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 Nidia Y. Holmes, Spiritual Reader and Voodoo Practitioner

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PostSubject: Nidia Y. Holmes, Spiritual Reader and Voodoo Practitioner   Sat Sep 18, 2010 3:52 am

Nidia Y. Holmes, Spiritual Reader, Voodoo Practitioner
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager - President

To see pictures of Nidia, stop by here:

Question: Nidia, can you tell me something personal about yourself? Your hobbies, recreational activities, family life, etc.

Answer: I am traditional southern lady born in the south, raised part time in the west. I love to cook, laugh, and spend time with my family. Everyday is a day to dress up for me! I am the woman you see at her kid’s soccer game in a ball gown in heels, why? Cause I CAN. Did I mention I have an ego the size of Texas? Feed me cake and compliments. On my free time I am writing a cook book/words of wisdom book. And as a special bonus I am a devote Catholic. My faith is my reason and a guide to my purpose.

Question: How long have you lived in Sacramento? What are some of your favorite places to visit in Sacramento, favorite places to eat?

Answer: I’ve lived part-time in Sacramento since 1983. My parents were divorced and my mother was stationed at McClellan AFB. Each year I would travel back and forth between the two. She remained here after retirement. My dad returned to Georgia after he retired. My parents are both from a small town in Georgia, which is where our family has remained. I was stationed in Georgia while in the military and returned to Sacramento in 2009.

I’d say my favorite place right now is the Dim Sum House on Broadway. Of course I am always a faithful customer of La Bou as they gave me my first job back in High School, and put up with my crap.

I love to go to the Sunday Market, and Caesar Chavez Park, you never know what you will find. I also love the Old City Cemetery; you never know what you will find there either. I like to shake my thang at Tre’. I am a serial stalking customer of Arden Mall and Doubletake Hair Salon.

Question: Nidia, you have such an exciting background. Before I get into that background, you also are an entrepreneur, can you tell me about your businesses? How can someone contact you?

Answer: With the encouragement of my family I have stepped into the world of spiritual readings. Since the age of 3 I have been able to see spirits, sense the death of people, and hear their thoughts and emotions. I have the ability to tell a person what point they are in their life and what it can lead to. My readings are based on what is happening in your life at the time, so as life changes so can the readings. The freaky part about my readings is I can sense stressful or dramatic changes in my client’s emotions when they are miles away. I have a network of clients now that I call from time to time to find out why I am sensing anxiety or loss from them. My friends hate it and tell me to stay out of their heads.

With the reading I also incorporated my skills in making voodoo charms. I generally practice the art of protection and healing. But as you know both can take on many forms.

Question: Okay, now here is where we get into the exciting stuff. Can you tell me how you got into Voodoo? Most people think of Voodoo as placing the Mojo on someone or taking Voodoo dolls and sticking pins into them. Can you elaborate on how Voodoo has influenced your life and what it means to you?

Answer: Unfortunately Voodoo has this commercialized horror factor, it’s funny to me. But, most practitioners are not amused. We humans, spirits, living creatures and plants are all connected in birth, life and death. Voodoo shows us how we are unified. It also teaches us how to respect and coexist with each other.

I practice healing and protection as a base or Root Work. I make charms and oils using items that connect with the issues I am trying to “root” out. When I make these items I read the client to find the nature of the problem. My grandmother always said, to find the top of the problem and work done. Sometimes a person may have a problem in life they identify as untrustworthy people in their arena. When I read them I may find that, past issues with a parent of a traumatic event, make this person unable to trust and in affect unreliable to others. My job is to heal the core of the problem so that all other issues will fall into place.

In my life voodoo has given me the ability to see things for what they are. My powers of discernment are stronger and I also respect nature’s ability to dispense justice.

Question: It appears you have psychic abilities, at the age of 3 was your first experience, can you explain?

Answer: From the age of 3 to about 12 I slept under the covers. At 3 the only thing I could vocalize to my grandmother was witches and Frankenstein were standing over my bed at night. She explained to me these were spirits who needed help and to not be afraid. Some will hurt you, but remember never allow them to take you, she would say. As I got older I would see spirits randomly, they would follow me, feed me thoughts and I would ignore them.

When I was 6 I was staying at my babysitter’s house and one night I heard someone chewing on rubber loudly, I opened my eyes and on my bed was a little boy in a hooded sweatshirt, and blue jeans. The hood was up and he was chewing on the cord of the sweater. I put my hand thru his body and tried to wipe him away, only as I wiped through him with my hand starting from the head to his torso, his torso still remained and I could still hear the chewing. I screamed for my babysitter at that point. The next day as we were having breakfast, she read the paper. She gasped oh my lord another child missing, and asked her to read me the story. When she was done I told her he was already dead and his blood was running down a gutter. She slapped me and told me not to say such things.

