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 Paranormal Loomis: The 2nd Time Around

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PostSubject: Paranormal Loomis: The 2nd Time Around   Sun Aug 29, 2010 7:55 pm

Paranormal Loomis: The 2nd Time Around
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

I wasn’t going to write an article about the August 28, 2010, Saturday Scouting Mission to Loomis, because I already wrote an article about our investigation in Loomis, you can see that article here:

But, as it turns out, there was all kinds of activity in Loomis. I felt like I was hit with a shotgun of paranormal projectiles! In fact the theme song of this article is going to be Shotgun by Junior Walker and the All Stars and you can hear that song here:

To see pictures of this Scouting Mission, go here:
Note: We were 75 people strong!

This is truly the Disneyland of the Paranormal and the activity we gather this night needs to be recorded.

But, let’s first take a roll call!

East Bay Paranormal) Investigators present: Kyle Humburg; Jamie McDonald; Kristi Mero; Chris Pulido; Steven Hedrick; Ashley Johnson; Jeff Clyde; Dyani Dominguez.

Guest: Niesha Lofing - Sacramento Bee.

(Lincoln Paranormal) Investigators present: Deborah and James Baughman; Kathy and Steve Foulk. Note: Deborah and James Baughman are the occupants of this Loomis home.

HPI Paranormal Investigating Scouts present: Shannon Leischner; Jeremie Leischner; Chuck Flores, Jacob Beaver; Karie Silko; Katrina LaGrande; Rachel Youngblood; Sean Carter; Shelley Daniels; Cheryl Barwick; Connie Marshall; Brenda Cowan; Janci Biggs; Hunter Biggs Morfin; Katie Hopkins – Keith & Travers; Frank Pesco; Theresa Pesco; Penny Green; Brandon Varanai; Rhonda Hall; Ben Hall; Drew Tadlock; Sandra Brandenburg; Francine Ures; Rose Cooper; Brenda Cowan; Rob Patton; Staci Anderson; Ingrid Jimenez; Gordon Dorff; Gabe and Candy Castillo; Brandon Thomason; Pam Wilson - Empath from Yosemite; Andi Whalen.

HPI Paranormal Investigators present: Angel Kesti; John Shue; Shannon McCabe/HPI Owner; Carol Gillis; Jennifer Newell – Psychic/Senior Lead Investigator; Tiffany Ensign Gonzales – Senior Lead Investigator; Steve and Jennifer Roland/Sensitives; Stephanie Belson/Psychic; Belinda Bentley – Celebrity Psychic/Senior Lead Investigator; Sherry Andersen (CVParanormal); Paul Dale Roberts/HPI General Manager/Scout Coordinator. Steve Roland tonight was promoted to Senior Lead Investigator.

HPI Paranormal Investigators/Scouts absent: Marlena Capistran/Scout; Lindsey Nielsen/Scout; Dale Heer/Scout; Tammy Tash/Scout; Judy Raderchak/Scout; Kathy Logan/Scout; Chantal Apodaca - Personal Assistant to Shannon and Paul/Senior Lead Investigator; Rita Reyes/Investigator.

Waterline Entertainment/Project Paranormal/CSI/PIP: Geoff Foley; Matt Clark; Kris Ragasa; Mel Dye.

The Four Leads Identified for Tonight’s Investigation are: Kyle Humburg; Sherry Andersen; Staci Butler; Belinda Bentley. Note: Kyle Humburg and East Bay Paranormal had to leave, because of an incident and Senior Lead Investigator Tiffany Ensign Gonzales took over his group. Note: HPI Senior Lead Investigators identified for this Scouting Mission are: Jennifer Newell, Steve Roland, Tiffany Ensign Gonzales, Staci Butler, Belinda Bentley, Sherry Andersen.

I am going to keep things on a generic level, there is too much going on this night. One EVP captured says ‘no’. EMF spikes hit hard when specific questions are placed to the entity or entities. Scouts are having personal experiences, being touched. Many orbs are captured in photographs. Disclaimer: Orbs are not an indication of paranormal activity, unless you can prove the orb has intelligent movement. Scouts feel whirlwind of energy, possibly a vortex. Batteries are being drained on cameras, video cameras, etc. One investigator starts to cry profusely, she has no explanation of why she is crying, she feels sadness. One scout falls on the driveway and hits her forehead, she was taken to the hospital. Video captures a chair moving on its own accord in the barn. 4 EVPs captured by one group. One EVP says Amber and another EVP says disrespect. What is unusual is that on the first investigation here, Angel Kesti captured an EVP that says Amber, so this is the 2nd EVP that says Amber on two separate occasions. Some psychics are feeling heavy presence in the 1st barn and started feeling sick to their stomach, depressed and some started crying. Special Note: To the scout that fell and injured herself. HPI supports you and we wish you a speedy recovery.

