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 Whitney L. Moore, Paranormal Experiencer

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PostSubject: Whitney L. Moore, Paranormal Experiencer   Wed Sep 15, 2010 1:52 am

Interview with Whitney L. Moore, Paranormal Experiencer
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Question: Whitney, please tell me something personal about yourself, your hobbies, recreational activities, family life, etc.

Answer: I am originally from Colorado, but have always loved traveling, and when I was 19, joined a magazine crew and traveled to Arizona, California, Oregon, and Michigan. I returned home and started over. I began working at the local phone company, Mountain Bell, where I progressed from a directory assistance operator to a systems analyst, and was given an early retirement after 28 years. After a few ‘survival’ jobs, I landed into my current career as a trainer/implementation support specialist. This job is almost custom made for me as it incorporates training people on a new application and involves a lot of travel. I love it! Yes, I was married, for 13 years to a hard working guy, who was a wonderful father for our 2 daughters. He adopted my first girl, and we had one of our own. Unfortunately, alcohol became his escape. And I had to leave him.
Hobbies: love to dance, sing karaoke, cook a mean lasagna, and when I have a garden, I enjoy gardening. Like traveling, driving, going places. I am not the athletic type, but , I do enjoy the mountains, walking on trails, going to the beach, etc. I am reading the book called Into Thin Air, which is about Mount Everest expeditions. (Not something I would do!)

Question: You told me some interesting things on Facebook and I had to interview you. Can you tell me about the time you predicted your friend was going over to China?

Answer: Yes, back at home for a weekend in early July, my friend, was preparing for her mission to China, to teach English, it was only a 3-week mission. She had been unemployed since April, money was non-existent. She needed $2000 for the expedition.
However, she kept making preparations to go, getting her passport, Visa paper, and immunizations. I told her I was happy she was moving forward with the steps required to be able to go, because I told her something was going to open up, and she wouldn’t need to worry about the money. Within 10 days she contacted me with joy in her voice that she had been sponsored by a benevolent couple at the church. So, my feelings were spot on!

Question: Whitney, it definitely seems like you are a ‘sensitive’, a person with psychic abilities. Can you tell me about some of the unusual dreams that you have? What do you think they mean?

Answer: I had a dream maybe some 30+ years ago. The biological father of my 1st born, had passed away from brain tumors in March 91. This dream occurred just after Christmas 91, in this dream, a man in the dream was there, we were traveling along a large body of water, at first I thought we were walking, then realized we moving much too quickly. He was asking me to join him, to come be with him. He said he had a beautiful place for us across the water. I told him I could not go with him, that I still had my girls to raise. So he left. The dream had impressed me so much. It was maybe 10 days after that, that the mother of his other child, same age as my oldest, was in a fatal car accident. So she went with him. To this day, I believe that the man was in fact the father of my daughter. I believe he wanted me to join him in the hereafter. I hope they have found peace.

Question: It seems like the paranormal pops into your life here and there. What is the scent thing that you experience?

Answer: The scent of roses, I experienced a week or so after a dear friend Rose had passed away. I was given the feeling that she was ok and that I need not worry.

Question: Tell me about your great grandmother.

Answer: My great-grandmother Dolly, used to do ‘readings’ for people in Denver. According to my mother, she was good enough that some of Denver’s elite would come for her readings. She only used a deck of cards, but she would be able to tell if a woman’s husband was cheating or not, or if someone was seriously ill. I think it was a great gift. She also taught herself to play piano, and was the ‘music’ at theaters in Kansas and in Denver for the silent movies.

Question: Do you believe in the afterlife?

Answer: Most definitely!

Thank you Whit for this fantastic interview!

Date of Interview: September 14, 2010
Time of Interview: 1800 Hours
Location: Starbucks – Manzanita and Madison
Sacramento, CA



HPI Reptilianologist John Shue says:
Paul, after the group went to the Holbrook Hotel, team alpha hpi (angel, me and jacob) went on a little reconassiance mission of our own. We drove back to the street where the lady lived and decided to park. I remembered where she lived from my google street view search earlier that day. Not five minutes later, a guy in a SUV drove up... he told us what were we doing there and we should leave. Definately that place has something going on but I do not think it is Shapeshifters or Reptoids.

Information obtained by CV Paranormal:
The client in Grass Valley also produced a YouTube Video in which she believes that when you hear lawnmowers, weed whackers, leaf blowers, that these people are making this noise in unison. She believes there is a collective mind working to create this noise. The noise is created to disguise the noise of 'gassing'. The gassing is of normal human beings, making us sick, giving us diseases, cancer, etc. Come to find out the client has cancer and she blames it on the neighbors who are Reptilians.

From Sherry Andersen, HPI Reptilianologist:
Hello Paul,
Here is the link to my photos taken last night in Grass Valley.
It was a very interesting investigation, to say the least...We meet all kinds of people during investigations and have learned to make a pretty clear judgment within 15-20 mins. I believe something is going on here but not what we came out to investigate. Our thought and prayers are with this client.
Hey no worries, as always we enjoyed hanging together. So yes we drove far and were not able to fulfill our mission. But your alternative investigations were great. I have a soft spot for old architecture, and a love for cemeteries. The Irish cemetery did not disappoint, it was beautiful. Almost all the souls there were from Ireland. My Great Great Grandfather was conscripted into the English Navy from Dublin, then jumped ship in New York. Although I did not find any stones stating the interred was from Dublin, I felt a bit of a connection to the names on the stones. The strength it took for those people to move from one country to another, to move their families to a strange land not knowing what the future holds, the culture shock, knowing they may never again see extended family left back in Ireland, where will they live? where will their food come from? how will they make money? those uncertainties would be overwhelming to some of us. I had a difficult time when we moved our family from Southern California to Sacramento. sheesh That move pales in compare. It just shows that the old traditions of family, community, and church ties are worthy of consideration. So yes sometimes it does take a Village...
See you at the next one!
Sherry Andersen
Central Valley Paranormal Searchers
Premier Female Lead Paranormal Investigative Team
Lodi and Sacramento, California

Shout out to Tracy McDonald, Wayne Johnson, Michael 'Fuggi' Fugginetti, Cathy Orange, Michelle Banta, Willie Reid, London 'Mark' Greer!

Great issue and I want to go over a few things. I am glad they are bringing back the Conan the Barbarian franchise and I am glad it’s not an old Arny. Priest, Salt, Inception look good and yes, I will check out the DVDs. I am not going to watch The Expendables. I enjoyed your review. Your review of the Expendables is the same story I hear from everyone that saw it, it sucks. Since Arny is in it, I have no desire to see it, Arny has taken money away from me, yeah..I live in California. Danny Trejo is a damn good actor and I am looking forward to Machete, lucky bastard got to kiss Jessica Alba 8 times. I am disappointed that Jonah Hex bombed, I used to read the comic book. Green Hornet…oh yeah..I’m there! The Human Centipede, I love macabre grossness. Yeah, I’m there and I don’t care what anyone says, I am eating a big In & Out double cheeseburger while watching it!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International)
Dark View HPI Videos
Cellular Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

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Whitney L. Moore, Paranormal Experiencer
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