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 Helping Ghosts by Louis Charles

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PostSubject: Helping Ghosts by Louis Charles   Wed Jun 09, 2010 3:21 am

Helping Ghosts – A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits
From the Publisher of The Angels & Ghosts Website
Author: Louis Charles
Overviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Comments: Spectacular book! Louis reflects back to his early childhood in the beginning chapter, taking the reader to an Ohio countryside where he is in the midst of playfully sword fighting with a butterfly. The wings are ripped asunder by the sword. Louis is devastated by the act, that was done by accident. Louis takes the butterfly home, he is heartbroken for what he has done. With prayers, the wings regenerate and the butterfly flies off. Louis witnesses a miracle. After this miracle, Louis ponders the afterlife. Is there an afterlife? Louis’ spiritual awakening takes him on a quest through the corridors of the unknown. Louis talks about how our own Bible talks of ghosts. A good example is when Jesus is communicating with Moses and Elijah. Moses and Elijah were long deceased, but yet our Bible says Jesus is seen having a conversation with both of them! Throughout the history of man, there are records of disembodied spirits communicating with the living and Louis points these facts out to the readers. If you never believed in ghosts before, after reading this book, Louis places the cards on the table and leaves you with only one conclusion, that ghosts/spirits exist. Louis discusses ways of communicating with entities, like through the Frank Box, getting EVPs and fully discusses residual haunting activity. If you are learning to become a ghosthunter, I recommend this book highly. Louis goes on to tell you his investigative adventures into the unknown and the techniques he uses for ghosthunting. There are some great highlights about ghosts that reject going into the light and how you the ghosthunter can help these ghosts with various methods. Mary Ma of Esparto who is a fan of Louis’ website tells me that she wishes she had this book beforehand, when she encountered her own ghostly event. She tells me that when she moved into a home in Esparto, a psychic told her the house was haunted. The home was haunted by a woman who died of an illegal abortion and a little boy. She received information about the woman ghost from her neighbors, but they knew nothing about the little boy ghost. She would leave out candy for the little boy ghost and the candy would vanish mysteriously. The woman ghost went into Mary’s body and she was able to see the traumatic abortion that was performed on this woman. She could feel the intense pain. One night the woman ghost took over her vehicle while she was driving into the parking lot of Cache Creek Casino and made her crash into two vehicles. The little boy ghost somehow stopped the woman ghost from controlling the car and allowed Mary to regain control. Through the help of various spiritual cleansers, the woman ghost and the little boy ghost were driven out of Mary’s life. Mary tells me that the book Helping Ghosts is definitely a ‘must read’, because if she had this book during her ghostly experiences, she would have been able to deal with the ghosts in her life and have a better understanding on why they were haunting her.

Louis Charles is a pioneer in the science of understanding our spiritual friends. You will learn how to investigate, interact, communicate and help them. Helping Ghosts is a book that is riveting, spellbinding and will keep you on the edge-of-your-seat from page 1 to the last page! Helping Ghosts is a bible for all aspiring ghosthunters!
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Helping Ghosts by Louis Charles
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