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 Burning Down the House! Catlike Demon of Vacaville

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PostSubject: Burning Down the House! Catlike Demon of Vacaville   Sun May 09, 2010 8:33 pm

Burning Down the House! Catlike Demon of Vacaville
By Paul Dale Roberts, Supernatural Sleuth, Ghostly Gumshoe and the Stalker of the Paranormal

Tonight since we will be dealing with a demonic force. All varieties of cleansings will take place. Cleansings: Native American cleansing, Wiccan/Earthly cleansing, metaphysical cleansing and a Catholic Blessing. When a multitude of cleansings take place, it is referred to as: "Burning Down the House". So it would seem appropriate that the theme of this article is: Burning Down the House by Talking Heads, hear the song here:

To see pictures of this investigation, stop by here:

Saturday, May 8, 2010. Time: 2100 Hours. Location: Vacaville. Case: Demonic. Let me go over my notes. The clients have been experiencing a demonic presence in their home. The entity is all black and walks on all fours. When the entity stands up, it is 7 to 8 feet tall. HPI Researcher Laurie Rutledge of London says to be coy and ask the occupants if the number 3 means anything. When asking the occupant she tells me that everything happens in threes. Three knocks, three chokes (the female occupant has been chocked by this entity) and the entity usually appears at 0333 Hours. The entity may have come into their lives, when their teenage daughter was dating a boy that was practicing the dark arts and messing around with tarot cards. The demon will follow them from their home to a hotel room; it has even been seen in their vehicle. The occupants feel nauseated all the time and will get sick for no reason at all. The couple is a loving couple with children and lately their closeness has diminished. There is even talk of separation. They feel the entity is causing the friction, the negativity in their marriage. The occupants have been so scared; they have been living in motel rooms, until we arrive.

Tonight, we will arrive. We will plan a strategic plan of action. We will discover an avenue of approach on this entity. We will prepare for battle if necessary. Sometimes we are warriors and the warrior mode is set in motion...

For an investigation like this, I need a lot of energy. I am equipped with my Monster M-80 that I will chase down with a Monster Assault.

Guests this evening is: Elk Grove Paranormal Investigations (E.G.P.I)
Members are:
Judy Raderchak- Owner/Manager and Automatic Writer
Regina Tellez- co owner and Miwok information specialist, Debunk specialist Robert Fishbauch- Sensitive and Empathic and can call spirits out

Judy Raderchak's MySpace:

The occupants gave a briefing of the incidents that have happened in this home. Arianna Wheeler (occupant) in her own words describes the haunting activities in her home. Read below:

“Hello, my name is Arianna Wheeler. My husband Chuck and I live in Vacaville. The first experience happened upstairs in our daughter Rachel’s room. Items moved unexplainably around the room and the lights would flicker and her television would turn off at random. Sadly we did not believe her and assumed she was imagining it. She moved out as soon as she could, claiming that the house was haunted. In her sister’s room across the hall we found tarot cards and a book on how to use them. We threw them out knowing that they can enable paranormal activity. She recently has moved out as well, claiming the house is too “spooky”. In the last two months there has been a lot of activity. I was the first to see a tall and dark figure in the hall way of our bedroom.

It looked like it had animalistic feet, sort of like hooves and something pointy towards the top of its head. I could not make out the face or any details, but I could make out that there were two glossy, black and round eyes like things looking at me as I lay in bed. It was around 3 am and I was all alone except for my 6 month baby in her crib. Prior to seeing it, I felt like I was being choked, it wasn’t like physical hands around my neck, but more of a lack of air to my lungs. I jumped up and turned off all the electronics thinking that something might be pulling “energy” from them. I resumed my spot in bed and felt the same sensation of not being able to breath. I thought to myself “no, no, no” and started praying for God to surround me with the light of the Holy Spirit and it stopped. I hid under the covers and became very frightened. We’ve heard a lot of growling noises and we don’t have any animals.

For the third time I couldn’t breath and started sweating profusely. I was sweating like I was in a sauna, just dripping of sweat. I pulled out from under the covers and looked towards the entrance to the hallway which is when I saw the black figure. I made myself fall asleep due to being extremely scared. My husband Charles didn’t exactly believe me, kind of like how we didn’t believe our daughter. Our two year old Kayla was attacked physically twice in the last couple of weeks. First she was shoved and held against the wall in the hallway of our bedroom in the same place I saw it. When we picked her up we found horrifying red marks around her neck. The second time that she was attacked was in the threshold of the hallway; she was in her highchair and started screaming at the top of her lungs.

When we got to her she was holding the back of her neck. When we looked there were three huge scratch marks that looked deep and red. We were scared for her well being and took her to relatives as soon as possible. Next my husband was choked three times in the same place in the bed that I was and he couldn’t breathe. Soon we fled the house since we are afraid for our children’s well being. The times we had to return to the house my husband has been harassed with random sightings of the entity in different forms. Sometimes it is animalistic, like a cat and other times just a black blur, kind of like what I saw in the beginning. This negative energy has drained us and I believe our fear has given it more power. It now follows us when we leave the house and I feel like I’m going insane. We have found a bag of pictures of us and objects that represent each of our children. In this bag we also found red, green and black candles used for conducting a seance. There was a journal in the room that she wrote, which said: “people will get what they deserve and that justice will be served”. It also stated that she doesn’t believe in a God who would put people in so much pain. Sadly I feel she has tried to put a “curse” on us, it was her payback since she feels that she deserved more in life. At times when he has tried to wake me up in the middle of the night due to the activity, I have mumbled very bad things that I would never say. The most scary thing I said was “there will be a murder in a new jacket”. This was very disturbing to us since I just bought my husband a new jacket the day prior to me saying this. I feel that it has gained energy somehow from our fear, our bodies and our weaknesses. I am glad to take action by believing in my higher power to protect my family and me. Paul Dale Roberts has given my family hope in the most desperate time of our lives. I’m so grateful for him and his team of paranormal investigators. They have given us the strength to get through this paranormal harassment and move on with our lives in a positive direction. I’m looking forward for all this to be behind us and I hope that our story can help others know they are not alone and there is help out there.”

