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 Diary of an Alien Shapeshifter

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PostSubject: Diary of an Alien Shapeshifter   Tue Jun 15, 2010 12:46 am

Diary of an Alien Shapeshifter
By Analee Aurora

Foreword by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
When I first met Analee, I was dazzled by her brilliance, she seemed very cosmically aware of the universe around her. She gave me the impression that she stepped from one parallel universe to another. Below in her own words she explains her life as an alien shapeshifter.

"It's been difficult being an extra-terrestrial in a human body. When I was a child they took me on board the mothership from time to time, for company and commiseration, but after they found that this made it even more difficult for me to relate on 3D Earth ~ that in fact I displayed a real urge to fly away altogether ~ they quit doing that. In fact they grounded me for the duration: no further shapeshifting for me.

But that's because I'm already shifted, and shifted on a long-term basis at that.

I can just hear myself when our group on the home planet volunteered for this assignment: "Ah, that'll be a piece a' cake ~ no worries."

They warned me: "You'll be going to one of the darkest corners left in the universe. Very few of the inhabitants there even believe there are intelligent life-forms beyond their own ~ if theirs can be called intelligent, that is. This whole assignment's been generated because they haven't grown up enough to clean up the mess they make: they're actually about to destroy their own planet with pollutants of all sorts! Completely immersed in illusions of duality and conflict. Even communicate with words, still."

"What are words?" I asked, used to giving and receiving information in multi-sensory mental light-packages. My own ET body (presently tucked inside this one in a state of suspended plasmic manifestation) has a mouth which doesn't even work to make words: just a little hole with which to drink liquids and smoke, which is what passes for food with us.

The energy expended here around the act of eating never ceases to amaze me. I myself eat just one small meal each day in order to give this body a few calories to go along with the energy it gets from sunlight. I try to make the meal of something which doesn't kill its mother when harvested, like fruit or milk.

Give it a dawn of enlightenment or two and these folks will realize they can do the same; and even here those dawns do occur. At least they don't put their five-year-olds in factories any more or practice actual banishment of other humans from their (natch!) eating locations. Oh, and the basis for the banishment? Appreciate this: nothing more than the color of the particular human being's skin! What would they do if they ever had to relate to the denizens of a multiplanetary lounge?

So, yeah, presently there's a huge ritual around food here, even beyond the truly massive amounts of energy involved in maintaining the food chain itself, not to speak of the karma involved in killing other sentient beings and devouring them on a daily basis... Oh, my goodness: the gathering of seeds, the planting, the tending, the harvesting, the cooking, the eating, the cleaning up afterward ~ three times every day ! Then there are the expectations of others to eat along with one, the fine restaurants with their own ritual communion between waiters and customers, the tacky depressing fast food eateries... It all keeps me in constant amazement.

It's just difficult to function at all in this body ~ like I've been given deficient equipment. I'm always running into walls, inner and outer. It would have been easier had they programmed the memory of who I truly am into this ~ well, what passes for a brain ~ from birth, but no, they had to have the memory stream of humanity before the coming shift as closely as possible from the point of view of an actual human being, so as a result nobody got notified until they were in their thirties at least.

We all had to figure out this arcane system of social expectation by ourselves, and believe me it hasn't been an easy task. Simply having to use words to communicate makes things incredibly more difficult. Spoken language is in essence a dual system: stating a thing automatically excludes everything which that thing is not. How is one supposed to communicate whole concepts that way? The answer is: here, they don't deal in whole concepts at all, at least not yet; and not yet is when my assignment is so I'm, not to put too fine a point on it, screwed.

To make things worse, much of the time they're communicating something or other which has very little to do with the actual words they're speaking. Eighty percent of it has to be figured out from body language and tonal indicators! Then there's the ability to lie; a possibility I never even considered back home. Wouldn't work there, even if we found any sort of reason to try it.

Thank goodness they arranged to send the personalities of a couple of hundred volunteers along with me (the remainders of whose spirits are vacationing on the planets of their respective choices) with which to attempt to make myself acceptable with various different types of humans, as I have found that the average one will reject another for practically any little difference they can detect ~ and while they're slow on the uptake in most subjects they always seem to have their antennae out for this one. Hair, clothing (clothing! on the hottest of days!), facial paint or lack thereof, stance, sitting posture, expression, tonal shifts, gestures and especially vocabulary and verbal idiom count heavily in their nearly always negative judgment. So I can't actually, completely, shift, but I am, so to speak, malleable in the shape I've (man, did I not even know what I was getting into!) volunteered for.

Gathering information is very hard under the limitations of this mucous-cap brain they put on everyone here in order to maintain the illusions of duality ~ "the veil," some of their primitive psychics call it ~ pain, death, separation, loss, distance from the divine, etc. etc. I understand these natives all volunteered, themselves, to become humans in order to learn compassion, in the manner of actually doing math problems instead of just reading a text. From my point of view they should go out of here in prime condition for that one! I never imagined there could be a place in which so much compassion is needed that it appears to the inhabitants there isn't enough to go around (!)

Of course, if each one of them just cleaned up the karma on their own ground most all the problems would simply disappear.

I'll be so happy when I'm back home in a smoking circle with one of our number generating a multi-sensory movie, enriched by the inner reactive thoughts and feelings of everyone else in the circle!

Oh, well. Only a couple of years to go. It's not forever. Just feels like it..."


In Silkia's own words: "In July, 1999 we purchased a house in South Natomas, Sacramento The back yard had a swimming pool. One day I was alone and I decided to go into the pool. I was practicing floating cause I really didn't know how to swim. I was feeling confident and decided to go a little deeper level, all of a sudden I felt something grab one my feet.

It was a force that was trying to drag me down. I started screaming but there was no one around. I thought for sure that I was going to drown. "Let go of me", I yelled. Then I started to chant, "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo", loudly many times. All of a sudden, the force let go of my foot. I quickly got out of the pool and ran inside the house scared to death. I never went into that pool alone again.
A few weeks later, I invited to dinner the previous owner of the house. I told her my experience in the pool. Her face turned pale. She then told me that she too had the same experience of a force grabbing her while she was swimming alone and almost drowned. She decided to sell the house. She also mentioned to me that her love relationships went bad.

There was no such thing as happiness in that house. Three months in that house and my husband I fought all the time. Twice he almost choked me. Once while we were sleeping in the middle of the night he had his hands on my neck choking me. I started screaming and he woke up not aware of what had just happened. The another time in the middle of a fight he totally lost it and some force took control of him and he started to choke me. I moved out and divorced him.
I totally believe that house is haunted."
Silkia Aponte

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International)
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Diary of an Alien Shapeshifter
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