Belinda Bentley felt something rubbing her back and when a picture was taken, there was a strange light anomaly on her back. EVP was captured that says ‘just to leave’. Deborah Baughman was with some scouts and they audibly heard with their ears a long ‘nooooooo’ (male voice) and captured the EVP on their recorder and played it back for the group. This EVP was a Class A EVP and was actually chilling to hear. Francine Ures felt her neck being choked. Scouts are capturing designer orbs with faces inside the orbs, you can see the faces when the orbs are enhanced/enlarged. Photographs are being taken with strange white mist. Drumming has been heard in the background. 5 scouts saw Shadow People moving around in the field. Pam Wilson feels she was touched and she has a red welt mark on her arm, could be a spider bite, because another scout gets the same type of mark on his back.

Wow! All kinds of things happened during this session. Angel Kesti was in the first barn with Steve Roland and Steve got the entity to communicate with him by flicking on the light switch off and on and Angel captured it on video and showed everyone on her monitor. Shannon Leischner heard with her ears the words: Halu Ja Bu Mi. Belinda’s group had an unusual experience, the videographer John Shue loses 30 minutes of filming and has no explanation for it, then his video camera shuts off. Belinda and Jeremy see a full body apparition of a lady sitting on the bed. With Staci’s group, one of the scouts felt a presence behind her. Staci’s group captures an orb that is solid white and looks like a bowling ball, they also capture a pink orb. Tiffany’s group, one of the scouts felt something behind her. Sherry’s group, one of the scouts, an empath feels the emotions and feelings of the entity. Sherry’s group received great results with the Frank Box in which the entity says one of the scout’s name and answers with intelligence to the questions being asked. One of the scouts feels a tug on their shirt when the Frank Box answers intelligently to a question being asked. Another scout felt like something was following her. Some scouts heard drumming and distant chanting. Rob Patton and Staci Anderson capture unique designer orb.

A scout named Rhonda felt a hot wet breath on her ear. Scout Gabe picks up EVP that says ‘Becktal’, it was a male whisper. Belinda feels animal spirits roaming the land, one of her scouts gets pinched. Some of her scouts see entities moving back and forth. Belinda gets a tapping on her recorder that responds intelligently to her questions. Staci’s group uses Ghost Radar and picks up on words that make sense to why this place is haunted. One of Tiffany’s scouts uses a Frank Box and the Frank Box says a scout’s name, the Frank Box tells the scouts to leave 5 times and confirms it with a yes. Frank Box locks in on news broadcast about some NC ghosthunters investigating a ghost train and one of the ghosthunters is killed. Was an entity trying to warn us with that broadcast? See the report of the incident here:

Frank Box keeps saying Gordon, when scout asks the entity what his name is. Frank Box is asked to say Tiffany and it says ‘Tiff’. Frank Box when asked where they are investigating and it says Loomis twice. Belinda says that her spirit guide told her 2 weeks ago that she will learn about the death of a ghosthunter and on this night we hear the broadcast of the ghosthunter ran over by a train. Sherry’s group communicates with entity in the barn and the flashlight started flashing, one time for yes and 2 times for no. The answers they got was that a little girl age 7 or 10 years old, died in the barn, she says she harmed herself and that no family member was responsible for her death.

Areas that were investigated: Loft End Barn, Cow Barn, Baughman Home and Well’s Fargo Stop. The investigation sessions are for 45 minutes each. There were 4 investigative sessions in 4 locations of the property. After each investigative session there was an evidence briefing in which we present the evidence captured. To bring the investigators back to the meeting area, I blew the whistle to herd them in. All leads were equipped with walkie talkies. Scouts and investigators pitched up tents, so they could spend the night. My temporary office with my Toshiba laptop was set in a nice trailer, thank you James Baughman for my nice set-up, the trailer made a nice HPI headquarters.

Personal experiences cannot be proved as paranormal. Orbs on still photos cannot be proved as paranormal. Many EVPs were captured and will be further analyzed. The EVP that responded with the name Amber was unique, because we got this same name on another night. The flickering of lights to communicate to the investigators was unexplainable, this happened with two groups and they were getting intelligent responses back by the flickering of the lights, this was captured on video and will soon be displayed at the HPI website. With all of the activity that we gathered during the first investigation and all of the activity that we captured on the second investigation, I would have to deem this property in Loomis as truly haunted.


