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 Lizzy D. Vine, Sacramento Pin-Up Model

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PostSubject: Lizzy D. Vine, Sacramento Pin-Up Model   Fri Oct 15, 2010 5:41 am

Lizzy D. Vine, Sacramento Pin-Up Model
Interview with Elizabeth King aka Lizzy D. Vine, Sacramento Pin-Up Model, Actress, Burlesque Performer, Production & Talent Manager, Production Coordinator, Event Promoter, Photographer & Freelance Writer.
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, President – Jazma Online! /

Question: Lizzy, you have a very unique career. I don’t even know where to start. Tell us about your pin-up model career.

Answer: Yes I’d have to agree. If I were to describe myself in one word, “unique” would definitely be a word I would have used. Another descriptive word for myself would be “eclectic”. If given the opportunity to use more than one word or a phrase, I’d proudly say, that I am the “Jill of many trades”. I don’t know how or when that happened, or if I was just programmed to appreciate everything related to the arts and its beauty. But, I’m glad that I have been given the opportunity to do what I’ve done, from being featured in local film and media, to local theatre production, to being the founder of a charity aiding troops, to photography and freelance writing, burlesque performing and modeling, of course.

I never thought that I would have the opportunity to have a serious shot at modeling. But, I am very glad that I am accepted as a pin up and, I’m even more grateful at the amount of response and support I have acquired within the sub-cultural community. Though, I dabbled in commercial modeling (as well as dance and theatre and many other activities) as a child and later as an adolescent, it was never anything that I had taken into consideration as a career because of my height and full figure shape. I am 4’7 and very curvy.

Being a pin up doesn’t call for meeting a certain criteria. You don’t have to be 5’9 or be thin and slender. One has the ability to be real. I am able to embrace who I am and my look. While I am a modern day model I still can appreciate and reflect the look that many of the silver screen sirens had back in that day, which is perfect given that I have an old soul and feel as though I was birthed in the wrong era.

I have worked with countless photographers including Mitzi Co and Marilee Caruso Photography, make up artists; including Miss Rockwell DeVil, retail companies including StopStaring! Clothing, Heart Breaker Fashion, Black Charcoal Designs, Krafty Kitten Clothing. I have been featured on various websites, editorials and recently printed in Retro Lovely Magazine.

Question: Tell us about some of the places you performed in Sacramento.

Answer: Having a strong background in dance; jazz and tap, hip hop and ballroom and theatre I grew very fond of the idea. I started going out of town as far as San Francisco and Los Angeles to be a spectator because of the lack of art in Sacramento. Being a spectator lead me to try at picking up my pen and interviewing countless legends, including Satan’s Angel, for my online editorial, The Burlesque Times.

On many accounts this very dazzling burlesque legend had asked me why I hadn’t considered the art. I would have to say based on the fact that I didn’t have an answer, I’d give it a try. After all, if Satan’s Angel bothered to ask then perhaps I had some potential. Needless to say, I was inspired to. I spoke to my fellow social group about my interest in one day performing and they made it a point to help me make it happen. My debut performance was in October of 2009, when I was invited to be part of the entertainment in my social groups, The Nor Cal Vixens, Halloween Show held in Citrus Heights.

In October of 2009 in Citrus Heights at the Fire Escape Bar & Grill, I had successfully completed my debut. It was somewhat of a miracle that I had, having broken my femur a month prior to the show. My social group had been promoting the show and though it would have been excusable to not partake in the show due to my triple spiral fracture, I felt it was essential to figure out someway to perform and bring the art form to Sacramento’s forefront- if I intended to one day produce or convince Sacramento that this art form was worth appreciating. That one performance was what would later pave the way to being both performer and show producer.

With the help of my husband, I was able to create a performance to fit my current disposition and likewise match the Halloween theme. My first performance was a story about a crypt keeper (my husband) finding a mummy(me) that comes to life at the sound of music. I dance a full length song on one leg without any one noticing. I have performed in dance recitals, in theatrical plays, in live studios and on sets but nothing was as liberating as embracing the art and acquiring a sense of empowerment. I knew right there and then that I had found my calling. I had found a creative outlet in which I could incorporate everything that I had learned in performance art and connect with people via a live narrative, and be the animated individual that I always have been.

In early February 2010 after the media had announced that Haiti had fallen into a state of need my social group and I decided we would gather the assistance of our community, and be as resourceful as possible to help Haitians. Hence, the birth of “Shimmy & Shake for the Haiti Quake” which was a benefit show held at California Stage Theatre to benefit Doctors Without Boarders 100%, raising over $500 in less than a couple of hours.

