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 Hell House: The Awakening

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PostSubject: Hell House: The Awakening   Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:00 pm

Name: Hell House: The Awakening
Publisher: Viper Comics
Created and Written by: Chad Feehan and Ryan Dixon
Art by: Tsubasa Yozora
Price: $9.95
Overviewed: Paul Dale Roberts, President, Jazma Online!
Comments: The opening of Hell Houses is about ready to commence! You will learn that Hell House is not a haunted house to entertain people, but it is a way to save people from the darkness. The scene of 9/11 is in the background, as a representative of Hell House speaks to the audience. There are many biblical references, but things go towards another direction, a direction of darkness. In these Hell Houses, when you enter, you are guided into 6 rooms of ghastly sin. This comic book depicts horrific scenes of human desperation. The rapture is uniquely depicted. If you are a little squeamish, be prepared for some scenes of terrifying violence. People turn against each other, leading to more violence. It appears the whole world is topsy turvy with apocalyptic events. The story ends in destruction and how it leads to this climax is absolutely thrilling. Horror found a megalith of monstrous proportions with Hell House: The Awakening! This story is masterfully crafted with intriguing darkness!

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Hell House: The Awakening
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