Roll Call for HPI Paranormal Investigators are: Donna Jackson/EnVision, Connie Brenner/EnVision, Lynn Combs/EnVision, Regina Tellez/EGPI, Jacob Beaver, Angel Kesti/Videographer, Stephanie Belson/Psychic/Wiccan-Earthly Cleanser, Michelle Fontana/Choctaw Native American Cleanser, Judy Raderchak/EGPI, Robert Fischbach/EGPI, Julie Matta, Gary Matta/HPI Legal Consultant, Connie Brister/Videographer/Choctaw Native American-In-Training, Noreen Austin/Psychic/Metaphysical Cleanser-In Training, Chris Singleton/Audio Expert, Hana, Paul Dale Roberts – HPI General Manager/Catholic Blessing Coordinator.

Veah Keyes – not present, but provides spiritual cleansing information to the occupants via Angel Kesti. Veah has also consulted with the occupants via telephone.

Paul Dale Roberts with Hana (photo to the right)

Lead Investigators tonight are: Donna Jackson, Gary Matta and Judy Raderchak.

Donna Jackson is Lead Investigator of Team Desperados.
Members: Connie Brenner, Lynn Combs, Noreen Austin.

Gary Matta is Lead Investigator of Team Maverick.
Members: Julie Matta, Jacob Beaver, Angel Kesti, Connie Brister, Hana.

Freelancers: Chris Singleton, Stephanie Belson – Chris is readily available for EVP analysis. Stephanie is able to roam the house to see if she senses any kind of presence.

Judy Raderchak is Lead Investigator of Team Advantage.
Members: Regina Tellez, Michelle Fontana, Robert Fischbach.

Three teams placed into three different sections of the home. 1 team is on the 2nd floor, another team is covering the rooms on the right hand side of the house and the 3rd team is covering the areas on the left hand side of the house.

Equipment being used tonight is: Two laptops, monitor, ghost radar, Ovulace, video cameras, digital audio recorders, digital cameras, EMF readers, K2 readers, temperature gauges. The investigative sessions are for 45 minutes. There will be 3 investigative sessions and an evidence briefing after each investigative session.

Evidence Collected:
With three investigative sessions and one provoking session, it appears we may have received three EVPs. The EVPs will be analyzed further, to make sure it’s not voices from another group. One EVP is a man’s deep voice saying ‘go’. As for anomalies in our photographs and video footage, we have orb activity. None of the orbs showed any signs of ‘intelligence’. Orb activity is most likely dust. There were some personal experiences, in which some investigators felt like they were touched, grabbed behind the neck, hair stroked. Personal experiences cannot be validated. One funny note, the Ovulace said ‘murder Paul’ and two seconds later I walked into the room.

EVPs were later analyzed and proved to be inconclusive. Personal experiences are exactly that, personal experiences and do not reflect validation of a haunting and the entirety of the investigation. Inconclusive. Orbs, most likely dust. Strange shadows on video footage. I had all the investigators watch the shadows on the TV monitor and everyone was in agreement that it was the movement of other investigators that caused the unusual shadows. Debunked. Strange sounds like growling and the sound of a child laughing. Inconclusive. Cold spots felt during séance. Inconclusive. Psychics feel a lurking hiding presence. Inconclusive. Strange painting on the wall of a face with three eyes and double horns was removed by the stroke of a paint brush by occupant. A bedroom door was padlocked, because of the activity the occupants felt in this room. This room certain investigators had personal experiences. High EMF readings were captured in many parts of the home.

We did not prove that there is a haunting in this home, but I truly BELIEVE the occupants were terrorized by something unknown, something unseen. Their statements are consistent. All of the investigators felt they were genuine, truthful. The occupants are truly a loving couple with sincere motives. You could sense their fear. I do believe they truly witnessed something that terrified them and I hope our cleansings/blessing will be successful. In the name of God, I ask that this family will not ever be tormented again, that they will find peace and harmony and live normal lives again. Amen.


Stalker of the Paranormal:
Stalker of the Paranormal is a new title that my reader Marci Moses came up for me. She is also a 'Stalker of the Paranormal'. Thank you Marci!

Linda Pfister-Wildhaber aka Hippy Linda:
Linda came down with a sick feeling when she learned about the investigation in Vacaville. Linda is saying some protection prayers for my team. Thank you Linda!

Meet: Nara Alenya, HPI Paranormal Investigator/Psychic
New psychic joins the HPI team. Nara Alenya aka Norene Lynn Austin - Troupe Director - Arabian Jewels Belly Dancer - Email: - Norene has honed in on her abilities since she was a child. She is ready for some ghost hunting and demon hunting!

Meet Janet Keppor, HPI Paranormal Investigator/Professional Photographer. Janet joins the team and will be utilizing her photographic skills for upcoming investigations!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International)
Cellular Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI
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Burning Down the House! Catlike Demon of Vacaville
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