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 Shadrach Stone Graphic Novel

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PostSubject: Shadrach Stone Graphic Novel   Fri Oct 01, 2010 6:22 pm

Name: Shadrach Stone Graphic Novel
Publisher: Penny-Farthing Press, Inc.
Creators: Stuart Moore & Jon Proctor
Price: $19.95
Overviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts, President
Comments: I see a movie coming out of this graphic novel. I love the way this story starts out with a young lying Shadrach Stone stealing a sausage roll from the store and blaming it on some big guy. Shadrach learns that lying is a good opportunity of getting what you want and moving up in the world. From his lifelong lying he becomes a successful Manhattan literary agent. The guy has an active libido and huge ego to boot! He is definitely in charge and living large! His girlfriend even thinks of him as King Herod. What changes Shad's life is 9/11. He will learn what it means when someone says that your right leg is made of iron and your left leg is made of clay. This graphic novel is not for the weak hearted as you will be reminded how people jumped to their deaths when the fires raged on in the towers. Shad has a mind blowing revelation as he thinks he was in the 2nd tower, he remembers the explosions, the flames, the heat. This is when the mysteries start to unfold, you will meet the intriguing Force Majeure, you will learn of the 'substrate' and 'alts'. If Matrix and 24 had a baby it would be Shadrach Stone! Homogeneous has been thrown out the window with Shadrach Stone! Uniform structure to the story will not be found here, this story has so many twists and turns, you will probably get a nosebleed! Thrilling page by page!!
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Shadrach Stone Graphic Novel
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