Elk Grove Citizen:
A reporter and his photographer recently interviewed me in regard to the October 9, 2010 Psychics to Help Solve Cold Case Murder in Elk Grove - Victim: Robert Maisonet.

Hi Paul,

You asked me to write down my experiences from last night and send them to you. There were lots of interesting findings in our group – we were Sherry’s group. Ten of us had come together-friends and family-and my cousin Tracey is a psychic. I don’t think any of us left without a personal experience.

The 2 big experiences that happened to me were as follows…

We went to the Wells Fargo stop. Everyone was doing a shack-hack (frank box) and getting good results by the rocks. I felt somewhat drawn to the pasture beyond so I walked out that way a bit on my own. I was just standing there taking it all in and then I could tell something was running towards me. I could even hear it in the grass. I couldn’t see anything though so I ran back up to the group and told them what I had felt. A few of us walked down again together and I felt someone run up next to me. No one was on that side of me. So, it seemed like something was being drawn to me. Whether it was an animal spirit or a person I don’t know.

Our last stop was the barn up by the house. Our group went in and we all went up to the loft. There was a woman and some people up there from the group before us. Now this was a weird thing—she pretty much kicked all of Sherry’s group out because she wanted to talk to whatever was up there. We all said we had waited all night for our turn at the barn and we would all go downstairs but we would like a turn up there eventually. Strange. And even stranger-it made me very mad. I’m not a very angry person but it really made me mad. I think it was the energy in the room more than my actual feelings. I think whatever was up there was angry and it was making me feel that way too. Anyway, we went downstairs and about 6 or 7 of us went into the small room off the main floor of the barn. Several of us had felt dizzy when we initially walked in so we decided to turn off the flashlights, shut the door and do some EVP. I was standing in the corner nearest the door. We were asking questions with the recorder going. Tracey, our psychic was with us and asking the questions. When she asked for someone to make contact by touching one of us I felt a very hot, moist breathe of air in my right ear. I immediately jumped and turned on the flashlight but I was literally in the corner and there was no way a person could have been in the corner next to me even if they tried. It wasn’t a breeze or a gust of wind nearby it was literally right in my ear like someone was trying to whisper in my ear.

We also did finally get allowed to go upstairs in the barn and our group got some good video of a conversation with spirits using the flashlight.

The whole night was amazing and we really cant wait to join you again for another investigation. My immediate family that was with me was my husband Ben Hall, my daughter Allesandra Brandenburg and me-Rhonda Hall. Please add us to your mailing/emailing list. We live in Carmichael and would love to do this again anytime! We also had some friends and family with us and I think we all felt the same way.

Thank you for an amazing evening!!!

Rhonda adds more:

So some of you have been asking how our paranormal investigation went last night. I am not sure why (maybe it was getting home at 4am?) but I cant seem to talk about it today so I thought I’d write it down. The night started out with us arriving at the location in Loomis at 8pm last night. We were on a 22 acre property in Loomis. There is an old house undergoing renovations on the property, 2 barns, and an area that was a Wells Fargo stop a long time ago. The house is apparently built on an Indian burial ground. The Wells Fargo area was a place where the Indians gathered to do laundry and when Wells Fargo came in and didn’t want the Indians there they would shoot them on sight and leave them there. The family that lives in the house was there and they’ve had a ton of activity so we were there to investigate. There were about 60 people there and they split us into 4 groups and we each investigated all 4 areas separately. Our group consisted of 14 people. 10 of us had gone together—me and my husband Ben, my daughter Sandra, her friends Erica, Drew, Amy and Andi, my Uncle Lou and my cousin Tracey and my cousin Kevin. My cousin Tracey is a psychic and we were hopeful that would give us an advantage. These are my experiences. Just about everyone in our group had experiences, but these are just the ones that stand out in my mind.