My grandmother would tell me this will only last so long. It was not till 2000 when I entered the military that this did catch up with me. First time I was really sick with pneumonia during basic training and had to be hospitalized. One night I woke up and it was pitch dark in my room. On my bed was a soldier in a hospital gown and a Kevlar helmet. He was sitting on my bed. As we looked at each other I realized he had a large red spot on the middle of his gown and it was growing. Blood was seeping from his abdomen. I was so scared I rolled over and closed my eyes tight. The next day I told my Drill Sergeant, and he said it was all the drugs and it caused me to hallucinate. Later he came to me and said I probably did see something, the hospital I was in was the place they kept all of the injured soldiers coming back from overseas during World War II.

Later, I was pregnant with my first child, my grandmother told me to wait for the spirit to come and introduce him or herself as the person who would be reborn as my child. She referred this as the ‘Introduction’. She explained I could be visited by many entities, they are shopping she said. They will watch and follow you, the most interested will stay. I listened but chalked it up to her crazy talk. One night I was driving down an old country road and I hit a deep curve that ended into a huge oak tree. It was so weird, because it was like the road ended at the site of this tree. As I saw myself about to run into this tree I looked in my rear view, in the backseat was a beautiful man in a Navy officer’s uniform from the turn of the century. He was American Indian, tall, high cheeked boned, trim…just gorgeous. We looked at each other, I said help me and just like that my car
straightened out. I looked back and he was gone; however in my name he planted his name was Bob. From that point on I paid attention.

Question: It sounds like this American Indian entity could have been your spirit guide or maybe your guardian angel. How fascinating. You told me that your grandmother and father have abilities, can you elaborate on this?

Answer: My grandmother said the same thing! But when you meet my son you know this kid is wise beyond his years. He also connects with you spiritually and is aware of your emotions. My husband tells me all the time, his best friend is our oldest son. He is also beautiful to look upon; and I’m not saying this because I am his mother.

Question: You will soon, be on your first paranormal investigation as an official HPI paranormal investigator and cleanser? Are you ready for this next step?

Answer: I am ready, I’ve spent too long feeling as if my abilities were not a blessing and down playing God, who has given me this gift and the strength to do it. I have been through a lot and seen a lot of bad things in my life. It was not till after I stopped playing the victim role and recognized that I can control my life with God’s help; did I really start to live. My purpose in life is to help others live, above the strife, above the pain, above our own insecurities.

Question: I want to get to know more about you, before I continue on with this incredible interview, can you tell me what your favorite song is, your favorite TV shows, favorite movies and favorite books?

Answer: All time favorite song, is Bill Withers “ain’t no sunshine,” second being Prince’s “Purple Rain! Favorite shows would be Martin, and True Blood. Favorite movie is The Color Purple. My favorite book is Ralph D. Ellison’s The Invisible Man.

Question: Besides encountering ghosts, have you ever experienced anything else paranormal, UFOs, shapeshifters, etc?

Answer: No aliens or UFO’s yet, but I’m open!

Question: You have been overseas, can you tell me where you visited and for what reason?

Answer: I’ve been to Saudi Arabia, Korea, Spain, and Germany with the military. My plan is to visit all these countries again at some point of time.

Question: Are there any other paranormal encounters you forgot to mention in this interview, that you can discuss?

Answer: Spirits come to me at many times, some are emotional representations other than physical. I have seen some acting out murders, being whipped, dying, planting flowers…you name it. Each time they have looked at me directly in my eyes.

Question: If you had 6 dinner guests, 3 historical and 3 fictional, who would they be?

Answer: Zora Neal Huston, Abraham Lincoln, Malcolm X, Porky Pig, a Brown Paper Bag and a Monkey.

Question: If people want to contact you, is there an email they can reach you at? Are you on Facebook?

Answer: I am on facebook! But you’re liable to see anything on my site. I do have a group called Nidiaism 101, these are the things that fall out of my mouth daily, my ways of teaching, making amends and just plain telling it like it.

Question: What is the name of your business?

Answer: Mademoiselle Labelle Event Planner, Caterer and Reader. Email: (916) 572-7532.

Question: You mentioned to me off-the-record that you met a few celebs, can you tell me who they are and how you met them?

