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 Existence of Intelligent Extraterrestrials

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PostSubject: Existence of Intelligent Extraterrestrials   Sat Oct 09, 2010 5:41 pm

Name: Existence of Intelligent Extraterrestrials and their Presence Here on Earth.
Author: E. Lee Gregory
Overviewed by: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Comments: E. Lee Gregory is the leading research scientist in the field of Alternate Evidence. Donít let this title fool you. E. Lee Gregory seeks out the truth about the UFO phenomenon. He parts the cloudy waters of our military to find his answers. You will learn about ancient astronauts who presented themselves to primitive man and make claim to their godship over mankind. Gregory seeks answers to the universe, discusses the Big Bang theory. Gregory makes claim that the Big Bang which many scientists theorize jumpstarted the universe is wrong, that the Big Bang happened in an already existing infinite universe. Bravo! Because I believe in the same concept. As I believe in the multiverse and many universes that exist. Even if there was one area of space with nothingness and a Big Bang created a universe there, whatís to say there wasnít a universe in that vacuum of space before the new universe was created? Anyway, Gregory gets me to ponder many possibilities and not to accept a humdrum way of conventional scientific thinking. As I get into this book, I am so amazed at Gregoryís theories which are so similar to mine. Gregory explains if God is all knowing, how come he was unable to locate Adam who was hiding probably in some cave. He talks how Jesus makes claim he is from above and not of this world, which only can make him an extraterrestrial. Gregory discusses the Sumerian clay tablets and the Dogon tribe and if you know anything about these two cultures, there is a clear explanation that our God, our angels, our demons are truly extraterrestrial, that there was a rebellion with God (extraterrestrial commander) and his angels (crew members) with some other crew members. God somehow won the battle against the rebels and banished them to Earth without their technology to live amongst men. They are our demons, devils that seek out to destroy everything that God has created on Earth. Gregory throws some photographic evidence to his theories in this book. This book is absolutely AMAZING! As historians will look back, they will realize that E. Lee Gregory is a ancient astronaut icon theorist right up there with Eric Von Danikan and many other like minded thinkers of our day. I give E. Lee Gregory a standing ovation for delivering the truth that so many people shy away from! I highly recommend this book!
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Existence of Intelligent Extraterrestrials
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