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 UFOs Over Lodi?

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PostSubject: UFOs Over Lodi?   Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:13 am

Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
w/an added note.

Saturday September 18, 2010. The CVPS team is heading to a very unusual case. We were asked by Jeffrey Gonzalez (founder of Sanger Paranormal Society and Section State Director/Investigator for MUFON) if we would help him out on a case in Lodi since his schedule was preventing him from taking the case. A very big Thank You goes out to Mr. Gonzalez.

For very personal reasons this case captured my attention instantly. The home owner is reporting that starting in July of this year he witnessed a UFO in the eastern skies of Lodi. The homeowner's father passed in July and that is when things started. He was depressed and would sit outside and look at the stars at night. He started noticing strange things. He believes they are UFO's. He began taking pictures and video of them. Not long after, he began to feel a presence in his home. He feels he is being watched. He sees faces in windows and in reflections on glass and the television, or any reflective surface. He says these faces range from just weird looking "troll" like, to full on demonic looking. He believes "they" are messing with him and trying to cause him distress as some kind of cruel joke.

They have been experiencing severe electrical problems. Their computers will crash for no reason, monitors break and won't work, and they constantly get disconnected on all phone calls. They have had a few things go "missing". He feels his daughter is seeing things too, she acts scared and calls for him. He heard helicopters hovering over his home for long periods of time. He believes they were military. He has seen other planes and helicopters that make no sound.

He states that when watching television it will turn fuzzy and he sees images in the background. He states that there are signs "someone" has been around the house. Marks in the concrete and breaks that weren't there before. And a strange burning smell around the concrete.

His wife has seen the UFOs a few times, but is not experiencing anything that he sees. Friends have witnessed the UFOs also, and now won't come back over.

The homeowner won't sleep at night and can't function to work. He states that since the first night he witnessed this, he has been seeing strange flying objects almost daily since. He states that he has seen numerous helicopters and air planes in the area during these times and they are completely different from the lights he is seeing. This family is extremely upset and these experiences are affecting their daily lives.

As I stated earlier, this case hits a little close to home for me. Almost ten years ago I had a UFO encounter here in Lodi that excited and terrified me at the same time. During that time I was also living in a home that had paranormal activity. A friend who was with me experienced the UFO also, and afterwards began having strange things happen to him. But that's a very long story......

Back to Saturday night. CVPS investigators tonight are Crystal Scudder, Kimberly Phillips, Sherry Andersen and Amber Williams. We arrive just after 9:00pm. During our preliminary interview with the clients the previous week, we noticed after just a quick sweep of the apartment very high levels of EMF. So our first order of business was finding the source. We took over an hour scouring the apartment from top to bottom inside and out. We discovered that the electrical box from the utility company located in the parking lot has wires that lead directly down the pathway to the client's apartment and go along it to the west and south. Using a Trifield meter we found that it was pegged right off of their patio and along a few of the walls. We also discovered numerous areas in the home that were extremely high with EMF.

Is this high EMF causing the clients to experience the "paranormal activity" they claim. We are about to find out.

After taking our base EMF and temperature readings, and taking our base pictures, we began the night with an EVP session. We all gathered in the living room with the clients and went dark. Equipment being used at this time was; digital cameras, digital audio recorders, EMF detector, Trifield Meter, KII Meter, flashlights and Ghost Radar.

Although they wanted to be there during the EVP session, the clients were very nervous. You could almost cut the anxiety in the room with a knife. Right away when we went dark the homeowner stated he could see the shadows on the wall that he sees almost nightly. He states they are approximately shoe size and move around the wall of the living room like they are crawling. We weren't getting any hits on the EMF or KII meter at this time. I went to the wall to try and find out what he was seeing. I placed my hand on the wall and asked whatever was there to please touch me or show themselves to me as they do to him.

During this time two things happened. First I took a temperature reading of the area near my hand. It was 89.6„a. Which I found odd because the average temperature of that area just an hour earlier was only 74„a. The second thing that happened was, I witnessed a small very dark shadow move quickly across the wall and around the corner into the hallway. Did I witness what the homeowner was seeing or was it the power of suggestion? I can't be 100% sure. We did not capture it on video.

We decided to call the first session to an end and take a break. Although the session was relatively uneventful, the clients were feeling more and more anxious. We decided to walk outside for some fresh air and see if we could find some UFOs.

