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 Kris Oswood-Ragasa: Behind the Scenes of Area 51

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PostSubject: Kris Oswood-Ragasa: Behind the Scenes of Area 51   Sat Aug 28, 2010 4:15 am

Kris Oswood-Ragasa: Behind the Scenes of Area 51
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Date of Interview: August 27, 2010
Interview Location: Starbucks – Hammer/West – Stockton, CA
Time of Interview: 1800 Hours

To see pictures of Kris and see her cool tattoos, stop by here:

Question: Kris, before I get into this interview, can you tell us something personal about yourself? Where were you born, where were you raised? Your recreational activities, hobbies, etc?

Answer: I was born and raised in Stockton, Ca. Aside from being interested in all things paranormal and taking up paranormal investigating as a hobby over these past few years, I enjoy belly dancing, photography and videography.

Question: Kris, you are a HPI Paranormal Investigator, but you also were doing some freelancing, can you explain and what investigations have you conducted and where?

Answer: I’ve attended investigations with many different groups around the Stockton and Sacramento areas. I get asked often, why I haven’t teamed up with one investigation group in particular yet and it’s because I enjoy investigating with the different groups and it gives me a chance to meet others involved in the field, share experiences and make life long friends along the way. In my opinion, the paranormal as a whole is a science and unless we share and learn from one another, we’ll just be holding ourselves back from advancing in the field, finding the truth and educating others that are misinformed about paranormal topics, or just don’t know anything at all.

Question: During an investigation with HPI in Lincoln, you were telling me that you knew someone that was working at Area 51. It appears that this person, that we will call Mr. Gray has been working in civilian status with the Air Force for many, many years. Can you generically tell me how you met Mr. Gray?

Answer: I would rather not say how exactly we met, however I can tell you that I’ve known him for many, many years and am very fond of him. I’m actually concerned at the possibility of him getting in trouble due to this interview.

Question: What is Mr. Gray’s occupational capacity?

Answer: He works at a military air force base in the desert, I know that he designs and builds and repairs machinery/electronics for the aircraft. I’ve heard him say once that ‘they’ ask him to build something to suit a certain need and he does.

Question: How did Mr. Gray get involved with the Air Force?

Answer: Honestly. I have no idea. I know that he’s incredibly smart, even though at first glance you wouldn’t think it.

Question: You were telling me that Mr. Gray was on temporary assignment at Area 51. What did Mr. Gray tell you about Area 51?

Answer: He said that he was asked to build something to certain specs, however, awhile later that he received a call that the machine/electronic that he built broke down and no one at the facility knew how to fix it.

He was taken to area 51 and he said that once you get inside, you’re transported down underground. Once in the facility, he said it was extremely large. Then he was taken through (what I remember) three levels. Each area he passed through, different people took him because they weren’t allowed to go to the next area. He went through three areas, sectioned off with large doors before he was blind folded. After that he was unable to see until he got to where his machine was. After he fixed his machine, they blind folded him again and took him back out of the facility. I do remember him saying that even though he could not see, when he walked through one level, he could hear crying. It sounded animalistic. Special Note: Further questioning of Kris, she told me that Mr. Gray was not able to identify the type of animals crying. He could not be specific and say it was a monkey, elephant or any other kind of animal for that matter. The animalistic crying sounds were unidentifiable to him.

Question: Wow! Kris, you really dropped the bomb on me with that one. In fact I am going to throw in the song…:”You Dropped a Bomb on Me by Gap Band” and you can hear that song here:
Now let me ask you something else, why did the Air Force send Mr. Gray to Area 51, what did Mr. Gray see at Area 51? Did he ever mentioned seeing recovered extraterrestrial discs?

Answer: He never mentioned seeing anything in regards to extraterrestrial discs. However, I do remember him saying that even though he could not see, when he walked through one level, he could hear crying. It sounded animalistic.

Question: Did Mr. Gray ever say he worked with Bob Lazar?

