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 Demonic Activity in Parts Unknown!

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PostSubject: Demonic Activity in Parts Unknown!   Sat Jul 03, 2010 10:18 pm

Demonic Activity in Parts Unknown!
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior -

July 2, 2010, Friday: Tonight my HPI Investigators must get into the warrior mode. The home we will investigate in 'parts unknown' is teaming with demonic activity, so says the occupants. The occupants tell me a consistent story, a story that deals with shadows being seen throughout the house - darting here and there. Facial imprints are seen in the sheets and even on the carpet. Occupants find scratch marks on their bodies. Disembodied voices whisper 'Diablo' or '1 of 6'. Growling is sometimes heard. Faces appear at the backyard window. A vortex is felt near one of the windows. The family is terrorized. The family must make phone calls from the church if they are discussing the demons in their home. Their demons are listening and reacting negatively. This family is terrorized and they need help. They need help from the HPI team! Tonight is the night! Let's do this thing!

All I want from this family is that they will have peace and harmony again in their family unit. I ask that they sleep well in the nights to come. I pray that they will have 'sweet dreams'. The theme song for this article is Sweet Dreams by Beyonce and you can hear that song here:


HPI Investigators present for this investigation: Paul Dale Roberts – HPI General Manager; Sherry Andersen – CVParanormal; John Shue – Videographer; Eileen Boettcher – Pacific Paranormal Development; Geoff Foley – Project Paranormal; Matt Clark – Project Paranormal; Karon McDonald – Apache Native American Indian Cleanser-in-Training; Tiffany Gonzales –Senior Lead Investigator; Steve and Jennifer Roland; Angel Kesti; Christina Alvarez; Cristina Gutierrez; Stacey Calvino; Ashley Calvino; Mandy Lewis – Senior Lead Investigator and Staci Butler – Senior Lead Investigator - Parapsychologist – Twitter Account Manager.

Absent: Deborah & James Baughman, Senior Lead Investigator/Psychic Jennifer Newell, Raven Backrak - Wiccan Spiritualist, Tammi Straling - Case Manager, Chantal Apodaca - Senior Lead Investigator.

Instantly some of my investigators that have sensitive / psychic / empath abilities picked up on some odd happenings and personal experiences, I am going to let them explain it themselves in their own words:

Tiffany Gonzales: The first bedroom Eileen and I went into our hearts started pounding, we felt cold chills and were drawn to the corner of the bedroom by the window. That is the corner Mike said he was told the vortex was. I do see things and I saw silver sparks above Mike’s head and it felt to me like it was protecting him. I have also been seeing little lights shooting around the room.

Stacey Calvino: I was on the team that went into the back yard… shortly after going out I started getting a bad headache all the way across my forehead.. I started getting sick to my stomach and feeling fuzzy in the head. I had to go into the house and sit to see if I could feel better. As I sat my heart was racing and I wasn’t able to get it to settle down. It has been at least 30 minutes and I am not able to get the feeling to go away.

Ashley Calvino: When I was sitting in the front room and the woman behind me was talking, the bottom of my feet started to feel funny like they were vibrating. Then my heart started to race as if I was running, but I was just sitting still. It took my breath away and made me feel panicky. I could almost cry. I really wanted to touch the woman sitting to my right, it felt like she could help me breathe. I felt nauseous and just kept breathing slowly until my heart slowed down. I kept feeling a little dizzy.

There are 3 areas to investigate. The first floor, 2nd floor and backyard. John captures a strange green light anomaly in his photograph, picture was taken in the backyard. Staci and Mandy deducted that there are many reflective surfaces on the furniture and items in the house that may be causing light anomalies that are seen by the occupants. Geoff detects high EMF readings in the kitchen area. Karon said she was slapped on the 2nd floor and 3 investigators witnessed red welt marks on her face. Some of the investigators on the 2nd floor felt hot pressing on their shoulders and back. They said it felt like a heating pad on their shoulders. Karon later got nauseated and vomited. On Angel’s monitor investigators saw strange sparks. One of the investigators said they thought they saw what appeared to be a glowing eye on the bed. No EVPs captured. First investigative session was inconclusive for evidence.