I have since had the opportunity to produce my own show as well, Blazing Burlesque at the Fire Escape Bar & Grill, every first Saturday of every month at 10pm. Blazing Burlesque is a production that features local talent and talent from afar. I have had the great pleasure to showcase very dedicated and talented individuals. In it’s conception, Blazing Burlesque was more so a trial run to see if I would be able to reach out to performers that I knew where in the local region and yearning to perform as well as trying to obtain the attention of the locals. First show success. I had found a local core including Jeslen Mishelle Saenz (Sacramento), Miss Lula Belle (Sacramento), Viviennui (Reno). The show production and amount of performers continues to grow. I am honored at the support and trust that the Fire Escape has shown me. I am thankful that Sacramento has accepted my shows as a regular occurrence. They have helped me grow. I’m even more surprised at the patrons that have attended my shows; including, , local independent film producer Byron Main, cartoonist Eric Decetis and local actress Stephanie Hyden to name a few.

Additionally, aside from performing at aforementioned shows I have had the opportunity to perform under the invitation of Susan Raines of the Sacramento Examiner at local fashion show as listed entertainment. I have performed out of town in San Francisco for Hubba Hubba Burlesque Revue, Red Hots Burlesque. I plan to continue to perform locally and expand my performances to the East Coast and soon even London!

Question: Your career is really moving along, you are now preparing to perform in Los Angeles, East Coast and perhaps…London. Can you elaborate?

Answer: Sure. I have grown incredibly infatuated with burlesque even more as time goes on. Which for me means that I want to dance here, there and everywhere. Right now, as far as burlesque, the skies the limit. I have been happily accepting invitations, been receiving many requests to dance in certain states and I figured why not? The suggestion to visit London was given to me by my very dear friend – international burlesque performer and pin up model Leia Lockheart. I’ve never had the opportunity to explore the world abroad nor dance on foreign land so I’m going to say yes, get a passport and hit the ground running.

Question: Tell us about the film productions you have been involved in.

Answer: The most recent film is written by Dwight Taylor a local independent film writer and student at Sacramento City College. The film is called Wanted Ad; it’s at best description, a “cheesy” horror film about a cereal killer. I play an agitated bartender. It was a fun role because, I’m not tall enough to look over a bar and I’m not a drinker. Nonetheless, it was a great experience. The film was recently accepted and viewed by thousands at the Sacramento International Film Festival.

I met Dwight while being a part of a local shadow cast Amber Sweets- REPO: The Genetic Opera as produced by Tim Munier and directed by Ashley Pronincula. I can’t comfortably say that after breaking through local theatre has opened up a window of opportunity as I have been approached to partake in many more films that are still in their beginning stages.

Question: Tell us about your freelance writing, where have you been published?

Answer: I have always been a writer. My first book that was published was a book written at the second grade level that my mother submitted to a Monterey County Book Fair publishing scout called The Three Red Balloons. The book was a 10 page book about a little girl who has three red balloons that she is quite excited to have. It’s mainly pictures and simple sentences such as “ I have one balloon…” . I suppose as a child they were one of my greatest possessions. I wrote short stories, fantasies, when my mom would get mad and why (that would upset her lots) but, a writer writes about the world around them, what moves them, what shakes them and I did just that. In my recent years the subculture; burlesque, pinups, the cars, music- that moves me. You can view many of my online articles at, filed away in my facebook folders, on racks at local book stores as I have been featured in Ol Skool Rodz Magazine.

Question: Being a Sacramento resident, what are some of your favorite things to do in Sacramento? What are your favorite places in Sacramento?

Answer: Sacramento has a lot of history and culture. I enjoy taking walks with my family; my husband and 3 kids on Front Street and Old Sacramento, The Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Auto Museum, Vintage Ford Museum. In celebration of culture I enjoy my local eateries, second Saturday art walks and music in the park with my family.

Question: What an incredible life you had! I want to thank you for this fabulous interview. I want to ask you a fun question, so the readers know some more about you. What are your favorite TV shows, movies, books and comic books?

Answer: As funny as it may sound in a technologically enhanced world, I don’t have cable. But, when I did I appreciated shows that were based on criminal law and investigation and medically related shows. Occasionally I enjoyed some serious funnies. I enjoy independent and foreign films. Favorite writer aside from Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe, is Stephen King. I’m an avid comic book junkie and Marvel is my best friend.

Question: And let me slip one more question….can you give some words of wisdom to your readers?

Answer: Live life every day like it’s the last day of your life.

