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 Pterodactyl of Beaver Island, Michigan

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PostSubject: Pterodactyl of Beaver Island, Michigan   Sat Aug 21, 2010 4:41 am

Pterodactyl of Beaver Island, Michigan
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Monster Hunter

This article is made of tidbits from various people who are interested in the unknown, the paranormal. I will start this article off with what I call The Northern Michigan Incident.

This is an email I received.

"Hi Paul, my name is Colin Turnsky. I am from Northern Michigan. My buddies and I did some camping at Beaver Island in Michigan and we had the weirdest incident. While camping last Summer, in broad daylight, we saw a gigantic pterodactyl fly out of the trees. This thing was huge and I know it was a pterodactyl, we recognized it from school books. We were not having a mass hallucination, I mean this thing was real. We watched it as it flew off and it seemed to swoop high in the flight and then suddenly swooped low in the flight, then it swooped high again and vanished. I mean it simply vanished. I notice in some of your reports, you theorize that Bigfoot can be an interdimensional creature and that is why no one has ever caught one. Do you think we saw an interdimensional pterodactyl or a ghost of one from the dinosaur days? If you ever head up to my neck of the woods, stop by Beaver Island, lots of great plant life and wildlife, you wouldn't be disappointed. I look forward to your reply."

Paul's reply: Great report. Exactly when did this sighting occur, day and time? Were you and your friends the only ones that saw this pterodactyl? Have there been any other reports? As for this creature being interdimensional, there are many theories thrown around that creatures such as the panthers of England, Bigfoot, Shadow People can all be interdimensional. I just don't have enough to go on to pursue your sighting. Do you have any photos of the creature? There are many large birds indigenous to the area, such as the Barn Owl, Bald Eagle, Broad Winged Hawk and Great Blue Heron. Is it possible that you and your friends may have seen one of these large birds?

Reply from Colin: "No, it had a 40 foot wing span. It was a pterodactyl, I seen pictures of pterodactyls in my school books."

My final reply: Like I said, I don't have much to go on, except the word of Colin and his friends, but I would be interested in any other reports coming out of Northern Michigan. Since this incident occurred in Northern Michigan, let's start off this article with All Summer Long by Kid Rock, this song takes place in Northern Michigan, listen to the song here:

Below are contributions from my readers:

Larry Eissler is with 'Northern Illinois Paranormal'.
Dan Norvell is with 'Small Town Paranormal'.
Both Larry and Dan are both members of: 'Small Town Paranormal Family'.
Note: Small Town Paranormal Family are several teams working together towards paranormal unity.

Below are theories created by Larry Eissler and Dan Norvell. I thank Teresa Williams of the Northern Illinois Paranormal Research Team for presenting these theories for this article.

Now to those theories....

Theory 1: When we feel sick to our stomach, what causes that?

By Northern Illinois Paranormal Research Team on Wednesday, July 7, 2010 at 12:17am

This theory is something that Dan and I (Teresa Williams) have talked about recently and thought that we would share it with our fans for their take. Please keep in mind, this a theory based on scientific facts based on the paranormal, and although we are open to the opinions of others we kindly ask to keep everything constructive.

Theory 1: When we feel sick to our stomach, what causes that?

One thing we considered one night when Dan was feeling sick at the Creepy Church, was how the entity in the church could have caused these feelings? One thing we considered, and at the time seemed to be an actual possibility is minute radiation being released from the entity. NOW, it's well known that paranormal entities are able to project electromagnetic fields with ease, and it seems this concept has developed its own significance in the paranormal field. But how well known is it that Electromagnetic fields are also capable of Electromagnetic radiation?

Wikipedia Definition: Electromagnetic radiation (often abbreviated E-M radiation or EMR) is classified into several types according to the frequency of its wave; these types include (in order of increasing frequency and decreasing wavelength): radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays and gamma rays. A small and somewhat variable window of frequencies is sensed by the eyes of various organisms; this is what is called the visible spectrum. The photon is the quantum of the electromagnetic interaction and the basic "unit" of light and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation and is also the force carrier for the electromagnetic force. EM radiation carries energy and momentum that may be imparted to matter with which it interacts.

To put this in plain English, EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) is classified into those mentioned frequencies, all of which are quite common for anyone who took high school science.

The visible light that our eyes are able to pick up, the IR lights our equipment use, and the UV light our special cameras use are specific types of said radiation. EMR can carry energy and momentum which it is able to transfer to a particular body of matter, I.E. human investigators.

