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 Rachel Youngblood, Paranormal Experiencer

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PostSubject: Rachel Youngblood, Paranormal Experiencer   Mon Aug 16, 2010 2:16 am

Interview with Rachel Youngblood, Paranormal Experiencer
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
Date: 8/15/2010 Sunday
Location: Starbucks - Madison & Date
Time: 1545 Hours

Question: Please tell us something personal about yourself, your hobbies, recreational activities, your family life and is it true you have Native American blood in you? Please tell.

Answer: My hobbies mostly include singing and painting. I like to dabble in music and the arts. Some of the instruments I have played with include guitar, piano, and the tambourine. Let’s just say I’ve stuck to singing since then. I mostly paint with acrylic, but sometimes I like to skip the canvas and paint on different spaces. Right now I’m working on a painting using a family heirloom, a really ugly pillar. Hopefully when I’m done it’ll be easier on the eyes. I also dabble in modeling. Mostly for Alicia Betts with Best Betts Photography. I feel really comfortable with her, and it’s always a blast doing shoots. I do have Native American blood in me. My last name is Youngblood and it is traced back to the Iroquois tribe. It’s hard to tell exactly how much of me is Native American because not much of my heritage has been documented through the years.

To see more pictures of Rachel, drop by here:

Question: Before I talk about your paranormal experiences, please tell me about your great grandmother, she sounds very interesting.

Answer: I haven’t been told too much about Grandma Greenhouse except that she lived to be 104 and smoked a pipe every night on her porch in Arizona. I wish I knew more about her, but like I mentioned before, not very much has been documented on my family. A majority of what I know has been word of mouth throughout the family.

Question: Since you live in Sacramento, tell me about some of the things you love about Sacramento?

Answer: Second Saturday, Noble Vegetarian Restaurant, Downtown, Spanish Fly Hair Garage, local artists like Ryan Gilmore, Agent Ribbons (before they started telling people they were from Austin, Texas), and Jerry Reynolds (before he fell off the face of the earth).

Question: Before we get into your very first paranormal experience, can you please tell me about your mother’s experience in Sacramento?

Answer: It was pretty brief. We had moved from our house in San Jose and she was having a hard time coping with the fact that she had no real place to live, a daughter to feed, and no job. We were living off of the money from her share of the house at a rental property. Every day a smell would sweep through the house, a smell she could pin point exactly. Gardenias. None were growing around the house or its surrounding areas, and the smell would always blow through with shut windows, and linger for a few moments before dissipating. She asked our landlord if anyone had ever died in the house, but came up with nothing. She mostly kept it to herself, and never told me about it until after a man who would actually become my step father later, was sitting in the living room with her, when the smell crept through the room. My mom waited to see if he would say anything, and he asked her, “What’s that smell? It’s some sort of flower…Like gardenias or something, did you light a candle?” My mom was pretty relieved that she wasn’t going crazy and told him about how it always comes around, along with a comforting feeling. Shortly after, my mom found a stable job, and we actually moved into a house that went for sale right across the street. As she was packing our things and moving them across the street, she came across a family photo of her grandmother, wearing a gardenia in her hair. She never smelled it again. We think it was grandma’s way of checking in on us in a time of need.

Question: Now, let’s go with your first paranormal experience. What happened in Heidelberg, Germany? Plus, what were you doing in Heidelberg?

