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 Jeani Rector, Editor of The Horror Zine

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PostSubject: Jeani Rector, Editor of The Horror Zine   Sat Jul 24, 2010 8:59 pm

Interview with Jeani Rector, Editor of The Horror Zine
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Interview Conducted at: Coffee Garden – Franklin Blvd, Sacramento.
Date: July 24, 2010
Time for Interview: 11:00 Hours
Photos Taken at: William Land Park

To see more pictures of Jeani Rector, go to this link:

Question: Jeani, can you please tell me something personal about yourself? Your hobbies, recreational activities, maybe schools that you went to, family life?

Answer: Wow, how many questions is that in one sentence? #61514; My hobbies include hiking, I love to get moving. Since I spend so much time in front of a computer, it’s nice to visit the real world once in a while. Let’s see….schools? I took Accounting in college; yep, that’s right, Accounting. Fortunately for all of us, numbers bore me to tears. Words are so much more interesting.

Question: Before we talk about The Horror Zine, is it true you have pinball machines in your home and is it also true that you are a Trekkie?

Answer: Oh how funny. I am not a Trekkie, I am a Spock-ie. I love Mr. Spock. I have always thought that smart is sexy. And the pinball machine in my house is an X-Files, and the arcade is Jurassic Park….and a slot machine….all in my dining room. The only thing missing in my dining room is a table because there is no room. But if I wanted mundane things in my life like tables, I would have been an Accountant…LOL!

Question: Now please tell me about The Horror Zine? What is this Horror Zine all about?

Answer: It occurred to me that when the economic downturn happened, a lot of online zines were going defunct. For struggling writers, these zines were important in their steps to establish themselves as recognized talents in the literary world. So, I decided to take action, go against the trend, and start a new zine while others were ending.

And then I thought: Why limit it to writers? Why not include poets and artists as well?

I will give you an exclusive for this interview that no one else knows about in regards to the Horror Zine. And that is why I named it what it is. When I first started the zine, I had no idea how successful it would become, almost overnight. So here is the funny truth: I named it words that I figured people would use a lot on search engines like Google. Words like horror and zine would be used a lot for searches. So, I figured that people would accidentally stumble upon my zine and thus find out about it if I used those words in the title.

I had no idea that just a year after starting The Horror Zine, it would become so successful that everyone already knows about it and seeks it out. There is nothing accidental about it! The funny thing is, I could have named it anything and the end result would have been the same.

By the way, the word zine is pronounced ZEEN. It is short for magazine.

Question: You have been writing for a long time, can you talk about your book Around the Dark Corner, published by Graveyard Press?

Answer: I am proud of Around a Dark Corner. It contains some of my best work. Where else can you find stories about the bubonic plague in 1348 England from the perspective of someone who lived through it, a true story about a plane crash and someone who actually survived it, all about the importance of maggots in human decomposition (all in the same book), and hey Paul, there’s even a ghost story novella that’s right up your alley!

Question: How did you become such a fan on horror and science fiction?

Answer: When I was a little girl, I used to stay up on Saturday nights in front of the TV and watch Bob Wilkens’ Creature Features here in Sacramento on Channel 3. You have heard of B-Movies, well, I think Bob showed Z-Movies! But I was hooked. From there, I worked my way up to Stephen King books and the rest is history.

Question: What is your goal with the Horror Zine?

Answer: The mission of The Horror Zine is to support struggling writers, poets, and artists. Not all of our contributors are struggling, however. The Horror Zine has had the privilege to display such “masters of the macabre” as Ramsey Campbell, Graham Masterton, Bentley Little, Joe R. Lansdale, Ed Gorman, Piers Anthony, Tom Piccirilli, Deborah LeBlanc, Melanie Tem, Elizabeth Massie, Stephen Gallagher (of Doctor Who fame), and many more.

The Horror Zine is not just about horror. We want mystery, suspense, atmosphere, and Hitchcock-type twists. We don’t want slasher, erotica, gore for gore’s sake, and no harming of children. We do want good plots and good character development for our stories; feelings of depth and emotion for our poetry, and artwork that stimulates a desire to admire and study the individual pieces. Our standards are extremely high. If you get accepted into The Horror Zine, then you know that you are one of the top talents in the world.

Question: You have a huge fan base, where is most of your fan base located at?

Answer: The Horror Zine is international, but based in Sacramento California, where I live. Although half of our fans are from the United States, many are from England. And our artists come from all over. We have had artists from Italy, Germany, Poland, and France. The Horror Zine knows no borders.

Question: Jeani, I love The Horror Zine! Congratulations! Now tell me, how can people contact you? Do you have an email address, website address…are you on Facebook?

Answer: By all means, contact me! The website is and you can email me personally at I am on Facebook, be my friend!

Question: What is your favorite song?

Answer: Well, I just bought Steve Miller’s new CD “Bingo”. Haven’t listened to it yet, but I have faith in the Steve Miller Band; I’ve been told that this one is more like his old stuff. I like classic rock but I also like modern alternative, like Death Cab for Cutie “Soul Meets Body.”

Question: What are your favorite movies, TV shows, cartoons and books?

Answer: A lot of my favorite movies are ones no one has heard of. I’ll name some: The Lady in White, The Changeling (the one with George C. Scott), Phantasm I (a classic!), The Others (Nichole Kidman), and the mini series The Stand (so much like the book!) My favorite TV show was, of course, Six Feet Under. I don’t watch cartoons. My favorite books are (there are so many) are The Bottoms by Joe R. Lansdale, The Stand by Stephen King, Spangle by Gary Jennings, and lots of non-fiction, including The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan.

Question: What places do you like to frequent in Sacramento?

Answer: I love going to the State Capitol Building, especially the surrounding gardens. To eat casually, I like Joe’s Crab Shack in Old Sacramento. Another casual lunch spot is Fortune House on Broadway and Tower Café, also on Broadway. My favorite movie house is, of course, IMAX on K Street.

Question: What was the coolest place you ever went to and why?

Answer: This one’s easy. The Mutter Museum in Philadelphia. It is the Museum of Scientific Oddities. In fact, I did a Morbidly Fascinating Page on The Mutter Museum in the December 2009 issue of The Horror Zine, that is how impressed I was.

Paul: Jeani, thank you for this wonderful interview!

Jeani: Thank you for your time!

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Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International)
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Jeani Rector, Editor of The Horror Zine
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