NOW, our theory, given that we know entities use EMF's and EMF's are capable of having EMR, we suggest that these entities are able to use the radiation from the EMF to cause us to feel certain pains or sicknesses in our bodies. Its well know that radiation causes sickness in the human body, mild examples include stomach pain, nausea, headache, fatigue, and body weakness.. all of which are phenomena that investigators experience on an investigation (and are also known symptoms of EMF exposure). Although radiation sickness when exposed to high levels may be permanent and cause death, the radiation projected by paranormal entities seems temporary at most and currently doesn’t appear to have any long term effects.

But within the last few years, paranormal investigation teams have started to use Geiger Counters in their arsenal of gadgets and often times are able to get readings in a location that would otherwise give no reading. So if all of this, based on scientific facts, could be possible, does it suggest that this is how entities are able to manifest pain and illness into us? Thoughts? Concerns?

Theory 2: How are entities able to touch objects and people?

By Northern Illinois Paranormal Research Team on Wednesday, July 7, 2010 at 3:23pm

This theory is something that Dan and I (Teresa Williams) have talked about recently and thought that we would share it with our fans for their take. Please keep in mind, this a theory based on scientific facts based on the paranormal, and although we are open to the opinions of others we kindly ask to keep everything constructive.

Theory 2: How are entities able to touch objects and people?

One thing we considered the night when Dan, Marcia, Dave, Julie, Craig, and I were at the Creepy Church, was how the entity was about to grab hold of Dan's arm? We have two things in mind, and each will be discussed and are open for opinion.

The first is Dan's thought and it's based on the concept of telekinesis (TK). Telekinesis, the ability to move an object with your mind, also leads into the theory that the human mind unlocks its full potential after death (a theory for another time lol). Now, provided that we accept the theory that upon death the human minds potential is unlocked, and we're able to use 100% of our brain power, this allows the human mind to attempt extraordinary feats of psychic ability. The most known examples of this are the Buddhist Monks, who have the ability to move items (telekinesis), out of body experiences (remote viewing), move great distances (transportation), and the ability to read and project voices into the minds of others (mind reading and voice projection). With the human mind fully unlocked upon death, these abilities would be no problem, especially for an entity who has until the end of time to learn how to use them. Now, where the TK comes into play, the entity uses this ability to move objects and we're unable to see the entity or the psychic hand moving the object.

The second thought is one that Dan and I formed together, in my opinion this one makes more sense and has a decent probability of being correct. This theory is based on the concept that a soul has weight, which is scientifically documented.

Wikipedia Definition: In 1907, MacDougall weighed six patients while they were in the process of dying from tuberculosis in an old age home. It was relatively easy to determine when death was only a few hours away, and at this point the entire bed was placed on an industrial sized scale which was apparently sensitive to the gram. He took his results (a varying amount of perceived mass loss in most of the six cases) to support his hypothesis that the soul had mass, and when the soul departed the body, so did this mass. The determination of the soul weighing 21 grams was based on the average loss of mass in the six patients within minutes or hours after death.

Now, if the soul departs the body with the weight of 21 grams, it can easily be said that the soul has mass... you need mass in order to have weight, so that isn't that much of a stretch. Now, that mass has to go somewhere, it just doesn't disappear... our theory is that the soul continues on in the spirit and the spirit uses that mass to manipulate objects and people. Although its unknown how exactly this would happen, but that might just means the means of finding out is beyond our understanding at this time. But, we can speculate that the entity shifts its mass in the shape of a "glove" in order to manipulate objects, this thin layer of matter is able to react with the matter of the object, thus creating the movement. Without matter touching matter, the movement would be impossible... it takes two forces of matter to encourage movement.

Now, it has been said many times that the air movement in the lungs at the time of death may be a result of the lose in weight, which is a possibility. Air does indeed have weight and occupy space, the definition of mass, and it does reside in the body before death, but MacDougall also did research on dogs and figure out that dogs didn't lose weight upon death, therefore reporting that dogs did not have a soul. Now, if a dog's weight would remain the same upon death, and the air in a dog is released the same way it is in a human, then it would lead one to believe that it may not be air that's causing the weight loss. One thing Dan and I are planning to do, is calculate the volume of air in the average pair of lungs and stomach (during CPR, some people collect air in their stomach) and weight it. Now, should the weight be close to 21 grams, it might lead us to believe our theory may need further research, but if it is more or less, you have to wonder what exactly that weight is. Thoughts? Comments?


