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 Overview of Silber Media Comics

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PostSubject: Overview of Silber Media Comics   Sat Jun 05, 2010 4:19 am

Overview of Silber Media
PO Box 18062
Raleigh, NC 27619
Overviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts, President

Comments: I have a whole slew of these mini-comics and almost regular size comics. Let me go down the list – one at a time explaining what they are and what they are about.
XO#6 – Continuing an early XO adventure about a youth finding his life vocation. The hero of the story, if you want to call him a hero, does a semi-accidental murder and was stuck with a dead body and a vintage Ford Mustang. After causing a person’s death, the so-called hero thinks of his future. Will he have a future?
Worms #6 – A notable climax in the Worms story. Imagine your body being the host of some kind of alien worms. When I was a kid I would squirm hearing stories of tape worms and ring worms. This little comic book will make you squirm!
Just a Man #4 – The tension mounts and the body count continues to grow.
Marked #2 – Fighting demons the old fashioned way, with physical violence. Man, watch the Demon Hunter go to work, fighting a demon, but before doing so, getting sick in the toilet! The Demon Hunter takes energy from other people, so he can confront this monstrocity of a demon and beat him down like a step-child! When he is finished beating the demon, he forces the demon back into his chest and heads out to catch a train!
Cops & Crooks #1 – Debut of a new series about two very different lives intersecting. Art by Eric Shonborn & Jason Young of – Yikes! Talk of killing cops, killing the system, building an empire. A hatred that goes back when the star of this story says that cops killed his dad!
Mecha #1 – A new series giant-sized by our standards. An homage to the post-apocalyptic sci-fi of the early 1980s. Art by Johnny Hoang. Wow! Great science fiction artwork with a story about fighting Martians. A story of a fighter, a gladiator falling in love with the woman of his life, only to find out she is dying.
Silber Mini-Comics Sampler #1 – Seven incredibly short pieces from seven of our series.
Veggie Dog Saturn #4 – Fast on the heels of getting first runner up for the SPACE Prize for VDS #3, Jason Young (Guttertrash, Cops & Crooks) returns with a collection of short tales in VDS #4. (Note: Published by Buyer Beware Comics, not Silber). Panic hits! A kid is bleeding profusely! The panic is a ruse and the panic subsides. Ever played with action figures, you will learn how action figures are determined as either lame or kind of lame. In the action figure story, you can compare it to the stock market crash when you learn a kid sells his comic books, GI Joes and Garbage Pail Kids for some silly plastic astronaut figurines. Hoping to get rich from these collectibles. In the story you will learn how Poison music is garbage compared to Metallica. With all of the crazy stories in here, the ultimate lesson you will learn is that it is no fun to poop in the bathtub while you are playing with your bath toys!

My thoughts about Silber Media Comics, if the Mayan Prophesy of 2012 is correct and the world is coming to an end, I wouldn't mind having some of these comics in my back pack, for my last reading enjoyment! Paul Dale Roberts, President, Jazma Online!
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Overview of Silber Media Comics
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