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 Black Moon Manor

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PostSubject: Black Moon Manor   Sat Jul 31, 2010 3:30 pm

Black Moon Manor
By Teresa Williams, HPI Paranormal Investigator
Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

July 9, 2010 was a great experience at the Black Moon Manor in Greenfield, Indiana. I’ve never been to Indiana before, and was very glad I had the opportunity to go.
Matt Speck and Jennifer are the perfect hosts for this investigation. They are very nice people who were skeptics before buying this place. They had their own experiences that would scare anyone out of restoring the place. Jennifer was scratched after a person visiting had been provoking the spirits there. She still has scars on her lower back to prove it. Matt had one time been pushed going up the stairs. They have had water bottle caps thrown at them, pennies also have been thrown at people. When you enter the mansion, you instantly feel the change in the air around you, and you feel you are not alone. You instantly feel tired and drained.
We arrived at the property at 7:00 pm. We were supposed to meet Matt and Jennifer at 6:00 pm, but we hadn’t counted on the fact of the time zone being an hour earlier, and they were so kind to understand our confusion. That left us an hour less of set up time, but we managed.
They gave us a tour of the mansion, and the cemetery, and the barn. The place had to have been gorgeous in it’s day. We discovered during the tour that it was a small pox hospital in the 1800’s over 200 people were brought there to die (mostly children). The home had no power to it, so we knew any readings couldn’t be false. The nearest residence was on the other side of a corn field that was quite far away from the location. Larry Eissler had begun setting up the equipment while I started to barbeque some hotdogs. Matt and Jennifer joined us and we sat and ate while they shared experiences and we shared some of ours. It was a great time.
While we were waiting to start, and working out the equipment issues, Larry started getting the feeling that someone was in the doorway of the home. When he took a picture of the doorway, He caught an incredible photo of a woman standing outside of the doorway looking at him. It gave us all a creepy feeling. Now it was harder to wait for the rest of the team!
We had waited long enough, and as we began, we were having equipment issues on everything electronic you could think of. We resolved the issues thanks to Larry and his knowledge of the equipment! While we waited for the rest of the investigators to arrive, we started to try to get EVP’s from the upstairs of the mansion. This house was creepy! We loved it! We had been about 40 minutes into the investigation when we were in the north bedroom, I had mentioned the names of the girl and the woman who were said to still be in the home, I asked “Martha or Caroline, if you are here, can you give us a sign”? Then a moment later, BANG! Right under the feet of Larry Eissler, who was doing the filming. It made him jump so high I thought he had a hang time of 15 seconds!
When the other members arrived at 11:00 pm, they had the same experiences that we had but with all their equipment. Larry and Marcos handled the issues and we were ready to continue. Marcos had volunteered to go to the basement and do an EVP session there. Larry assisted him in setting up down there. Once Marcos was alone, he began to feel a thickness in the air, even though the temperature was 66 degrees, and he was beginning to feel strange, he radioed up to the rest of us to come and assist him in helping to retrieve the equipment down there. Larry went and helped him, only to find Marcos was feeling weak, and was sweating profusely. Once out of the basement, Marcos began to feel himself again. He was ready to roll again after a few moments of recovery.
We alternated team members and attempted to get more evidence from the North bedroom. After analyzing my EVP’s from that night, I had gotten a male voice that said “Larry” that was quite clear. Had Larry heard it that night, I don’t know how he would have taken it. It really is a difference when you get an EVP of any kind, as opposed to getting one with your name personally. While inside, Larry was outside monitoring the video equipment.
He had called a friend of his who is a medium, and she had told Larry that a male spirit was focusing on him above all the people there that night. She had also told him that there were two female and one male spirit at the home. She said the male spirit was holding the females there and was keeping them from touching the trigger toys we had brought to the investigation. Also, this male spirit used to work at the mansion and was cruel to the children that were brought there. He was a molester and liked little boys, and he was also having sex with the dead bodies, and that there were dead bodies in the well. We had found there was a well that had a porch built around it, and at one time had a hinged wooden lid over it. We were told that so many people had passed here, that the south end of the home was altered into a funeral parlor, and the bodies were taken out a door (that is now sealed) and directly to the back yard cemetery.
We wondered if the sick spirit of the male employee was the one who was to dig the graves, had gotten tired of doing all the digging, just began to just dump the children down the well? The medium said there was a well, and there was… so I would have to believe she was on to something. Even though we all had good phone reception while there, Larry was the only one having dropped calls, and this was only while he had the medium on the phone, and this occurred 8 times.
Was the male spirit trying to keep Larry from getting this information? We had to wonder. We were informed by the owners that no one has been at the location past 4:00 am before. Why was this we wondered? We stayed until 8:00 am and tried to see if we could get anything during the morning hours. The activity through the night was great, but sadly we got nothing during the morning. We had personal experiences of being touched in the North bedroom by two investigators during an EVP session, but no where else in the home. A couple of cameras that were filming shook on their own, and focus went in and out occasionally. The toy doll and ball we brought were never moved.
All in all, this was a great experience, and a wonderful time had by everyone there. Thank you Black Moon Manor! Great hosts, ghosts, and a great place made for a great time. Anyone out that way in Greenfield, Indiana, this place is a must!
- Teresa Williams

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Black Moon Manor
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