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 Demonic Force in San Francisco

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PostSubject: Demonic Force in San Francisco   Tue Oct 12, 2010 5:24 pm

Demonic Force in San Francisco and Dead Body Dump Site Known as McLaren Park.
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

On October 16, Saturday at 7pm, we have a case in San Francisco. The case is demonic. Horrific activity is taking place and the occupants want it to stop. More information will be forthcoming on exactly what is occurring at this apartment. The apartment complex dates back to 1919.

Many of my investigators are interested in this case. Only 8 investigators at a time can fit into this apartment. So, what will I do with the other investigators that plan to attend? Answer: This is an easy answer, very close to this apartment is the notorious McLaren Park. McLaren Park is known as a dumping area for dead bodies. Could there be a connection to the apartment with McLaren Park? I guess we will soon find out.

Besides the fact that McLaren Park is known as a dumping spot for dead bodies, it is also known to be very haunted. Omar Sharif Allah was found buried at the park. Reason: Homicide.

Notable cases of bodies found in McLaren Park:

Several bodies have been found through the years in the heavily wooded area in the southeastern side of San Francisco. It’s The City’s second largest park.

High school student found dead.
When: September 2004
What: Body of Lincoln High’s Maxina Danner found in park wrapped in a bloody blanket. She had been dumped on the perimeter of the park after being chocked to death by Royce Miller.
Possible Activity: Michelle Banta while walking through this park, makes claim she saw an apparition of a young girl. As she watched, the young girl seemed to be wrapped in a bloody blanket. As the apparition approached a large tree, the apparition vanished.

Daly City grocery store killing
When: September 2004
What: Angelo Solano Escalante and Steven Lent, who had a previous disagreement, argued in a car in a Daly City parking lot. Escalante stabbed Lent in the neck, killing him. Escalante and another man then drove to McLaren Park to get rid of the body.

Body burning in car
When: June 2005
What: Police responded to a call about shots being fired and a burning vehicle in the park. When they arrived, officers pulled a body out of the driver’s seat. It was later discovered that a Hispanic man in his late 20s or early 30s had been shot in the head.

Missing 5-month-old
When: August 2006
What: A man initially told police that someone had taken his 5-month-old daughter from his car while he was in a convenience store in the Mission district. Later, however, he said the girl had died after having trouble breathing, and that he had panicked and buried the body in the park. He led police to a place in the park where they found the body in a backpack in a pile of dirt that appeared freshly dug. The girl may have died from asphyxiation.

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner:

More Activity at McLaren Park: Susan McCormick in 1996 was walking through the park. Susan says the back of her hair was pulled and she was thrown to the ground. There was no one around to pull her hair or throw her to the ground. As she looked around she saw a milky white mist float away.


Hi Paul,
It's Kimberly from Facebook. This is one of my ghost stories. While I was stationed at Ft. Gordon, GA, I decided to stay off post for the weekend and booked a room at the local Days Inn in Augusta, GA.
Upon arrival I noticed that most of the guests were staying in the newer wing of the hotel but thought that was due to the fact that I had a military discount. I stayed the first night and nothing happened but I did notice that I had not seen anyone else on my floor. Not that I minded, the whole point was to get away by myself for a bit. On the second night I rode the elevator up to the second floor to a small elevator room and entered the hall through metal double doors. I looked for my room number but could not find it. I thought, I must have walked past it, counting the doors I noticed that my room number was not there. My next thought was that the hotel staff must be playing a joke or something. I then turned to go back to the elevator, the lights began to flicker, I felt a presence and could detect shadowy figures running by. The hall then went black! A few seconds later the lights came back on and I looked down the hall to see that the metal doors were shut. I ran down the hall anyway and could not manage to open the metal doors. So, I yelled, hey! whoever you are and whoever is doing this better let me into my room! I walked swiftly down to my room, heart beating fast and there was my room. I let myself in and called a friend who came over to check things out. He had no problem getting up to my room but I could not stay another night.
When I went down stairs to check out I asked the hotel clerk if they had power outages or something. She said no and asked me why I was checking out. I simply told her that there was something creepy going on upstairs. She looked and noticed that I was on the second floor and said with a smile; "oh yeah, we have those problems on that floor". No apology, just a matter of fact type of statement.
One week later I told the cab driver what had happened. He told me that he was not surprised because before the Days Inn had renovated the place, it had been the worst hotel in town. Ripe with prostitutes, drug dealers and plenty of death. I did go back once on the insistence of a friend but insisted we stay in the new wing. We had no problems but I never went anywhere alone.
That's my story. Hope you like it Smile


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Demonic Force in San Francisco
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