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 Spine Tingling Haunting in Loomis

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PostSubject: Spine Tingling Haunting in Loomis   Sun Jun 27, 2010 5:41 pm

Spine Tingling Haunting in Loomis
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Disclaimer: I have not had a wink of sleep as I write this. Up all Saturday night into the wee Sunday morning hours, it is now 12:44 PM Sunday and still working on this article. If there are any errors to this article, I will follow-up with the corrections in my next article. Many of my faithful readers are anxious to see what occurred on this investigation and I am here to oblige you. After one Rockstar, one Monster energy drink, one Red Bull, lots of black coffee and one frappachino, here is that story!

June 26, 2010, Saturday 2000 Hours: Case File: Loomis. Before I get into this story, I got a message on Facebook in regard to this investigation, the message was: "Hey homes, read your message about your investigation in Loomis. Homes, be careful. I desecrated an Indian grave in Arizona and was cursed afterwards. All I did was pour my beer over the grave. I live in East LA and was celebrating with my homies and I saw a ghost at the block party, it was an American Indian with a wolf head-dress on, he stared at me, then he pointed at me. He then vanished and right afterward I was shot by a rival gang member. I am now a paraplegic and I wish I never desecrated that grave. I ask you to tread lightly brother. The incident happened to me on the 5th of May.

Comment from Paul: Thank you Jesus for this message. We do plan to tread lightly and we have 3 Native American Indians that will assist us in cleansing this property. The 5th of May is Cinco de Mayo and I will use the song ‘Cinco de Mayo’ by War as the theme song for this investigation. You can hear that song here:

There will be many investigators here, since we have 22 acres of property to explore. The areas are broken down to:
Area 1: Baughman Ranch/Home – banging heard inside home, lights turn off and on. Sometimes they hear someone walking through the door area.
Area 2: Loft End Barn – EVP captured, strange lights have been seen there.
Area 3: Cow Barn – Strange lights seen.
Area 4: Forbidden House – Strange sounds are heard. Music, chanting and drums heard.
Area 5: Wells Fargo Stop – Oz effect is felt. Things become surreal. Cars driving by, there is no sound, it’s almost like you walked into a time warp.

HPI Paranormal Investigators/Participants Roll Call: Michelle Fontana – Nicole Fontana – Chowtah Indian Cleansers; Central Valley Paranormal Searchers: Kim Phillips / Crystal Scudder / Amber Williams / Rebecca Hunter / Becky Smallwood / Kris Ragasa / Lisa Gottschalk / Marie Oswood / Sherry Anderson / James Paris / Thea Pompey / Anthony Ruiz / Chris Williett / Joey Simeao / End of Central Valley Paranormal Searchers; John Shue – Videographer; Waterline Entertainment: Geoff Foley / Matthew Clark / John Bender / Chantell Bender / End of Waterline Entertainment; Kendall Tobe – Waterline Entertainment; Raven Backrak – Solitary Wiccan Practitioner; Deborah and James Baughman – Occupants / Lincoln Paranormal Investigators; Angel Kesti; Karon McDonald - Apache Indian Cleanser-in-Training; Kayde Roach; Carmela Roman; Gary and Julie Matta; EnVision: Donna Jackson – Senior Lead Investigator/ Connie Brenner / Lynn Combs – End of EnVision; Walter Recino; Jose Cortes, Karina Martinez and Kassandra Esquivel, Jennifer Newell – Senior Lead Investigator – Psychic.

HPI Laurie Rutledge discovered the following information: A drug dealer and his common-in-law wife were executed near the property by a South American cartel called the Organization; the house was built in 1959, Loomis was once called Secret Diggins; Loomis was named after Railroad Agent/Postmaster James ‘Jim’ Loomis. During the Loomis floods Native American bones started popping up on various Loomis properties. More information can be discovered at Laurie’s link below.

Here is my fast briefing. The house was built on a Native American burial ground. There are 22 acres of land here. There are an assortment of farm animals and 2 ponds on the property. The occupants feel the home is cursed, they have gotten sick numerous times, and 12 animals have mysteriously died for no apparent reason. There is a cemetery plot on the property.

I broke up the teams into 5 separate teams. Lead Investigators identified are: Kimberly Phillips, Crystal Scudder, Sherry Anderson, Gary Matta, Julie Matta. Kimberly Phillips is in charge of Team Spirit. Crystal Scudder is in charge of Team Loomis Task Force. Sherry Anderson is in charge of Team White Dove. Gary Matta is in charge of Team Zebra Foxtrot. Julie Matta is in charge of Team Miwok. The five teams are placed at the 5 locations that I identified with the most activity: Cow Barn, Baughman Ranch, Loft End Barn, Wells Fargo Stop and Forbidden House.

All 5 team leaders are equipped with walkie talkies. We set up the walkie talkies to Channel 7 and they will be communicating with Geoff Foley of Waterline Entertainment. Waterline will get their cameras to the location to film any paranormal activity that may be occurring.

Equipment being Used: walkie talkies, video cameras, 4 screen monitor, stationary video cameras, digital audio recorders, digital cameras, Toshiba laptop, temperature gauges, ghost radar, EMF Readers, Frank Box.

For the Hungry Crew: We had a potluck with an assortment of finger foods, chicken, vegetables, chips, cold cuts, dips, sodas, bottled water.