Strange face photo was taken, debunked as reflection obstruction from an item in the house. Angel has video running in master bedroom, Venetia blinds start rattling on their own and video captures Class A EVP of a man saying ‘hello’. Every male in this investigation was not around to say ‘hello’. Angel says she was in the room by herself and did not hear the ‘hello’. She had no explanation why the Venetia blinds were rattling by themselves. I tested the ceiling fan and the ceiling fan would not make the Venetia blinds rattle. I have no explanation on why the Venetia blinds were rattling or how the male voice EVP saying hello manifested. My conclusion for the Venetia blinds rattling and the Class A EVP that says ‘hello’ is most likely paranormal, I was not able to debunk the EVP or the Venetia blinds rattling. The occupants stated that when the Venetia blinds start rattling, this means the entity or entities have entered the room. The hello EVP was captured after the Venetia blinds rattled.

Tonight there will be 3 investigative sessions, 45 minutes each. After each investigation, there will be an evidence briefing. Included are breaks for snacking, using restrooms, social interaction, etc.

Equipment being used: K2 meters, EMF readers, video cameras, digital audio recorders, Toshiba laptop, digital cameras, Frank Box, Ghost Radar, temperature gauges, walkie talkies, monitor.

No results, no EVPs, no anomalies in our videos or photographs. Two personal experiences. Staci became nauseated and Tiffany felt someone touch the back of her leg.

Staci Butler performed a cleansing ritual using holy water. Afterwards, I did a Catholic Blessing. The occupants took my advice before the investigation and purchased religious relics, placed the relics into holy water and said a prayer for each relic. They in turn took the relics and placed them at strategic locations of the home. Places of entry like doorways and windows. The relics will bring a positive force into the home to combat the negative force. They said that when they placed the relics around their home, they were able to get a good night's sleep, but it appears the relics may only be a temporary fix. Hopefully the cleansing that Staci and I provided will have a more permanent foundation.


The Playground Mother - A Ghost Story by Analee Aurora, see link:

The Denise Steed Story:
Denise feels she may be a psychic. She remembers in the Summer of 2002, seeing a woman floating across the grass in Pine Grove. This woman was wearing a white dress, had her hair in a bun, brown eyes, brown hair. Denise looked away for a half a minute and looked back and the lady vanished.

Another experience she had is that her son told her his friend was playing with a Ouija Board and brought into their lives a red eyed demon. Denise using sage, sea salt, white candle, holy water and saying some prayers dispelled the demon from their home. Denise would like to consult any psychic to find out if she truly has some kind of psychic ability. You can contact her at:

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The Facebook site (for your FB friends), is!/pages/The-Legends-of-Nethiah/249122841810?ref=ts
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Thanks again!
All the best,

Fear and Loathing in Loomis by John Shue

Sherry Andersen Photos from Loomis Investigation:
"Here is a link to my photos from the Loomis investigation.; Great investigation as always, Thanks so much Paul!"

Kimberly Phillips Photos from Loomis Investigation:

A Shout Out to Leticia Padilla - loved all of your paranormal questions! I hope you liked my answers!

Hi Paul,
Here is a link to the album with the photos from last night.
Nothing really to report except for a face in the carpet in the upstairs bath and 3 times while in the backyard, the flash didn't illuminate like it should have. It's weird because you can see the flash reflecting back from the window but the house is dark. Compare those photos with the others before and after. The flash in the window doesn't change. Weird
Thanks for inviting me. See you again soon. Have a great 4th!
Sherry Andersen
Central Valley Paranormal Searchers

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International)
HPI Halloween Vampire Ball, info found above:
Loomis Investigation Video Part 1 by John Shue
Citrus Heights Investigation Video Part 1 by John Shue
Citrus Heights Investigation Video Part 2 by John Shue
Cellular Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

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Demonic Activity in Parts Unknown!
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