Answer: I was actually on a class trip. I believe Heidelberg was our third stop. We actually didn’t stay in Heidelberg , but right outside of it. I believe the town was called Rauchenberg. The town consisted of a hotel, a McDonalds, and a nuclear power plant within walking distance of our hotel. The rest of the town was dust, and a population of zero. I had been mostly traveling through Europe with my best friend, Amanda Archer. I have always felt like Amanda had a gift. The house she was currently living in was on the creepy side. A few times I had stayed the night and woken up to the sound of disembodied footsteps and noises. Amanda would sit up straight in bed, politely ask the noises to stop, following her requests was silence. I always felt like she had a special connection to these things. I feel like that must have been why the energy in Germany was so drawn to us. The hotel seemed pretty normal in contrast to its surrounding. New appliances, fresh paint, your run of the mill employees speaking broken English through their German. We made it to our rooms, and I sat on the bed. I was talking to Amanda when the TV turned on full blast. She had thought it was me, but it turned out that the remote was halfway across the room, untouched. I checked the TV for a timer, but it was off. We brushed off the experience and laughed about it a little. To take the edge off we decided to head up to our friend’s room on the fifth floor. On the elevator ride up, it felt like with every passing floor, there was a heaviness in my stomach that kept growing and growing. I kept it to myself as I became dizzy. As we reached the fifth floor Amanda turned to me saying, “I don’t feel very well. I feel so dizzy right now, I could puke.” Needless to say, we grabbed our friends on the fifth floor who complained to us about the TVs turning off and on, the dizziness, and the overwhelming feeling to vomit. Within all of these emotions and feelings, all of us kept smelling a very distinct scent of gasoline on the fifth floor. It was so overwhelming that the floor itself felt like it was breathing while we were trying to stabilize our own bodies. We were already trying to brush things off as logical and explainable. We all trekked to the front desk to complain about the obvious gas leak. Unfortunately, the hostess informed us that the entire hotel ran on electricity, and that there was no trace of gasoline anywhere in the hotel. Shortly after, the scent disappeared, along with the nausea. We had settled down a bit and quickly forgot about the warm welcomes from our TV sets, and settled down to have dinner. After dinner I decided to take a nap while my friends explored the rest of the hotel. I slept easily for a few hours, alone in my hotel room. The sun was still above the hills as I was falling asleep, but when I snapped abruptly from sleep, the room was pitch black. I was a little confused when I woke up in darkness, I hadn’t awoken from any sort of noise or dream. It was almost like I had been non existent for a few hours, and fell back into the world when my eyes opened. I sat up in bed, and felt unreasonably scared. I stood out of bed and wandered to the small hallway in between the bedroom and the bathroom, just a foot away from the exit. I found myself frozen with fear. I thought to myself how silly it was that I was standing within reach of the door, but for some reason I was too scared to open it or move in any other direction. Just then, I heard a quiet knock on the door. I reached out and swung it open. There was the entire tour group, led by a tearful Amanda. She explained to me that they were in the elevator when suddenly it came to a halt in between floors. She said the noise from outside the elevator walls disappeared, almost dissipated, and the stalled elevator swayed as if it were about to drop. The group inside grabbed a hold of the rail in fear that they would come crashing down. After a few long seconds, the noise came back as if someone slowly turned up the volume, and the elevator continued on its way. At that point, they decided they needed to find me and use the buddy system from that point forward. Four people or more to a room. For most of the night we only heard small noises and knocks, easily dismissed. We began to feel comfortable enough to sleep. The two girls we were rooming with fell asleep pretty quickly at about 2:50 am according to the alarm clock on our bed stand. We even began joking about one of the sleeping girls who got so comfortable, she started snoring like a trucker. Just as 3am crept up, I felt my eyes close. They were wide open only a few seconds later when I heard Amanda utter the words “…Oh..My……” followed with an earth shattering scream. I sat in complete disbelief as I watched the fabric on her leg glide as if it were being touched. As soon as I opened my mouth, I felt my body sink into the bed. It wasn’t hands or body parts crushing me down. It was almost like an even distribution of weight came across my entire body, along with an almost fuzzy, vibrating feeling. The