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 Another Look at Paranormal Loomis/Paranormal Rebuttal

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PostSubject: Another Look at Paranormal Loomis/Paranormal Rebuttal   Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:29 pm


Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager


Paul & Shannon,

I want to thank you for being so helpful at the Loomis sight, and having such competent people who are interested in the paranormal. The first responders and paramedics were great. I wish I could thank every one of them.

After I fell, I ended up with 6 stitches up my forehead, a large laceration across my nose where my glasses dug in, 2 black eyes, and abrasions on elbows and knees. And that was before the fun started!

I am sorry I missed the old stage stop; I really wanted to see it. I shot images when I first arrived, but nothing turned up on them. Many times when I bring up images on my computer, they have orbs, mists, and other anomalies. Not that evening.

However, when I first got there I walked around by myself just ‘feeling’ what I could pick up about this place. I am a sensitive and sometimes see, hear, and smell things others don’t. I am also a Christian and have never been “ghost hunting” before because the Lord tells me not to engage in those things. This is what I picked up at the Loomis site:

Upon arrival, I experienced an overwhelming sense of sadness as I walked around the property. I didn’t feel so much that this was a burial ground, but more that it is a very sacred place to the early Native Americans who lived there. They believed that Human Beings were the caretakers of the Earth and its wildlife, and had great respect for nature. The concept of anyone ‘owning’ the land was not one they understood.

When white men came to California they brought with them cattle and livestock who devastated and ate crops and grasses that deer and elk had been sustained by. They put up fences and built homes on land where Native Americans had lived in peace, with nature, in a balanced way of life which had existed for centuries!

The sadness I felt at this site was about the desecration of their sacred place! There are cows grazing on this land, as well as goats and other animals. Would you want cows, sheep, horses, eating grass, and crapping, where your parents are buried? I would not! Would you want people building homes on graves and other sacred places which were important to you and your ancestors? I know I wouldn’t.

That is what I felt as I walked around the property; sadness. When we headed down to the cow barn, I really don’t know what caused the fall. Whatever it was propelled me UNDER a car and slammed me into a tire, face first! I don’t usually fall, and the few times I have, I’ve never hurt myself. As I lay under the car I heard an inner voice say, “The spirit world is MY business, not yours! You don’t belong here!”

Being a Christian, I believe it was the Lord telling me I shouldn’t have been there. You can take it any way you wish. I just wanted to tell you what I ‘felt’ when I visited the farm (for what it’s worth). Thanks for the invite, but I don’t think I will be attending any future “ghost hunts”. Take care.

Cheryl Barwick

One nation, under God!
In God We Trust.....

Paranormal Rebuttal
By Lisa Gottschalk
Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

There is an article in which you have written entitled, “Ghostly Visitations at Gonsalves Winery: Martinez, CA”
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

There is an error stated within this article and it needs to be clarified and corrected to reflect the truth as well as give credit where credit is rightfully due.

In the article it states:
Kimberly also has created an experiment for her ghost hunts and I will let her explain it in her own words: “I purchased a container of “glow powder” from This powder is made of phosphorescent zinc sulfide. During our investigations, we take the powder and put it on our clothing, arms, or an object in the room. The theory is that when a spirit touches you, it will cause the powder to glow. During our investigation tonight, we had two investigators who had glow powder on their shirts and pants. We asked the spirit to touch us and we would glow. One investigator’s shirt began to glow, and the other’s pants were glowing. We also placed glow powder on the couch we were sitting on, the exact location is on the arm of the couch and one cushion. When the investigators got up from the couch, the cushion was glowing.”
I would like to state that Kimberly Phillips did not create this experiment.

This experiment was introduced to myself and other members of the paranormal team SJVPR on April 24, 2010.

Andy Coppock who is known by many in the paranormal world as the creator of the Full Light Spectrum Camera as well as his brilliant invention ITC Probe, was the individual who came up with this experiment. Based upon the Full Light Spectrum Camera and how it captures the images of the “spirits” this camera takes pictures not within the visible light spectrum that you and I see. It captures the image within the Ultra Violet Ray spectrum somewhere in the 200-400nm range, making it shorter than visible light but longer than X-Ray. Andy came up with an idea that if spirits are indeed within the Ultra Violet spectrum and UV rays are capable of causing many substances to glow or fluoresce it would be possible that with the assistance of this chemical, phosphorescent zinc sulfide (which is what “Glow in the Dark” products contain) if a spirit made physical contact with someone who has the powder on their clothing, skin, etc..that they should “glow.” With that in mind Andy offered the powder to each and every one us. We asked if any spirits were present to touch one of us. We explained aloud to the spirits that this was a test we were conducting and to please assist us on proving Andy’s theory. What was to follow was incredible. I had the powder on my thighs, others had it on their shirts, and their bare arms. I stood up and asked for one of the spirits to touch my legs and pointed exactly to where I had placed the powder. Within a few moments my legs lit up like a Christmas tree while the others clothing and bare arms began to glow as well.

I am not the type of person who refuses to share any new techniques that I have been introduced to. However, when something is being stated as a creation by someone who did not come up with the idea I feel compelled to set the record straight. Therefore I am stating it here that Kimberly Phillips did not create the test or experiment of the glow in the dark powder. It was Mr. Andy Coppock and the credit needs to be given to him and not Kimberly.

Thank you
Lisa Gottschalk

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Another Look at Paranormal Loomis/Paranormal Rebuttal
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