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 The Night Glider (A Shapeshifter's Story)

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PostSubject: The Night Glider (A Shapeshifter's Story)   Thu Jun 17, 2010 6:06 pm

The Night Glider (A Shapeshifter's Story)
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

This is an email I recently received, there were many spelling mistakes and grammar errors. Some sentences were incoherent and I placed sentences in a proper format for better comprehension:

Hi Paul, I saw your message on Facebook and I see you are looking for a shapeshifter to talk to. Well, I am a shapeshifter. I am over half Chinook Indian. My great, great, great grandfather was an Indian Shaman and he practiced the mystical arts.

I believe my great, great, great grandfather's name was Oji-May. Oji-May learned the art of shapeshifting and bonded with the Townsend's Big-Eared Bat. Legend has it that he transformed to a bat many times over. He would fly over his tribe, to assure safety amongst his people.

Once when 3 intruders were detected, he swooped down and scared them away. He became a hero amongst his tribe. I now feel the same ability of transforming has been passed onto me. On 3 different occasions, I had visions of transforming into a large brown bat, I think my visions are set in reality. I believe that I actually did transform in this large bat. Let me explain why.

The first two dreams, I am surveying the city in which I live. I live in Seattle, Washington. The third dream, I saw a man attacking a woman in a dark alley, I swooped down and clawed one of his eyes. He screamed in agony, the girl ran out of the alley. I watched the man as he got into his car, holding his eye and drove away. There was blood everywhere.

I now ponder if these dreams, these visions are real. On my bed I found 6 dead moths, I believe this is the food for the bat. I have no explanation on how these dead moths were in my bed.

In my dream, when I transform, my arms become wings, hair shoots out from every pore of my skin. There is pain from my teeth as they become more sharpened and pointed. I leap out of my 2nd floor bedroom window into the night sky.

I wonder if I am losing my mind? I know there is nothing that you can do to help me with my reality or delusions, but I hope to get my story out. Perhaps there are others like me and if there are, I pray they will survive this curse, this nightmare. I pray that my abilities will never harm a peaceful citizen.

Here is my story, do with it what you will.

The Night Glider.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
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The Night Glider (A Shapeshifter's Story)
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