Team 1 captured EVP that said ‘yeah’. Location: Well’s Fargo Stop.
Team 2 hears unknown whistling sound. They knocked 3 times on the wall and received 3 knocks back. They witness a light sliver moving, and then saw a moving black mass. The team hears a giggle. Location: Loft End Barn.
Team 3 – cameras not working, batteries drained. Orb photos taken. In daughter’s room, EVP of girl saying ‘ahhhhhh’. Location: House
Team 4 – EVP of a child voice. Location: Forbidden House.
Team 5 – Orb photos. Location: Cow Barn.

Walter Recino witnesses UFO. Red star object moves across the sky and vanishes. Walter and some of the investigators hear distant Native America sounding drum beating. Walter and investigators hear wood on wood knockings. 3 knocks in the distance with 3 knocks heard nearby. Note: Bigfoot is known to communicate by wood on wood knocking.
Team 1: Crystal using Ghost Radar picks up on the name Nancy. Her team captures EVP of an inaudible whisper.
Team 2: Hear man’s voice (inaudible). One of the investigators falls into a trance.
Team 3: Problems with camera flash. Photo of designer orb that is 2 feet across.
Team 4: Demon face caught on camera, sitting next to Angel Kesti to her right. Note: Later this photo was debunked by Julie Matta as a shadow. The team captures 4 EVPs, it’s a girl’s voice (inaudible).
Team 5: Picture taken of investigators, when looking at the picture, the investigators are not in the photo. Orb pictures taken.

Angel Kesti captures EVP on her video camera, she plays it back. It’s a man’s voice and it sounds very frightening. Investigators hear the EVP and are chilled by the sound of the EVP. John Shue says he felt an entity grab his ankle. Jennifer Newell – Psychic picks up on white male entity that hangs out in the home’s bathroom and enjoys watching Deborah Baughman (occupant) in the restroom. Jennifer also picks up on a shadowy crouching figure in the Cow Barn.

SPECIAL NOTE: Orbs, love them or you hate them. Unless we can prove the orb has intelligent movement, I cannot deem an orb as paranormal. If you command the orb to sit on your lap and you capture the orb hovering over your lap via video, you can say that orb showed intelligent movement.

In the house, 3 EVPs captured, Class A EVP saying Amber, little girl voice EVP inaudible. 3rd EVP that says ‘get off’. Team 4 acquired all of the EVPs in the home.

I heard and 2 other investigators heard Native Indian men chanting, sounded like a war chant, it was audible to our ears.

Some investigators were touched, felt cold spots, heard knockings and heard scratching in the barn area.
Team 1 no activity.
Team 2 saw strange lights.
Team 3 hears audibly a female voice.
Team 4: In the master bedroom, investigator feels nauseated and had a hard time breathing.
Team 5: No activity – Well’s Fargo Stop.

Team 1 at the Forbidden House, psychic feels something buried there. No concrete evidence.
Team 2 captures nothing.
Team 3 captures EVP of a girl saying Becky.
Team 4 captures orbs on photos.
Team 5, the investigators felt hot spots and had to leave. One investigator felt something behind her and takes picture and captures designer orb.

The last part of the investigation was a free-for-all, the investigators were able to go wherever they want. This is what happened. At the Forbidden House, investigators saw shadow movements, 3 shadow people moving fast, a shadow person with a farm worker hat or possibly a brim hat. The 3 investigators all saw the shadow people and also felt pushing. They saw 3 shadow people moving across the road and the cows started acting funny.

Team 1 received some K2 meter hits when questions were asked.
Team 2 were the investigators that witnessed the shadow people.
Team 3 – no activity, but did find a deer carcass.
Team 4: Strange shadow photos, cold spots felt, mysterious rock thrown.

CONCLUSION: With all of the EVPs that were gathered and all of the multiple witnesses to various paranormal events, I have to deem this property as haunted. Other notes to this investigation is that Walter Recino gets a call from his girlfriend. His girlfriend is sitting next to him, she didn't dial his number, but his cell says it was her that called. His ring tone is a scary voice that says: I See You! Psychic picks up on a little girl with a bloody face. Jennifer Newell picks up on all kinds of activity and I will let her explain that in her own words in my next article.

Michelle Fontana – Lead Native American Cleanser with Nicole Fontana and Karon McDonald observing explained the cleansing process to the occupants. Michelle and Nicole are sisters and are of the Choctaw Indian Tribe and Karon McDonald is ½ Apache. The cleansing is Native American Indian in origin.
To watch videos of HPI Investigations, go to the Waterline link above. Other links to Waterline are below:

Pictures from this Investigation can be found here (more to come):

Jennifer Newell, Donna Jackson.



This is a shout out in appreciation of the HPI Editor Team that was created to edit my articles for the upcoming book: HPI Chronicles! The members are: Shannon McCabe - Finalizer/Coordinator; Julie Matta - Lead Editor; Teresa Williams - Editor; Angel Wolpert - Editor and Donna Jackson - Editor! Thank you to this incredible Dream Team for pitching in and helping get this book out!

Margaret Abbott

Sharon Diane Roberts
Director Of Events & Marketing

John Shue's article about the Citrus Heights investigation:
Steve Roland's photos of Citrus Heights Investigation

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International)
Citrus Heights Investigation Video Part 1 by John Shue
Citrus Heights Investigation Video Part 2 by John Shue
Cellular Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI
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Spine Tingling Haunting in Loomis
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