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 Secrets of Death Valley

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PostSubject: Secrets of Death Valley   Fri Jun 18, 2010 4:12 pm

Name: Secrets of Death Valley
Mysteries and Haunts of the Mojave Desert
Publisher: Global Communications
Edited by Timothy Green Beckley
Price: $24.00 – Shipping $13.00 extra
Shipped with an extra: Conspiracy Journal $3.00 Value
Credit Card Hotline: 732 602 3407
Overviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts, President – Jazma Online – General Manager of
Comments: There are many mysteries of Death Valley and this book explores all of them, from Charles Manson’s clan at Spahn Ranch, a ghost of a rock musician that haunts the only motel in the town of Joshua Tree, UFOs seen in the night skies, an albino Bigfoot, a teleporting leprechaun, etc. Explore the native American petroglyphs and see what stories may unfold. Get a full insight of the mysterious Giant Rock and why so many people gravitate towards this mysterious rock marvel. Many contactees flock to this incredible desert and communicate with the desert gods of the heavens above. The Mojave Desert is rich with history and besides all of the tales of mysterious creatures, UFOs, there are also many, many stories of ghosts that haunt this forbidden and sometimes seen as forsaken land. You will learn about the White Horse Ghost of Vallecito, The Phantom Stage at Carrizo, the Ghost Lights of Borrego, a ghostly 8-Foot Skeleton, Ghost Dancers at Yaqui Well and more. You will be tantalized with information about a phantom Spanish galleon buried somewhere at the Salton Sea. If you think a phantom Spanish galleon is mysterious, how about if Timothy throws in lost Viking ships in the desert sands? Meet strange characters like Butcherknife Ike or spectacular finds of 9 foot giant skeletons, was there an ancient civilization once at the Mojave Desert? You get ghost tales of Bodie! Let me entice you some more, how about information about a strange alien artifact discovered in the desert? Okay, you think you know everything you wanted to know about the Mojave Desert? I don’t think so, there are ghostly camels in the Mojave Desert and not to forget those mysterious moving rocks and those pesky cold spots that ghosthunters have felt at the Amargosa Opera House! This book is a wealth of paranormal information about the Mojave Desert!

After reading Secrets of Death Valley, your jaw will be agape in astonishment and awe! This book will make you see your travel agent for the next flight out to Death Valley! I couldn’t get enough of this book, incredibly hard to put down and when I found myself reading the book into the wee hours of the night, I had every light on in my house! Some parts of this book will bring you chills and shivers, but your curious mind will tell you to keep on, to the very end! Standing ovation to Timothy Green Beckley for a brilliant collection of desert stories!
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Secrets of Death Valley
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