 08, 2010 2:18 am

Interview with Carolina Smith – Fashion Designer/Entrepreneur – The Empress
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts – Journalist /

The date is May 7, 2010. The time is 1500 hours. I have an interview with a fashion designing entrepreneur that has made a name for herself in El Dorado County and Sacramento County.

The Empress is located at: 582 Main Street, Placerville, CA 95667. Carolina at times can be seen selling her wares at Second Saturday Sacramento, special events at Cal-Expo and special events at Old Sacramento.

She can be contacted via email at: and by telephone at: 530 344-3631

Carolina Smith is a true people person. She is warm, friendly and very helpful. She is a single mom of a 16 year old boy and 13 year old boy. She has a radiating smile that is very contagious. She is humorous and charming and when you meet her, you want to become her friend instantly. Besides having two wonderful children, she also has a gray cat named Buddy. She is the youngest child of 5 siblings. She is a proud Pisces.

To see more pictures of Carolina Smith, stop by this link:

Carolina Smith has a mission statement for her establishment. She wants to make women feel beautiful. She wishes to ordain them with the elegance of her wear. She seeks out to bring out their goddess qualities. She seeks to empower women and inspire them with the clothes that she creates.

The clothes that Carolina creates seem to harbor their own soul. As a group of Sacramento women came into the store, one lady customer says she can shop in here all day. She mentions on how the clothes compliment the appeal of a woman.

Another woman from East Sacramento, where Carolina was raised says…”I love your store!” A Napa County lady customer was trying out all of the clothes and almost seemed to dance throughout the store as she placed various dresses next to her own summer outfit. The Napa lady customer tells her friend that the clothes bring out the inner and outer beauty of women.

Wow! That is pretty impressive and I haven’t really even started the interview. So let’s get with the interview and really get to know Carolina Smith.

Paul: Carolina, where were you born and raised?

Carolina: Born in West Covina, CA and raised in East Sacramento and El Dorado County.

Paul: What are your hobbies?

Carolina: I am a professional eater (she says with a laugh). I love to eat! I am a belly dancer, seamstress and day dreamer.

Paul: When did you first open your business?

Carolina: In the year 2000.

Paul: I am looking at all different types of clothing in this shop. I am a guy and would have a hard time describing the outfits in this store. What would you call your line of clothing?

Carolina: Gypsy, nostalgic, carefree, playful, sensual, pirate, renaissance, costume, pin-up girl, retro, 60s, flower child, all with a touch of elegance!

Paul: Pirate?

Carolina: Yes, pirate, some people go to the Vallejo Pirate Festival. I will be going this year, its fun, you should go.

Paul: Actually I have gone once with Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe.

Paul: What do you sell?

Carolina: Clothing, earthly stones, turquoise, amber, coral, costume jewelry, rhinestones and sparkly vintage feather jewelry. Also, feather boas, feathered hairclips, feathered earrings; some stuff is sort of in the theme of Mardi gras.

Paul: Do you go to Sacramento often?

Carolina Yes, I love Sacramento; part of my life was raised in East Sacramento. I won’t hesitate to go to Old Sacramento and Second Saturday. You will at times see me in the flatlands, selling my clothes. Some of the items I may bring are hand made custom lamp shades, bordello style lamp shades, corsets, sensual massage oils, handmade essence, and beautiful veils. I also carry a huge collection of fabric. Some of my clothing has been inspired by the Victorian age of Sacramento. I have always loved the history of Sacramento.

Carolina: When I go to Sacramento, I frequent the Tower Café. I visit the cool funky antique stores and of course I will stop by Rick Steiner’s for dessert.

Paul: What songs do you like, I like Peggy Lee’s Give me Fever and Hey Big Spender, but what I truly love is The Girl from Ipanema.

To hear Carolina’s song by Astrud Gilberto – The Girl from Ipanema, stop by here:

Carolina: Don’t you love that song (The Girl from Ipanema?)

Paul: Yes, I heard that song many times over while in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Many Brazilian women sang that song to me, while I walked the white sands of Ipanema Beach.

Carolina: are so lucky!

Paul: Have you been overseas?

Carolina: Well, I have been to London, England, Paris and Versailles, France and New York!

Paul: See you have been somewhere!

Carolina: Well, I used to think in my past life I was a Can Can Dancer at the Moulin Rouge. I love books on Paris in the 1800s. I love reading about the women of old bordellos.

Paul: Wow! Interesting. What kind of TV shows do you like?

Carolina: Dexter, Mad Men, Tutors, the old Starsky and Hutch, The Office, Saturday Night Live, I Love Lucy, Columbo, True Blood and Rescue Me.

Note: I gave Carolina my imitation of Columbo. Smoking the cigar, dropping ashes on the carpet and excusing myself, then leaving and coming back and saying while flashing my cigar from my forehead…”excuse ma’am, excuse me..there is one thing that keeps bothering me…” and of course the suspect would say…”what Columbo?” Carolina chuckled at my crude imitation.

Paul: And movies? (as she sticks a dark chocolate Altoids into my mouth):

Carolina: I love old Westerns. I love Clint Eastwood movies, Dirty Harry anytime. Gone with the Wind, Laura and of course I love movies by Robert Mitchum.

Paul: How did you get into belly dancing?

Carolina: My sister and I opened up a store called Sister’s Secrets and one of our customers was a belly dancer teacher. This belly dancing teacher gave me private lessons and before I knew it, I was hooked. Belly dancing will really get you into shape.

Paul: Ummm..yes, I can tell (as I look at Carolina’s incredible physique).

Carolina: Did I say I also like Alfred Hitchcock?


Carolina: Well I do! (There is the biggest little girl smile on Carolina’s face as she tells me she likes Alfred Hitchcock).

As I departed Carolina’s store, I will never forget her gorgeous clothing line. I don’t like shopping, but going into Carolina’s store is like going into a museum, there is so much to look at. Carolina makes everything worthwhile, her laughter, her smiles, her humor, her helpfulness, her concern and her true people loving ways will make anyone enter her store. Carolina will welcome you with open arms. Thank you Carolina for this wonderful interview!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International)
Cellular Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI
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Carolina Smith, Fashion Designer - Reincarnated Can Can Dancer
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