First up for our group was investigating the small barn down the drive from the house. I was actually parked by this barn. As we walked down the driveway towards the barn, there was an old woman in front of me who was really walking fast. The driveway was paved but the side of the road was gravel. She was walking too fast. All of a sudden in slow motion she twisted her ankle, fell downhill with all the momentum of her fast walk and slid all the way down and landed on her face with her head underneath the back of my car! Her whole face and forehead were torn up so her investigation ended there with a trip to the hospital. What a way to start the night! I hope she is ok after all of that. After the commotion our group continued on to our investigation in the first barn. Before we even entered the barn I had gone through 2 sets of batteries in my flashlight. While we were inside the batteries in my husband’s GPS also went dead. We went into the barn. Tracey said she felt a vortex of energy. There were 2 cows in the barn so they were making some noise. There was one spot in the barn where I felt dizzy. As soon as I moved out of that spot I was fine. We had some equipment with our group. One man had a pendulum but we didn’t seem to have a lot of success with that. We also had a franks box which is a radio that just keeps scanning channels. You ask questions and the spirits can somehow us the static and whatever is in the radiowaves to pull out words and answer. Its pretty neat to watch. We then did some EVP recording. When we listened back where we asked what the spirits name was you could distinctly hear “Megan”.

Our second location was the house. The family is living there but remodeling so really the only rooms that seemed to be in use were the bedrooms, the bathroom and the kitchen. The rest of the house was semi completed rooms with a lot of open areas to the outside. I personally didn’t feel like there was much going on inside of the house. I did hear clicking and feel drawn to the mound of dirt in the backyard. It’s t dirt that was moved out of the way to do the remodel. My husband thought he saw a shadow move from this mound over to the fence. We did some evp and used the K2 box but with no results. There was one area in the back corner of the new section of the house that had a lot of cold spots and a few people felt odd when they were in there. Part of our group did some investigating inside the bedrooms and saw shadow people.

The third location we went to was the Wells Fargo stop. We walked into the cow pasture and up by these 2 big rocks which were where the Indians gathered. The Wells Fargo people would lie in wait and shoot the Indians there when they wanted to take over the area as their stop. Our whole group participated in an EVP, franks box experiment there. The teenage girl who lives in the house and her friend from next door joined our group this time. We got a lot of answers with the box this time. When asked what is your name, we got the answer “Ian” many times. Also the conversation seemed to lead towards the neighbor boy Robert a lot. While this was going on, I felt drawn further down the pasture. I got up and walked down a ways on my own. I was away from the group and just watching and listening. All of a sudden I heard and felt like someone or something was running towards me. I turned my flashlight on and there was nothing there, but I could hear it running towards me in the grass. I ran back up to the group. My daughter and her friends just loved watching me run back up the hill to them. Then I walked back down the hill with several others in my group. Again I felt something run towards me and it ran right up next to me. I could actually hear it running on the grass. Nothing was there again.

Our last investigation was in the old barn and loft near the house. All night we were hearing from other groups about all of the activity going on in there. Chairs moving, flashlights going on and off, something on someone’s back while they were in there. We were anxious to go inside. When we first went in me and my cousin Kevin walked into the small room on the ground floor of the barn. It is probably about 10x10 with a low ceiling. We both felt really dizzy when we went in there. We all headed up to the loft as that is where all the activity from the night seemed to be. There was a woman up there and a few people from the last group. They were trying to get a spirit to turn on the flashlight. Then the woman told us all to go back downstairs because there were too many people there. As the whole evening had been split up into groups with appointed times to be in each area we were a bit put out that she was using our time and asking us to leave. The strange thing here is I felt really angry about this. I think the energy in the room was just angry. I don’t think it would really have been a big deal to me, but at that moment it just made me really really angry. However, we went downstairs and let her have the time, but told her on our way out that we had been waiting all night for our chance here and we’d really like to have that time. Downstairs about 7 or 8 of us crowded into the small room that had made us dizzy earlier. We turned off our flashlights and turned on the EVP and the K2. I was standing all the way in the corner hanging onto Drew’s arm because it was a little scary. We were doing an EVP session. Tracey was asking the questions. At one point, she asked that if there was a spirit in the room with us to please try to make contact or touch one of us. Immediately I had a very hot breathe of air blow into my right ear. I jumped, turned on my flashlight and turned around. I was literally in the corner, there’s no way anyone could be there. It wasn’t a draft, but a hot breathe right into my ear. After that we finally got a chance to go back up into the loft. I was getting tired, so I just listened to most of the events from outside. The group that went up was able to have a full conversation with a spirit by having it turn my husband’s flashlight on and off. Im looking forward to seeing Kevin’s video to see what really went on up there.

So those are my memories of last night. Thanks to H.P.I International for the whole experience. We all enjoyed it and it opened our minds up to new ideas. Looking forward to the next trip!

Rhonda Hall


Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International)
HPI Halloween Vampire Ball, info found below:
Darkview Videos of HPI Investigations, seen at the link below:
Cellular Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI
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Paranormal Loomis: The 2nd Time Around
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