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 Jennifer Newell, Ghost Whisperer

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PostSubject: Jennifer Newell, Ghost Whisperer   Sat May 15, 2010 4:57 am

The Follow-up Interview of Jennifer Newell, Psychic and HPI Paranormal Investigator/Ghost Whisperer
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

When I first interviewed Jennifer Newell, I knew that she was a paranormal experiencer and she had an incredible story to tell. In fact, you can find that story here:

I knew after interviewing Jennifer, that I wanted her on my HPI paranormal investigative team. Jennifer proved that she was a remarkable member of the team and now today (May 14, 2010), at the Coffee Garden, I will be doing a follow-up interview with this incredible psychic.

Paul: Jennifer, at the Oroville case, everyone was stunned when you faced the occupant of the house and asked her if she had a brother named Steve. Let me run down the story a bit. When you asked the occupant if she had a brother named Steve, the occupant says Ďyesí. You then told the occupant that her brotherís death was related to drugs and alcohol. Again the occupant confirms your statement. You go on to tell the occupant that Steve is watching over her and then you started holding your chest. You tell the occupant that her brother Steve wants her to check in with a doctor. You told her that Steve is worried about her medical condition and is concerned about something with her chest area. When you were telling the occupant this, the occupant broke down in tears. A few days later the occupant calls me and said you were right on the mark, she went to the doctor and discovered she has emphysema. I almost fell out of my chair when you explained all of this to the occupant, a person you knew nothing of. I must ask you, how was this done? I am totally baffled, please explain.

Jennifer: Well actually Paul, the brother continues to visit the occupant because of his concerns with her. He never mentioned anything about her chest. This was something I picked up on with my ability of empathy.

Let me explain a little more about my psychic abilities. I have the following gifts: Clairaudience, Clair empathy/ Empath, Clairvoyant, ESP, Premonition dreams, light medium abilities. With every investigation I discover a new ability.

Paul: You have been on seven investigations now, what was the most significant case you have been on.

Jennifer: Easy, Benicia! When you see things with your mindís eye there is room for interpretation, when you see physical evidence such as blood stains and evidence tape everything is so much more. . .real.

Paul: You were called upon a private case, in which a woman was concerned about her male roommate. The woman felt a demon was influencing her roommate. What happened in this private case?

Jennifer: This case was my first psychic reading and I didnít know what to expect. It took about Ĺ hour before his protective entity would open the doors for communication. At which he was not interested in me nor had anything nice to say to me. But this entity eventually opened up and answered several questions for the client. The entity even allowed communication by an angelic figure and a male elder entity that seems to follow the client. The most outstanding part of the reading was when this elder entity pushed through to give some much needed and extremely emotional advice to the client. This ancestor entity was so overwhelming I could not control my crying and had to end the session. In conclusion, I believe this person is heavily influenced, but not by a demon.

Paul: Did you see or communicate with this dark force? How do you think this client can be helped?

Jennifer: I could see this entity which likes to stand just behind him on the right. However it would only answer questions from the client and did not care to talk to me directly. I do think there can be help for this client. The client has a religious background and I believe perhaps his ancestor entity that looks over him, is trying to guide him towards the church for his needed help.

Paul: What other cases stick out in your mind that you want to talk about?

Jennifer: Yuba City. The client felt she was being attacked by a dark entity. During the investigation I received images and words that presented Ďdomestic violenceí this was a historical factor of the clientís life. Upon debriefing, I explained to the client what I felt. The client confirmed what I was saying was true. I picked up the domestic violence activity around the client through my psychic abilities.

Paul: In the TV show Ghost Whisper, Jennifer Love Hewitt actually sees ghosts and communicates with them. Do you have the same ability?

Jennifer: As you know Paul, ghosts show themselves in many ways. It all depends on what they want me to see. I may see a darting shadow via my peripheral vision, I may actually see a full body apparition, I may see a misty type of figure. They may communicate to me on a verbal comprehending wavelength or I may get the message telepathically. The entity or entities make the decision how they will present themselves to me.

Paul: Today is an interesting day, HPI was scheduled to investigate a home in Cloverdale. The information about this home can be found here:
The occupant canceled at the last moment, because of a severe family situation. So, to make sure this day is not wasted, Jennifer and I decided to complete this follow-up interview. Jennifer, when you prep yourself for an investigation and it gets canceled at the last moment, do you feel disappointed or bummed out? If you do why?

Jennifer: Iím always excited to go on each and every investigation and try to jump at every opportunity. Although itís always sad to see an investigation cancel, I do all my prep work in the car ride to the location that way Iím not geared up for nothing.

Paul: Have you always wanted to be a paranormal investigator? Why?

Jennifer: I have. My mom has always been very supportive and pushed me towards the paranormal, believing I could one day help people.

Paul: Jennifer, I notice you love staying busy. When there are no investigations, you like to go fishing. Where are you going tomorrow and is it true you have a boat? What are you fishing for?

Jennifer: I love fishing. My husband has a 22 foot Welcraft that we keep in Alameda. We plan on doing some trolling near Berkley tomorrow. Hopefully the fish are biting.

Paul: Off-the-record you told me that you like Movies in the Park and Arco Arena, can you elaborate on this?

Jennifer: I love setting up a blanket, bringing some food and having a romantic night under the stars watching a good flick. I love concerts and live events and just saw Black Eyed Peas at the Arco Arena.

Paul: Iím curious, what is your favorite song?

Jennifer: Into the Mystic by Van Morrison.

Paul: Do you like HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International) and what do you think of the team members?

Jennifer: HPI has become family to me. Everyone is down to earth and truly cares about the well being of each client. We also try to support every member outside of the investigations.

Note: While I was interviewing Jennifer at the Coffee Garden on Franklin Blvd in Sacramento and sipping on our Mexican Mochas and eating our house salads (lettuce, tomatoes, carrots with raspberry vinaigrette, with side order or bread & butter), I got a call from Chuck from our Vacaville demon case. I took the call outside and to my amazement another HPI paranormal investigator Veah Keyes was riding her bike with her 2 children. Veah has assisted Chuck previously over the phone about how to cleanse his home. Veah was right on time to talk to Chuck over the phone. Strange how these things happen.

Paul: Jennifer, thank you soooo much for this follow-up interviewÖany NEW words of wisdom for your readers?

Jennifer: Donít judge a book by its cover, youíll never know what you can learn by the guy sitting next to you.

Special Note: As many people know, I am also in the comic book business and besides the fact that I was interviewing Jennifer, I was also busy reviewing some comic books I got in the mail. Jennifer on this night became a comic book reviewer and actually assisted me with the reviews of Vigilance #1 and #2 by Creative Elamentz, see what she has to say here:

Paul Dale Roberts, Stalker of the Paranormal and Ghost Guru
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Jennifer Newell, Ghost Whisperer
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