Miss Lizzy D. Vine can be contacted on Facebook, My Space and her email address is: My website is almost completed and you are welcome to visit for updates, to download my resume and much more. For the moment you can also view my online portfolio and resume on model mayhem,

To see more pictures of Miss Lizzy D. Vine, stop by here:

Miss Lizzy D. Vine is the Founder of Operation: Patriotic Pin Up. Although, the charity just took official flight April of 2009, it has been a life long mission for Miss Lizzy to show her un-devoted patriotism to her service men and women.

As a young USMC brat, as early as grade school, she managed to get her entire school involved in showing her (step) father and his platoon their thanks, by means of writing thank you letters, with the active help of her mother. Along with handwritten thank you's there were some goods gathered to send off in care package form. Having that sense of community along with the heartfelt video that was sent back from these young, lonely, misplaced service men only drove her to find new outlets to express that service men and women though far away are never disregarded or forgotten.

In the later years Miss Lizzy got married and had a family of her own. Like her mother, and now with the help of her husband, she desired to instill in her children a giving heart. By April of 2009 as an active pin up model, she decided she would marry the best of her worlds family, unity, kindness, love, patriotism and gave birth to "Operation: Patriotic Pin Up."

What was once an act of love for a mother and her child, a husband and his wife, two parents and their 3 children, is now shared by 19 girls, some who are pin up models and others whom are close friends. The significant majority of helping hands are fellow Social Club Members of Miss Lizzy, the Nor Cal Vixens.

She is grateful for all the ladies, friends, family, supports and sponsors that have donated and given of themselves.

Our charity currently attends events and has fundraisers. We raise funds via raffle ticket sales giving supporters the opportunity to donate AND receive an item from our many sponsors; Nor Cal Vixens, Vintage Suits by Mary,,, www.lucky****, Homewrecker Handbags and more. At events we have had collection drives, where folks are welcome to drop items off (which are care package friendly). We have the list readily available for email, and or at drop off point. We'd be happy to provide it upon request. Our newest added source of income is an ol' fashion kissin' booth. Supporters are welcome to receive an old fashion peck on the cheek for a minimum donation of $1. Then of course there are pictures with your favorite gal upon donation. Lastly, we encourage the purchase of a signed prints/posters or pre-ordering our 2011 Calendar where 12 lucky ladies will grace the pages. The raising of funds and collection of items would not be possible it weren't for our active memebers, our families, our friends and our supports. To date, we are able to sponsor care packages for deployed troops, to sponsor families that are unable to provide, and to serve as assistance to charitable causes similar to our own.

In whole, our mission is to provide morale support, love, kindness to service men and women over seas, to other organizations and families of those deployed. that are unable acquire funds to put together and send their loved ones goods, by means of signing up and shipping them care packages-- no strings attached. We are here to forever appreciate the endless efforts the troops have exercised in exchange for our safety.

The over all message is that we care.

The inspiration behind the charity is the fact that there is a constant war at hand. A war that ALWAYS calls for active service men and women here in our forefront and far off in foreign countries. Inspiration, stems from their acts of selflessness to give their lives for that of our own and our families – no questions asked. As a unit all of us actively sharing service with OPP, we can atest to having a close relative or a family friend that has gone off in the name of our freedom

It is a very meaningful cause, in which we are able to exercise and express, our daily gratitude while being aware of why we have our freedoms.

What was once a one man operation, became a team of kind hearted gals that are much appreciated. Not all the gals involved in the charity are models nor, is it a requirement. Many of the core gals are a part of a local social group, Nor Cal Vixens (NCV). We have a a great amount of helping hands.
We welcome help from all folks interested in lending a helping hand. model or not. We are not here to take gals out of social groups and their social agendas either. But, we do welcome the help of groups and individuals that are willing to help us on our mission. If you'd like to help or be a part simply let us know and we will find a spot for you to fill.

We are working on many projects as we speak. Soon we will be launching our site, and it's new added features; the who, what, when's and where's along with OPP Pen Pals, OPP Vet Pals and monthly packaging parties open to the community.

Our Current Focus:

Working on the glitches of our website. If you have noticed that you are unable to get to it, it is our dearest apology. For the moment we invite you to visit our Official Myspace at , our Official Facebook at and soon we too will have a page. Keep an eye out.

Date of Interview: October 14, 2010, Thursday
Time of Interview: 1830 Hours
Location of Interview: Starbucks Howe 'bout Arden, Sacramento, CA

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Lizzy D. Vine, Sacramento Pin-Up Model
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