Answer: Recently I did a groupie move on the rapper TI. He was at Atlantic Station in Atlanta, GA. While walking with his bodyguards, they surrounded him, except for a small space in front. So I went for it and I ran right to him and hugged him. My cousin was so disgusted, I was in love. Poor guy probably was shocked and scared. Groupies can be lethal.

I also met Scotty Pippen back in the day at a club called Millennium in downtown Sacramento. He smiled I smiled, it was love for me, I’m sure he was probably thinking please don’t jump on me.

Question: Thank you for this wonderful interview. Is there anything else, that you might want to talk about before closing, if not, do you have any words of wisdom for your readers?

Answer: To be honest is never wrong, even in the worst of situations. No one can argue with a person that speaks the truth. Whenever talking to someone look into their eyes. The mouth can lie, but the eyes never do. Do not look for definition from other, define what or whom you are on your own, know your worth and demand full payment of it at the door.


I recently went on a trip to New Orleans. It has been my lifelong dream to go. I always felt like it was home. When I arrived it was like a rebirth, as if I was back where I belonged. I felt confident walking up and down the street as if I knew where I was going. I went to specific places for dinner on streets that seemed familiar. Took the commercial based tours to measure the safety, then I went out on my own. Going thru the cemeteries especially St. Louis number 1. I felt a mix of longing, loss and joy. It was like my friends and family was in my midst once again. I wanted to buy pretty dresses, hats and walk along the riverbank sampling sweets. It felt as if I knew what and where to go.

All my life I have felt I had a past life. My grandmother always told me I had an old soul. When I went to NOLA I was read by a psychic who told me I had been here many times. She even asked me to tell her about my lives. I told her I had been a drunken man insistent on blaming other for my problems. A prostitute with no hope. A broken woman lamenting the loss of children but, unwilling to leave the man who caused their deaths. For a short time I was a man who was lucky then lost BIG. Oddly enough I was a fish that loved.

I have always felt that I was related to Madam Marie Laveau. Not actually her, but a child of hers that did not appreciate or respect her belief and art. It was when I went to NOLA I found my name, Philomene. I felt a sense of loss, guilt and regret from this life. I do not believe that in this life I truly respected or believed in what my mother could do. I was not beautiful as her or my sister. I was plain in all accounts and had no real talent. So I used my ability to twist lies into tales for attention. There is a picture of Marie Laveau II in the Voodoo Museum in New Orleans. When I visited I was fascinated by this picture, and I knew that it was me and not who it was historically represented it to be. I wanted to take the picture down and scream at the injustice of it all. At the same time I was comforted that I was in a place that appreciated and worshiped the life of Madam Laveau. As if by it all there was some comfort in knowing I would always be in her presence. As if coming back now, gave me the peace I needed with her.

Which leads me to the catalyst to each of my past lives; my mother has always been present in some form. The dynamics of my mother and my relationship is ridiculous. She can’t stand me nor I her, yet we are equally drawn to each other in fascination. In my youth my mother was distant, cold, and a tormentor. It is my belief that our past lives and present life will continue to be connected; playing out the contents of what brought us together, until we get it right. What we need to get right I don’t know. But I do know we have to be willing to do it at the same time.

Adding about my reading abilities….

I have the ability to read photographs, and sometimes people over the phone. It is easier for me to read with the least amount of information from you. I usually just start off with the name and if the person is in front of me, I touch the client. I look into my client's eyes and feel thru their vision. For spirits I maintain eye contact as well, more so to make sure I am dealing with who they say they are. Spirits take the form of what they perceive themselves to be. Some even have the power to change themselves into others. The afterlife in my opinion mirrors what we can do here. We have the ability to learn, to become aware and to move. Some learn to do so, others sit waiting for something to happen. Some grow tired of waiting; do something, like move a chair or speak and are just as shocked as we are. Still there are those who are just evil, angry and refuse to learn their lesson. I have learned that in life a spirit could have been the nicest person around or just a fun loving person. However in another perspective, a person during their period of death and their afterlife, they can harbor evil. Or in death a truth was revealed to them they just could not handle. I do not help spirits to crossover, I leave that to the more experienced and powerful. I do listen and act as a message bearer. You cannot really reason with someone who is dead. They just as we have, create a life based on what they perceive to be real. This world is everything to them and they will fight for it. Out of all spirits I enjoy the older ones that use us for entertainment value. They are fun! I hate hospitals, to the point of avoiding them. Too much life entering, life exiting, life on the line for me, it’s just heavy.


Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International)
Dark View HPI Videos
Cellular Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

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Nidia Y. Holmes, Spiritual Reader and Voodoo Practitioner
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