only thing I could think to scream was “I feel it too. Oh my God I feel it too.”, amongst all of the horror movie screams I was projecting. The worst part about the screams was that as I heard them leaving my mouth, they sounded muffled and warped. Like someone was playing my voice on slow motion. It was about thirty seconds into my own personal poltergeist movie when I felt my body lift from the depression, and the fuzzy feeling slowly wore off. We both leapt from the bed. Instinctively we ran to the right side of the bed. It was almost like whatever had us in its grasp was standing in the middle of the bed. We wanted nothing to do with that side of the room. I could just feel it watching us from in between the beds. Miraculously, our friends were still sound asleep. They had never heard a single cry. We started screaming, frozen in our place. Too scared to move towards the area between the beds, but brave enough to not leave our roommates behind with it. In the heat of Germany in the middle of August, we were wearing nothing but shorts and bras. That definitely didn’t stop us from getting the hell out of there. We decided, while running, half naked to our friend’s room, that we would just have to borrow clothes. When we got to the room, everyone was wide awake still. No one had been brave enough to attempt sleep. Amanda and I were crying uncontrollably, huddled together, barely able to say what happened. Between the sprint from our room to theirs, we had never gotten the chance to ask each other what the other one felt. Just then Amanda had regained her composure and began to talk. She said, “I had just begun to shut my eyes, when I felt a hand sliding up my leg. It was so real that when my eyes shot open, I really thought a man was going to be there, right in front of me.” What followed this explanation took the words right from my mouth before I could even open it. She said, “All of a sudden, I heard Rachael scream that she could feel it too, and right as she said it, I felt my body press against the bed, my body started tingling, and as I screamed with her, my voice sounded funny.” I began crying again when she said this. It was like a knife in my heart knowing that it was real. It had not only been something in my head, it was very real, and hearing it come from her mouth made it solid. The buddy system went from four people to the entire group. We vowed that it would remain that way until daylight, but one more hurrah for the presence wasn’t going to be stopped by just a little bit of sunlight. We huddled together in the room. Hearing bumps and bangs and sounds we couldn’t place until roughly 7am. Breakfast. We decided it had to be safe. I mean, in horror movies, ghosts only stay out until sun up, so what makes this asshole so special? Amanda and I went back to our room to get dressed. Feeling confident, but a little shaky, we headed to the dining room. The elevator experience shook us up a little too much to use it ever again, so we headed for the stairwell. The stairwell was a spiral design. It was open, you could see everything above you, and everything below you. As we stepped onto the first platform, I could see very clearly that no one else was on the spiral. Then it hit me. Cigar smoke. A very distinct smell. Amanda said “What the hell is that?” I told her it was cigar smoke, but it was a non smoking hotel, I explained it away by saying that someone must have snuck in for a late night smoke to avoid the detectors in the rooms. As we were walking, hand in hand, down the stairs, I let my hand slide down the rail for support. My skin against the metal was making a small squeaking noise. I heard someone coming up behind us. Someone wearing boots. As I turned around to look up the stairwell, I momentarily lifted my hand. I noticed the squeaking sound continued behind me. Another hand, an unseen hand, accompanied by the unseen phantom boots that was probably only a few feet away. I stopped dead in my tracks only to hear the horrifying sound get louder and faster. I screamed, and Amanda began to cry again, and we ran. We ran past the dining room, through the exit, and didn’t stop running until we hit the payphone. Amanda called home and explained everything to her mom, tearfully. As she was venting, one of the parents of a student on the trip came running out. She walked up to me, and said, “Are you okay?” I said we had a hard night, and didn’t go on to say much else, considering she probably wouldn’t believe me. She said, “I just wanted to make sure, I’m not sure why but last night I woke up pretty abruptly, and I don’t know why…but I instantly thought of you and Amanda. I felt like you guys must have been in trouble. I went to your room but there was no one there.” I knew exactly what question I had to ask. What time? And of course, she said what I already knew. 3am. We had one more night in the hotel, which was spent on the floor of the tour guide, heavily intoxicated from half of the entire supply of a Heidelberg liquor store. I was far more dead than anything lurking in that hotel.

