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 Mauston, Wisconsin UFO Sighting

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PostSubject: Mauston, Wisconsin UFO Sighting   Thu Jul 29, 2010 9:35 pm


This is a recent UFO report I received. This is how the telephone conversation went down on July 22, 2010 at 1900 Hours.

X-Files Ringtone.

Paul: Hello?

Joey & Gilbert on Speaker Phone: My name is Joey and I have my friend Gilbert on speaker phone. We want to report a UFO sighting.

Paul: When did this happen and where did it happen?

Joey: It happened in Mauston, Wisconsin on March 12, 2010.

Paul: What time was the sighting?

Joey: 3 o'clock.

Paul: Afternoon?

Gilbert: No, in the night.

Paul: You mean 3am?

Gilbert. Yup.

Paul: Why were you up so late, did you two do some drinking?

Joey: Sure, a couple of beers, but we know what we saw.

Paul: Okay, give me a blow by blow.

Joey: We were cruising down Tremont Street, singing in the car.

Paul: Sorry to interrupt, just out of curiosity what were you two listening to?

Gilbert: James Brown.

Paul: You guys are James Brown fans?

Gilbert: Yup, we were listening to Say it Loud, I'm Black and am Proud.

Paul: (Laughter). I am a big James Brown fan too. You two sounded like country boys, I thought you two would say something like The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

Joey: (Laughter). We are country boys, blue eyes, blonde hair, but we know good music!

Paul: Okay, sorry, I got off track. Go ahead, you were traveling down Tremont Street, what did you see?

Joey: It was a slow moving, soundless yellow globe shaped object with a flashing green/blue light on top of the globe. We were able to follow it and then it hovered over the Hatch Public Library and all of a sudden it emitted some kind of huge light beam on the library!

Paul: Like it was scanning the library?

Joey: I guess so.

Paul: How long was the scan for?

Joey: Maybe about 8 minutes. It just hovered over the library and the beam completely covered the library in an eerie glow. It was so damn weird.

Paul: I wonder what type of information they may be scanning for or were they scanning all the books in that library. How interesting.

Gilbert: After the light flashed out, another light, it was a direct blue light hit our car. The whole car shook. The car actually felt like it was 4 wheels off the ground, perhaps 2 inches off the ground and came back down with a big thud and the car shook again. I was scared shxtless!

Paul: Then what happened?

Gilbert: The light from the UFO seemed to get bigger 3 times and back to it's regular size 3 times, then it finally shot away in a blink of an eye, it was gone. Poof! Vanished. It's the most incredible thing we have ever seen. I still get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Paul: Have you seen the UFO again at any time..or anyone else for that matter?

Gilbert: Nah. Haven't seen it and I think we may be the only good ol' boys that saw it that night.

Paul: I need to know what kind of books are kept at that library. Let me try and research that out. Is there anything else you two want to add?

Joey & Gilbert: No.

Paul: Is this your first UFO incident?

Joey & Gilbert: Yes.

Paul: Okay, well, thank you for the report, keep in touch.

Joey: Okay bud, nice talking with you.

Click. Phone conversation over.

The UFO Interview with Teresa & Patty

July 27, 2010 Tuesday: Today interviewed 2 of my HPI Paranormal Investigators: Patty Zloczewski and Teresa Williams. Patty tells me that on New Yearís Eve 2010, that she and her son witnessed 2 UFOs hovering practically over their backyard! The UFOs were shaped like bike helmets and glowed. She believes they were stationary lights that were attached to a solid black object. They were hovering in a tilted position. They powered up and zipped away in separate directions. They made no noise. What is also incredible is that they captured it on video and Patty was too happy to show me her own personal video of the UFOs. Incredible footage!

Patty also tells me that the Woodland Cat Creature stalked the town of Woodland a mere 3 years ago. The citizens of Woodland were in a panic and would lock their doors at night. The Woodland Cat Creature was known to attack local chickens and eat them. The Woodland Cat Creature was a large catlike creature that would actually at times walk bipedal.

Teresa Williams tells me that we will have an investigation on September 4, 2010, Saturday to Top of the World. Top of the World is located in Vacaville. From this high point on a mountain you are able to see Woodland, Davis, Fairfield, Martinez, Concord and San Francisco. There are huge cell phone towers located at Top of the World. On a nightly basis UFOs are constantly seen at this location. UFOs with different colored lights, solid red colored UFOs with very strange zig zag flight patterns. You can watch the UFOs power up and disappear. They will also hover and zoom off. At times people observing these UFOs feel like they are being watched. Also, there is a story of witnesses seeing flying monkey type of creatures at Top of the World! I believe itís time to investigate! Food for thought, could the cell phone towers be a source of power for these UFOs? Teresa is familiar with this area and will be the lead investigator!

Note: Patty Zloczewski is the author of Ghost by Theresa Williams is the author of Ghosts and How to Find Them by Publish America.

Paul Dale Roberts, The Sultan of the Supernatural
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International)
HPI Halloween Vampire Ball, info found above:
Autism: Third Eye to the Paranormal VIDEO is now up. See the investigation at the link above^.
Cellular Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

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Mauston, Wisconsin UFO Sighting
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