Answer: He’s never mentioned Bob Lazar. In fact, he’s never mentioned anyone he works with.

Question: During a break from this interview, you told me verbally that Mr. Gray was asked by the military to work on a machine or create some kind of machine and that the government took it away from him. What kind of machine was it?

Answer: This, to my understanding is his job to this very day. He’s an aircraft electronics and machine specialist, he’s told what to build and/or repair and he does.

Question: Did Mr. Gray ever tell you how he was transported to Area 51?

Answer: He never told me exactly how he got to Area 51 from his home location, but he did say that you can only go so far in a vehicle before you get let out and another vehicle takes you the rest of the way. The vehicle that took him through the gates of area 51 had black windows. Special Note: Kris does not have any information on what his escorts looked like. It is known that Wackenhut is one of the main security forces on this secret base. To learn about Wackenhut, go to their website at:

Question: I think we covered pretty much everything about Mr. Gray and Area 51, now let’s talk about you. You said you may have psychic type of abilities and experienced the paranormal all your life, can you elaborate on this?

Answer: I actually try to stay away with being identified as a psychic. I’m not going to tell anyone their future, what numbers to play on the lotto, etc. However, ever since I was a young child, I would be able to hear spirits and sense them. I’m also very good with energy; in fact, I’m a massage therapist and am very intrigued by energy work. With that, my earliest memory of experiencing anything ‘psychic’ was when I was four years old. My family went on a trip with some friends to Oakwood Lake and I was playing near the water’s edge when suddenly, I was under the water, drifting. I remember breathing in the water as though it was air and panicking for a moment and then suddenly everything became bright around me and I was completely at peace. It was at that point that I heard a voice tell me to kick my feet. So, I kicked my feet. Moments later, I was yanked from the water by my mom, she ran with me over her shoulder up the shore to the picnic area and I remember coughing up all the water I breathed in. I was perfectly fine moments later. The thing with this story that I find interesting though is that I was in the middle of the lake, my mom doesn’t know how to swim (and never has) and if it wasn’t for the voice telling me to kick my feet, my mom would have never seen my pigtails floating on the surface of the water. Ever since that first experience, I would hear voices and be tuned in with other peoples thoughts and feelings.

One experience in particular that lasted for a few years during my childhood, was being visited by a woman named Melissa. She was very tall, beautiful, pale with long hair and she always wore white. She would fly with me in my dreams, (and I know this sounds crazy but, it’s the truth) and she would show me different places. A few days after the dream, I would experience (while awake) the same exact thing I experienced in my dream. I would tell people about this, but being a child, it held no weight. Melissa told me that as long as I called her name three times, she would always come. I haven’t had an experience involving Melissa in a very long time. What I learned about this is, the point wasn’t to see the future, it was for her to validate to me that she was real and not just a dream.

Another interesting part of my life is the fact that my mother and grandmother is both psychic. My mother is pagan and I was raised in what I like to think of as a ‘magickal’ household. I grew up around candles, incense, tarot cards, spirit boards, spells and such things like that. I also grew up in a house that has frequent spiritual activity. Growing up like this was normal to me. I didn’t realize that it was a different way of life until my mother did a spell to remove a hex off of someone and their granddaughter was a school mate of mine. After my mom removed the hex off the grandmother, instantly the granddaughter started having the same symptoms, after my mom fixed that situation, my secret was out, all over the school. I was an outcast.
Years later when I turned 20, I met a girl through the internet and we are still very good friends to this very day but we touched bases in regard to psychic experiences and channeling. Surprisingly enough, for years before we met, she had been channeling my personal spirit guide. Befriending her opened up my eyes to a whole new world of spiritual channeling and paranormal activities.