Question: You said something about San Jose. What happened to you in San Jose?

Answer: I grew up in San Jose. We always felt something was there. Not a spirit, but a negative presence. It was almost like as soon as my parents moved in, everything turned rotten. Following the move was my brother’s addiction to meth, his many trips to correctional facilities, and a nasty divorce. The suspicion of our cursed house was confirmed by a UPS delivery man. Not only did he deliver our package, but he let us know that his grandmother had died in that house. Particularly in my room.

Question: My gosh, that was an incredibly scary story. I know you will never forget Heidelberg. Now let’s do some fun questions, so the readers can get to know you better. If you had 6 dinner guests, 3 historical and 3 fictional, who would they be?

Answer: Historical: Marie Antoinette, John Lennon, and Sergeant Stubby (A pit bull who fought in WWII) Fictional: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley.

Question: What movies, TV shows, books do you like?

Answer: I’m not a movie watcher at all. My fiancé is a huge movie fanatic though, so he constantly makes fun of me for not knowing about significant movies. I once used a Lost In Translation joke, and it turns out that’s not at all what Lost In Translation is about. However, I’m totally ADDICTED to Teen Mom. It’s so fantastic. I also love Hard Times of RJ Berger. Anything trashy that MTV puts out is just hilarious. The Virgin Suicides is my favorite book of all time and I adore Harry Potter.

Question: What countries have you visited?

Answer: Germany, France, Spain, and Monaco.

Question: I heard a rumor that you are getting married and you are moving? Is this really true?

Answer: That’s right. We aren’t in any hurry to get married right away, but my fiancé is apartment searching in Seattle and if all goes accordingly, I’ll be there next month. We’re going to enjoy being engaged for a bit. It’s still a new engagement so we’re going to take this next year to plan out our wedding and figure out how we’re going to get our scattered family all together.

Question: Do you have any pets, can you tell us about them?

Answer: I have two pit bulls, Kaya and Venus. They’re awesome. Kaya kind of looks like a pig and snorts like one too. She’s super fun to hang out with and she enjoys taking up a majority of my bed at night. She’s not going to dig my fiancés plans for her to sleep on the floor. Venus is really crazy. She’s nine now but still acts like a puppy. A really big puppy that doesn’t know she hurts people when she acts like that.

Question: You said you were a Vegan..what is that?

Answer: It’s kind of like a vegetarian but I veer away from animal byproducts as well. No eggs, milk, or anything that comes from an animal. It sounds harder than it really is, but with its growing popularity it’s become much easier. I was vegetarian for about seven years, and I’ve been vegan for two. Nine years meat free!

Question: Since you had such an intense paranormal experience, do you feel maybe the entity or entities were drawn to you and Amanda because you have psychic abilities and maybe Amanda too?

Answer: I feel like Amanda is much more open to these things than I am. I do get sensations like emotions or smells. For example, we visited Dachau, a concentration camp in Germany, and I felt some overwhelming emotions walking through some of the rooms. Amanda, on the other hand, has seen, heard, felt, and experienced many things in her life time. I do feel like this is why we were the center of attention that night.

Question: Wow! Sounds like you may be an empath. Interesting. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what things would you bring with you, because you can’t live without them?

Answer: My amazing fiancé, Aeryn. He’s way cool. I could totally just live out my life on an island with him. My dogs because they’re the best type of entertainment, and a lifetime supply of vegan junk food. Aeryn can’t leave me for getting fat if I’m the only one on the island (not that he would).

Question: Can you tell the readers how we met, it was kind of an odd meeting.

Answer: After my experience, I googled paranormal activity in the Sacramento area. The first think that popped up was an article Paul wrote on the top ten haunted places in Sacramento, along with his picture. Two years later I recognized him while he was meeting up with someone else at my Starbucks store.

Question: LOL! That was Sha (a tarot card reader that I brought in Starbucks, when we met). How can people contact you? Are you on Facebook, do you have an email address?

Answer: I am on facebook. Look me up by searching Rachael Youngblood. I also have an e-mail.

Question: Please tell me what your favorite song is?

Answer: I have a few. All time favorite is The Con by Tegan and Sara, The theme song of my night in Germany would be Gus and Sam by Ferraby Lionheart, and my favorite song for my fiancé and I is Smile Upon Me by Passion Pit and you can hear it here:

Question: You mentioned you have met some sort of like…celebrities, who are they?

Answer: Not any real celebrities. I used to hang out with Jerry Reynolds from Still Life Projector when I was sixteen and thought I was super cool for it. And when I was 14 I met Taking Back Sunday and almost peed myself.

Question: How do you like working at Starbucks as a barista?

Answer: I think it’s awesome. I can make you a mean white mocha.

Question: Thank you for this wonderful interview. Are there any words of wisdom for your readers?

Answer: Read the reviews of your hotels if you’re looking for a quiet vacation.


Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International)
HPI Halloween Vampire Ball, info found below:
Darkview Videos of HPI Investigations, seen at the link below:
Cellular Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

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Rachel Youngblood, Paranormal Experiencer
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