After letting everyone relax a little we began our second EVP session in the daughter's bedroom. This time we had some action! All six of us were sitting on the floor with the equipment in the center of us. I began asking for whoever was there to make their presence known. Right away all three meters started going crazy. This startled the clients and we had to take a minute to explain that it was ok, that they were just letting us know they were there.

A little while into the session the ghost radar came up with two words. One was January and the other was a name. We asked if this name had any significance. The client's wife validated that the name was a deceased family member and that she died in January.

We continued investigating inside and out. We did not spot any UFOs tonight. We did however have some strange KII Meter hits that may have been something trying to communicate with us. And we did capture a few EVPs. The first EVP came right at the beginning of the 2nd session. We were discussing why our night vision on the video camera stopped working. One of our investigators asks "is it working?" and you hear a long drawn out whispered "no". The second one came from the same room and as I am asking it to keep coming closer when the EMF meter starts going off, you hear a distinct "shh". Obviously it didn't want me to talk anymore! The last EVP is almost impossible to make out. It is a long sentence, but is whispered and spoken quickly. The only word we could make out was "water".

So what do we think about this case? Well, first thing we have to do to be sure is get the EMF levels taken care of. That's being worked on this week. We didn't capture any UFO evidence, but we do have a few EVPs and validation from the clients.

The EMF may be causing some of the activity, however, I don't believe it is causing all. Drawing on my own personal UFO experience, I find myself believing something is going on. Just can't be sure what. We are going to continue working the clients to determine what exactly is going on. We are going to keep watching the skies and have cameras ready.

We left some sage with the clients and will be back this week to perform a blessing on the home. Already they are feeling better. They said it was nice to just be able to talk to someone without being judged. And that right there, is the reason we are here.

Stay tuned, I'm sure this adventure in Lodi is far from over.

Kimberly Phillips
For the Central Valley Paranormal Searchers Team

Added Note from Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Great job Kimberly! Here is an added factor about UFOs in Lodi.

In 1896 Lodi, two people were nearly abducted in Lodi, California. Colonel H. G. Shaw, along with his friend Camille Spooner, had a close encounter with a UFO. Shaw was in charge of putting together an exhibition to be displayed at a Fair in Fresno. Shaw and friend were traveling by horse and carriage in route to Stockton, when their horse froze with fright.

Shaw and Spooner were paralyzed with fear when they saw what their horse was reacting to, they saw three tall alien looking beings. They had small delicate hands at the end of their spindly arms. They had no hair on their heads, yet a soft, light fuzz over their bodies. Large eyes made their small mouths and ears appear even smaller. The two eyewitnesses would later tell authorities that the beings had a "strange" type of beauty to them.

All of the beings carried with them a bag of some kind with a hose which they often stuck in their mouths, obviously to breath with. Although there was still some daytime left, the beings also carried with them egg-shaped lamps which glowed. This glow would later illuminate a waiting spaceship.

As the men watched the aliens, the beings were communicating with each other by a type of chant, and no English words were heard by Shaw and Spooner. The men would tell authorities that the aliens made an attempt to abduct them, but that the large difference in mass between the human and alien body thwarted the effort.

Soon, the three alien beings made a move toward a nearby bridge. Using their other worldly lamps, the aliens lighted up the bridge, showing a nearby craft. The UFO was of a cigar shape, and it hovered quietly over the water. The beings seemed to be almost lighter than air, as they moved toward their craft. It seemed that the aliens would almost leave the ground as they walked on the earth.

So as you can see, mysterious things have been happening in Lodi for quite a long time. Not to mention that a UFO was seen over Lodi, CA in 1947 and the government was very much involved in the investigation. Even UFOs sometimes get ¡¥Stuck in Lodi Again¡¦ according to Creedence Clearwater Revival!


CVParanormal: Kimberly Phillips, Crystal Scudder and Sherry Andersen investigated a home in Lodi on September 18, 2010. The home is haunted by an unknown entity and the occupants had an unusual UFO encounter. Here are pictures taken by Sherry Andersen of this event:
Sherry Andersen
Investigator/'Spirit Confirmed' Paranormal Photographer
Central Valley Paranormal Searchers
Premier Female Led Paranormal Investigative Team
Lodi, California and surrounding areas

Heather Bilbrey of Kentucky, Jackie VonDorsten!

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UFOs Over Lodi?
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