On 8/18/2010, I met Barbara Hansen at the place that was formerly the Nut Tree in Vacaville. The same place San Francisco former Mayor Joseph Alioto would have lunch with the West Coast Mafia, but this time I was at Peets Coffee and Tea in Vacaville that now sits on the hallowed ground of The Nut Tree. Barbara showed me her regressive hypnosis skills. Her business card reads as such: Knot Your Ordinary Health Care - Est 1997, 707 447-7551 and 707 330-5009, Holistic Health Care, Medical Body Work, Medical Hypnotherapy - Recommended by Local Doctors - Easy, gentle, relaxed and EFFECTIVE! Yep, I recommend Barbara, if you have some tension and drama in your life, give her a call, she will bring calm to your mind and body! On the back of her card it reads:
Easily, gently, respectfully and with dignity release unwanted habits and fears. Smoking cessation, pain control, pre & post surgical techniques that really work. Thank you for taking good care of yourself.

Recently a fan updated Shannon McCabe and Paul Dale Roberts Wikipedia Page, this is what she entered:

Paul Dale Roberts and Shannon McCabe are considered as revolutionary new pioneers with their various radical methods of paranormal investigating and creators of a variety of catch phrases for their methodology of investigating. Here are some examples of their methods.

1. McCabe Method: McCabe came up with the 'McCabe Method' of capturing EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). Most ghosthunting groups will leave their recorder on all night and analyze the recordings the next day. McCabe came up with a quick and dirty solution. Turn on the recorder, ask a simple question. Pause (giving the entity time to speak) and play back. McCabe and Roberts have been very successful with this method of capturing EVPs. Roberts says: "Why would an entity take 2 hours to tell you what his or her name is, wouldn't they answer you right back?"

2. Designer Orbs: Roberts identifies certain orbs as 'designer orbs'. Designer Orb is an orb with intricate designs that you will see within the circle. When enhancing or enlarging the designer orb, sometimes a face can be seen. In one case that Roberts investigated, the occupant looked at two pictures of designer orbs and identified two of her deceased dogs faces inside the designer orbs.

3. Spiritual Containment Field (Intelligent Orb): Roberts and McCabe agree with most skeptics that orbs can be lint, skin flakes, light refractions, dust, dew, etc. Both investigators came to the conclusion that perhaps some orbs are paranormal in nature. They practiced using a video camera and monitor in a haunted location. They asked the entity to sit on Roberts' lap, the orb as seen on the monitor hovered over Roberts' lap, indicating intelligent movement. This orb was classified as possibly paranormal.

4. Casper Hauntings: A term that Roberts came up to describe a home or business that is haunted by benevolent entities. The entities are not harmful to the occupants.

5. 45 Minute Investigations with Evidence Briefings: When Roberts prepares for an investigation, he locates the hot spots of high level paranormal activity. Roberts will conduct a briefing to his investigators and will allow the occupants to describe the activity of the haunting. Roberts will then break up the group into 3 different teams and place them in 3 different locations of the home and property. The investigation intervals are for 45 minutes. There are three 45 minute investigative sessions. After each investigative session, there is an evidence briefing. The evidence is shown to the occupants during each evidence briefing. The occupants are allowed to participate in the investigations. After the investigation is finished, then there is a conclusion debriefing and everyone has a chance to discuss their findings to the occupants and we make a determination on the spot if the location is haunted, not haunted, what was debunked or if further analysis is required of the evidence.

Linda had a twin sister named Brenda Gale, an exact lookalike twin. One day her twin sister died unexpectantly. After Brenda's demise, there would be a strong odor of perfume in the bathroom, the smell would last for only seconds. The perfume that Linda smelled was her sister's favorite perfume. One night Linda went to her sister Donna's house and both Linda and Donna could feel that Brenda Gale was in the home. Donna was startled at the family reunion when she saw the full body apparition of Brenda Gale in the hallway during this family reunion. Brenda Gale is survived by her 6 children.

Editors of HPI Chronicles (the book)
Many, many thanks to the editors of my book HPI Chronicles! A personal thank you goes out to: Lead Editor: Julie O'Reilly Matta and Editors: Angel Wolpert, Donna Jackson and Teresa Williams. Personal thanks to co-author Shannon McCabe!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International)
HPI Halloween Vampire Ball, info found below:
Darkview Videos of HPI Investigations, seen at the link below:
Sha 916 916 601 8610 Tarot Card Reader
Cellular Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

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Pterodactyl of Beaver Island, Michigan
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