You asked me to mention if I had any experiences with UFO’s, etc. I’m not sure if it is a real experience. I’m in denial about this, but I’m willing to share. First incident was in high school. A friend and I went to the store down the street from our school; we left the store walked back to the school and went straight to our classroom. Everyone in class asked where we were yesterday. My friend and I were startled with that comment and said: “yesterday?” We were there yesterday. Upon further investigation and looking at the roll sheet. We completely lost Wednesday. We walked to the store on Wednesday, left the store and walked back to school and sat down in Thursday’s class. We had no remembrance of Wednesday. Special Note: Missing time? Alien abductees experience ‘missing time’.

Another instance is a dream that I experienced. I woke up while still dreaming to a woman’s voice saying “she’s waking up.” I was in a large room, on a metal table lying on my left side and completely unable to move my body, but I could look around with my eyes and hear what was going on. The woman was concerned that I was waking up and told the others around me to hurry up. There were four, maybe five men around me and one of the men was doing some kind of work on my face, up through my nasal cavity. It actually felt like my face was split wide upon. At that point, one of the men said to the woman that they were working as quickly as possible and I could hear the rushed energy in their voices. A few moments later I started having excruciating pain in my face and nose (behind my eyes.) A large speculum type of equipment was pulled from my nose. The last thing I heard was the woman ask if I was going to be okay and the man that was working on me said that I would feel dizzy for a little while. I woke up immediately after that and had terrible vertigo, headache and nausea for a few days for no explainable reason. The people around me in the dream were human, but very tall and they were wearing grayish gowns that covered from neck to feet. I’m also in denial as to whether or not this was a true abduction; it could have just been a dream. Special Note: The beings that Kris is describing, almost sound to be ‘Nordic’ in nature. Nordics are just one more variety of ‘aliens’. My thoughts: Could it be that Kris and generations of her family have been targeted for abductions? Is this the reason why a lot of her ancestors make claim to psychic type of abilities? I only wonder what regressive hypnotic sessions would bring to light to Kris’ story.

Question: What was the rhyme the kids used to say to you in school, when they found you out?

Answer: When the kids in school discovered that my family was a ‘magickal’ one, they came up with a silly saying. My name is actually Kirsten and I just go by Kris. But, they started saying “Kirsten, Kirsten, she’ll put a Curse on you” and then they’d all run away screaming. It wasn’t entirely funny as a kid, but now I look back and laugh at it. I’m grateful to have grown up living the life that I have lived and I’m happy to be the person that I am today.

Question: Kris, this is an incredible story. I kind of understand the drowning part of your story. I almost drowned in a river when I was 6 years old and my dad saved me. The 2nd time I almost drowned was in the Sacramento River, I was going under and my ex-wife and her cousin didn’t even notice me, then all of a sudden I felt hands underneath my belly pull me up to shore. I felt it was an angel that saved me. You have an incredible life, let me go easy on you and ask you some general questions, so your readers can get to know you better. First off, how can the public contact you?

Answer: I can be reached on Facebook or emailed at

Question: What are your favorite TV shows, movies, cartoons?

Answer: I love to watch True Blood. Well, pretty much anything that has to do with vampires. I love comedy movies too. Right now my favorite is Step Brothers with Will Ferrell. Cartoons are a tough one, but I liked The Hobbit and The Last Unicorn, as a kid of course.

Question: What are your favorite books, your favorite song?

Answer: My favorite author is Laurel K. Hamilton and when it comes to music, anything happy and with a good message is what I enjoy. Bob Marley and others like him is my current favorites.

Question: If you had 6 dinner guests, 3 historical and 3 fictional, who would they be?

Answer: Great question! I don’t have a whole lot of names coming to mind though. However, I know that I would definitely invite Albert Einstein.

Question: Is there anything I might be missing in this interview that you would like to add?

Answer: I think you’ve got it all.

Question: Thank you for this interview, any final words of wisdom for your readers?

Answer: This interview may have been about the different things that I’ve experienced, but I like to think that in the end, it’s not about me and it’s not about you, it’s about us and how we all fit in to this mystery together.


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Kris Oswood-Ragasa: Behind the Scenes of Area 51
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