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 Lightrail, What a Concept. Sigh.

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PostSubject: Lightrail, What a Concept. Sigh.   Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:40 pm

Lightrail, What a Concept. Sigh.
By Paul Dale Roberts

Lightrail. What a concept. Take the lightrail and save money on gas.

Lightrail. What a concept. Take the lightrail and make new friends on your way to work. A great social environment. On some lightrails, they even place the seats in such a way, that 4 people in the seat are looking at each other, because 2 seats face each other. Of course when there is no one sitting in front of you, most people have the habit of placing their feet on the chair. When an RT officer comes by he will tell you not to place your feet on the seat in front of you.

Lightrail. What a concept. Park your car and ride, no worries about parking fees.

Lightrail. What a concept. Save our environment. Ride the lightrail and stop riding solo in your gas guzzling vehicle to work.

Lightrail. What a concept. No more congestion on the freeways. No more bumper-to-bumper commuting to work. Get on the lightrail, sip your coffee and kick back and enjoy the ride.

Lightrail. What happened to the concept? Now they are charging parking fees at various lightrail stations. They are hitting us easy with only paying $1.00 a day for parking, but before you know it they will be increasing the parking fare, along with increasing the monthly passes. Don't tell me they won't do this, they will. I already hear grumbling amongst the passengers that they are charging for parking and some passengers are already talking about driving to work again. By charging us for parking, they are defeating the purpose of what lightrail was all about. Why fix something, when it isn't broken?

Lightrail. It was once a concept. Sigh.
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Lightrail, What a Concept. Sigh.
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