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 Real Zombies by Brad Steiger

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PostSubject: Real Zombies by Brad Steiger   Sat May 08, 2010 5:23 am

Name: Real Zombies, The Living Dead, and Creatures of the Apocalypse
Author: Brad Steiger
Reviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager – President
Price: $19.95
Publisher: Visible Ink
Comments: Brad Steiger, this man is a legend. He has many titles under his belt, besides paranormal author. He is a Fortean Investigator, Ufologist, Cryptozoologist, Paranormal Investigator, Paranormal Researcher, Esoteric Detective and a Supernatural Scientist. Some of these titles I have bestowed upon myself, because of the knowledge I gained as a child reading Brad Steiger’s books. He is the true master of paranormal knowledge and I am thankful that I learned from his enlightening wisdom. Brad investigates ALL things paranormal and the full spectrum of the paranormal does not escape him. He now has a book out called The Living Dead, and Creatures of the Apocalypse. Let’s see what Brad talks about in this incredible book of 314 pages!

As he starts off with The Zombies are Coming – Brad does not miss a beat. He discusses movie zombies by George Romero and others. Brad makes sure all of his bases are covered before talking about the real zombie phenomenon. This is great stuff..but get ready to have chills down your spine as you continue to read on with: “Let us Now Meet the Real Zombies”. Are you ready, do you have the lights on in your house? Be prepared to be chilled to your bones!

Brad mentions how his friend Lisa Lee Harp, noted Necromancer and Writer says that a zombie is a soulless human corpse, still dead, but taken from the grave and endowed with sorcery with a mechanical semblance to life. It is a dead body that is made to act, walk, move as if it were alive. You will learn about Black Cat Mama Couteaux who made a Voodoo gumbo to feed her zombie army each month. The gumbo consisted of road kill, onion peels and scraps that dogs would not even eat.

As you continue in this book, you will be amazed at the historical references that Brad snatches from his mind (a wealth of paranormal knowledge), he will discuss how Sgt. Bertrand, the infamous so-called werewolf of Paris was actually a ghoul. Brad will explain why he is actually a ghoul and when you read why…the shivers come!

In this book, you start meeting grave robbers like William Hare and William Burke, who supplied Dr. John Knox of Edinburgh, Scotland. These cool cats were getting 10 pounds per corpse. Can you imagine? As you continue on…get a feel about mummies vs. zombies. What is the difference? Find out here.

More zombie info you will learn is the fact that voodoo deities, or loas, are among the most feared divine beings in the world. They are wild, short-tempered and immensely powerful, these spirits communicate with humans by possessing those attending Voodoo rituals.

Step into the Voodoo world in Brad Steiger's latest book and you will meet and also learn about: Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, Mama Courteaux, the Chindis (of Navajo legend), the Gris-Gris (a small cloth bag filled with herbs to cloth to animal parts; Bourbon Street Devil Baby; The Darklings (creepy entities that hide in cracks in the walls or children's toys); Sin Eaters (people who consume the sins of the dying); Wendigos; Cheeka - the Wendigo of Sprout Lake; The Rugarou, Werebeast of the Swamp Indians; the Chinese tradition of Ghost Day; Cannibalism in the Old Testament; reviving the flesh by Nazi scientists; the Apocalypse and the connection to zombies; strange creature sighted at Copper Canyon in Texas and MORE and MORE and MORE!

You will have a hard time putting this book down! Brad is on top-of-his-game and he comes on hard and heavy with this book. Everything you wanted to know about zombies is right here!

Be very afraid as Brad Steiger plunges into your carotid artery with shock, horror and the truth of zombies! Be prepared to be carpet bombed with insightful knowledge. Real Zombies is a well crafted book and coup de maitre!! Another standing ovation for Brad! Bravo!
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Real Zombies by Brad Steiger
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