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 Silkia Aponte, Sacramento Poet

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PostSubject: Silkia Aponte, Sacramento Poet   Thu May 13, 2010 12:25 am

Interview with Silkia Aponte, Sacramento Poet
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts – President –
HPI General Manager –

Question: Tell us something personal about yourself. Your home life, where were you born and raised? What are your hobbies and recreational activities?

Answer: I was born in Puerto Rico in Guayama (el pueblo de los burios-witch's town). My mother is Puerto Rican my dad is half Scottish. When I was little my mom practiced some kind of witchcraft. As a result, I always was scared of ghosts. I was raised in New York and lived on the fifth floor. On the first floor lived a strange woman that practiced Santeria. I was always afraid of her. She would send smoke up the stairs and scare me whenever she saw me. My hobbies are writing poetry and lyrics for music.

Question: How long have you lived in Sacramento?

Answer: I moved to Sacramento in July 1999. I love Sacramento, I am so happy I moved here. This is a wonderful city and there are so many things to see here. I love Old Sacramento, the boat rides, train rides and of course the museums.

Question: How did you become a poet?

Answer: I guess I was born to write poetry. One day when I was a teen I picked up a pen and started writing. My poems were all lost when I left New York. My talent lay dormant for over 20 years and then in 2008 after a heartbreak, I picked up a toothbrush, that belonged to my ex-boyfriend and that’s when it all began again.

In August 2008, I joined YouTube and wrote that I wished my poems can be made into songs. I was contacted by a musician named Raul Rodriguez, Jr. who lives in Miami, FL. Out of the blue he said he wanted to help my dream come true. I sent him the poem, “Just a Toothbrush”. While he was reviewing that poem, I was inspired to write a new poem to make into a song. That poem is: “Miracles Happen that I do Believe.”

The poem (Miracles Happen that I do Believe) is about my experience with my son that has Autism. When Raul Rodriguez read the poem he immediately chose that poem to make my first song. The song was completed in four days. I can still remember the first time I heard the song. It was so touching it bought tears to my eyes. I contacted a friend in Puerto Rico, her name is Yvie Rivera, an expert in making videos and she agreed to make a video for me. During her birthday she worked hard and came up with the most beautiful video, published on YouTube, in less than one week we had over 1,000 views and numerous comments. A week later her YouTube account was cancelled and she lost all her videos including mine. I was devastated, but not defeated. I contacted a singer and video maker named ‘Chris’ and he agreed to make me a new video.

The new video is wonderful and it is still on YouTube.

Question: Off the record, you were telling me that you had some poems published in the Philippines, can you elaborate?
A humanitarian and the founder of a center for special needs children in the Philippines, named Lee Jennie contacted me. He opened the center with his own funds called the Adam Jennie Christian Center for Special Needs Children. He heard my Quepoem/song, “Miracles happen that I do Believe and was so touched by the lyrics that just a week ago he chose this song as his webpage song and did a video with the special needs children in the Philippines. It is now on YouTube.

Question: Where are your other poems published at?

Answer: Various places in the internet like
Question: Do you have an email in which people can contact you.


Silkia: Paul, did you want to hear some of my YouTube Videos?

Paul: Of course, where are they?

Silkia, right here:
Miracle Happen that I do Believe

Special Children from Adam Jennie's Christian Center – Special Video with the song: Miracles Happen that I do Believe.
Question: Do you have a website, or are you on Facebook?

Answer: Yes, I am on Facebook and Twitter.

Here is an example of one of your poems, called the Silencer:

The Silencer

Lurking through my window he stares
Watching me while I sleep.
Longing for my body.
Yearning for my touch.
Lovingly he watches me….

Feeling the presence of someone
I toss and turn in my bed.
Opening my eyes I see the shadow.
It is… The Silencer….

His face pressed against my window.
My breathing is ceased.
Slowly I rise from my bed.
I open the shades and he vanishes…
In disbelief I sit at the edge of my bed.
Was it all in my head?
It is The Silencer…

In the wee hours of the night,
The sound of scatter glass awakes me.
I see his shadow from my bed.
It is The Silencer…

I am living in a new place,
With an alarm I feel so safe.
It’s a stormy night.
I feel the presence of The Silencer in my bed.
He is stroking my hair.
Quickly, I turn but there is no one there.
It must be a nightmare.
I fall asleep again.
I awake to a passionate lover.
Hungrily, he is touching and kissing me all over.
The Silencer is making love to me so exhilaratingly.
Then I fall into a deep sleep…

Lyrics: Silkia Aponte
8/13/09 - (c) Copyright 2010 - All Rights Reserved

Paul: Wow! What a nice poem Silkia?

Silkia: Thank you Paul, can I tell you something about this poem?

Paul: Not really, I have to leave…no, just kidding, yes,,you can tell me (smile):

Silkia: I woke up at 4:30am one morning and something told me that it was time
to write a poem (in regard to The Silencer). I had no clue what I was going to write about. I picked up the pen and the pen took on a life of its own and the words just miraculously came out. When I went to the computer to edit the poem everything fit so perfectly, that in fact I did not have to make any corrections…

Question: Silkia, what are your favorite TV shows, movies, cartoons, books, magazines?

Answer: America’s Most Wanted and Criminal Minds TV shows…Angels and Demons for movies,..Bambi is my favorite cartoon, Danielle Steele for books and Latina magazine. Of course I love Good Morning Sacramento CW 31!

Question: Thank you for this wonderful interview. Are their any words of wisdom that you would like to relate to your readers?

Answer: Well, as a practicing Buddhist I chant nam myoho renge kyo and that keeps my mind and body in rhythm with the universe. Oh! And Miracles happen if you just believe….
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Silkia Aponte, Sacramento Poet
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