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 Real Monsters by Brad Steiger

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PostSubject: Real Monsters by Brad Steiger   Sat Sep 18, 2010 5:10 am

Name: Real Monsters, Gruesome Critters, and Beasts from the Darkside
Author: Legendary Brad Steiger
Price: $19.95
Reviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts – President
HPI General Manager
Comments: Brad Steiger is definitely an Esoteric Detective and Fortean Investigator. His interests and investigations have lead him to investigate ALL things paranormal. In this book, he proves that by taking you down a trail of unknown qualities, that may lead you to encountering Bigfoot, Mothman, The Jersey Devil, Nessie, Chupacabras, Werewolves, Thunderbirds, Springheeled Jack, Dover Demon, Flatwoods Monster, Mokele-Mbembe, just to name a few. You hear about people seeing big cats that seem to be out of place, such as the black panthers seen on hillsides of England. In this book you will learn about mysterious cougars and African lions in Indiana or the big vampire cat of Bladenboro that takes a liking in killing dogs or how about the Beast of Bolivia? If big cats scare you…then you might want to move along and get some stories on Bigfoot, Sasquatch and even the Bogwish. You will learn how William Hall was kidnapped by 4 Sasquatch and when he spoke to them and said he was only hunting for food, they seemed to understand and were no more a threat to William. Another thing that kind of gives me the creeps are black dogs that herald doom or disaster. You will find some stories by Nick Redfern, famous monster hunter in this book. You will learn how the Vikings brought the story of a Hell Hound named Black Shuck to Anglia. If you encounter a Black Shuck, your life may be headed down the wrong road and you will find yourself paranoid with fear. This is one dog to stay away from. Michael Myers is one of the most famous movie bogey man that hit the silver screens, but in Brad Steiger’s book, you will learn about many types of bogey men and they don’t just live underneath your bed. Chris Griffin of Family Guy had his own bogey man, the evil monkey that lives in his closet, but would you believe a guy named Don witnessed a bogey man that actually looked like a cartoon character. The bogey man he witnessed was bright red in the appearance of Satan, wearing polka dot underwear and carrying a pitchfork. The bogey man scared the daylights out of Don, even though the bogey man looked like a Warner Brothers cartoon or something out of Family Guy. One bogey man story after another that will place goosebumps up and down your arm! If you want demons, you have it here. If you want living dinosaurs, you have it here. also have flying humanoids. Many flying humanoids have been seen flying over Mexico. Jaime Maussan discusses and shows video footage of the many flying humanoids seen. One of the best stories coming out of Mexico is the story of a flying humanoid that attacked a policeman and in Brad’s book, the story is here! Yes! A reliable source, a police officer tells of that scary night in Mexico, when a flying humanoid, a woman with a black cape, large black eyes landed right in front of his patrol car! What happens after that, you will have to find out here in Brad’s book! The rest of this book has stories about big snakes, goblins, gremlins, headless horseman, ghosts, ancient beings from hollow earth, Abandondero (underground dwellers), Mapinguary – an extinct monster that may still live in Matto Grosso, Orang Pendek – the little man of the Sumatra Jungle, a zillion lake monsters like Meshekenabek, Lizard Men, Yeti, monsters from flying saucers, Reptilian shapeshifters, Shadow People like the Three Sisters of Death; vampires and much, much more! With Real Monsters I was mesmerized from start to finish, these are unforgettable stories. In-depth monster stories that pack a wallop! I must warn the reader, some of these stories are gripping stuff, nail biting monster stories of everything imaginable! I will have to say, give up the idea of sleeping, until you are completely finished with this book! Some of these stories would make Stephen King blink. You also get a ‘dream team’ of contributors! Brad Steiger once again proves he is a thrill master when he delivers his stories to the reader! Real Monsters is remarkable and possibly unprecedented to any other cryptozoological book out there. Brad delivers no mercy once more!
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Real Monsters by Brad Steiger
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