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 Impossible Paranormal Mission in Rosemont

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PostSubject: Impossible Paranormal Mission in Rosemont   Sat Oct 23, 2010 8:38 am

Impossible Paranormal Mission in Rosemont
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI IM Paranormal Secret Agent in Charge

Good Morning Mr. Roberts, your mission is to take your select team to a home in Rosemont (Sacramento) and validate claims of a haunting. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to either debunk, find reasonable answers or get absolute proof of a haunting. As always, should you or any of your HPI IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. Good luck. To hear the song to Mission Impossible, stop by here: Impossible Opening Montage 1

This is an email that I received from occupant Susan Pedersen:
"Hi there, I am writing because the house that I live in appears to have a ghost and I would like to know who the ghost is, what he/she wants and what to do about it. I have been living in this house for a little over three years now.

To see pictures from this investigation go here:

When we first moved in I thought it odd that the house creaked so much for a one story home. I also felt a little creeped out by being in the garage which is by the kitchen or by being in the kitchen at night. Some of the creaking is close to the window in the kitchen, which is also by the garage door. The creaks also go down the back side of the house in my eight year old daughter’s room and in me and my husband’s room. My husband noticed when we first moved in that the creaking noises in the kitchen would happen every night at 2:30 a.m. One time a therapist was in our home to see my son and I mentioned the creak, at the same time the house made the creaking sound as if it knew we were talking about it. One time it woke up my daughter and frightened her by making creaking noises in her room. I was angry and told it to not scare my daughter.

Other than the creaking noise there has been some other phenomenon in the house. One guest who stayed out in our family room states that he heard thumping on the wall. Another guest who stayed in the front room stated that when he went to sleep a picture on the fireplace was crooked and he saw it swaying and in the morning it was straight.

The creaking in the home has slowed down over the last year. I think it is because there are less people in the home. It may be because we acknowledge its presence. Sometimes I even talk to it. When it creaks I say hello. This spiritual presence does not seem to want to harm anyone, and in fact we playfully call it Casper. My goal is to find out who it is, why it is here and what it needs. I am sure the best thing for the spirits soul is to move on. It is stuck here and can't fulfill its purpose."

Date: October 22, 2010, Friday. Time: 1900 Hours. HPI IM Force (HPI Paranormal Secret Agents) Present: Paul Dale Roberts – HPI General Manager; Nidia Holmes – Psychic/Voodoo Practitioner; John Shue – Sensitive/Videographer; Ben & Rhonda Hall; Andi Whalen; Drew Tadlock; Sandra Brandenburg; Eileen Boettcher/Psychic; Matthew Clark. Occupant: Susan Pedersen.

Tonight we will have three 45 minute investigative sessions, with 3 evidence briefings. To start the investigations, we started off with an Introduction Briefing, in which I explain on how the investigation will be conducted and the occupant explains the activity in her home. After all 3 investigative sessions are completed, we will have a Conclusion Debriefing. The second investigative session, I will let Eileen, myself and Nidia provoke the entity.

Introduction Briefing:
Nidia explains to the occupant that she feels someone that was close to her, perhaps a boyfriend from the past is attached to her. We ask the occupant if she had a past boyfriend that may have crossed over. The occupant confirmed she did and may have another boyfriend from the past that crossed over and that she was in possession of his blanket. The one past boyfriend that crossed over, the occupant is in possession of his personal handwritten letters. The entity that haunts this home is benevolent and the oddest thing that this entity did besides making creaking walking sounds is tilting a picture in the living room.

Some of the investigators have experienced the smell of roses. My two psychics Nidia and Eileen have really been on the mark on certain issues. They picked up on stones being in the home that had a significant meaning to the occupants. The psychics found the stones and they belonged to the male occupant’s deceased wife, her name was Tatyania. I found it very unusual for the psychics to pick up on the stones as soon as they walked in and actually found the box in which the stones were in. The stones were crystal stones. The psychics also picked up on a video in the video box in the garage and the video meant something to Tatyania. The psychics are also picking up on residual haunting activity. Nidia picked up on an aggressive woman and also a woman that may have been dragged (abused) alongside of the house. The occupants have picked up on activity, strange noises on that part of the house. Eileen felt an animal entity brush by her legs. John felt something touch him and his camera shuts down. Nidia felt blood in the backyard soil, part of the residual haunting effect. The house was built in 1979 and the psychics feel there is a lot of historical residual haunting in this home. Tatyania may be the only intelligent haunting in this home.

During our second investigative sessions, I had Nidia, myself and Eileen do some provoking. Nothing significant happened during the provoking session. We may have picked up on some EVPs, they need to be analyzed further. The EVPs are heavy breathing, male voice whispering. Again, the investigators are picking up on a lot of personal experiences, feeling cold spots, Andi saw her right eye blackened, while looking in the mirror. Could this be the woman residual haunting, in which a woman was dragged alongside the house (domestic abuse?).

Ben takes 3 photos of the same bedroom area. 2 of the after photos are normal, but the first photo is a distinct shadow that descends from the ceiling. The flash should have eliminated all shadows, but yet this one photo shows a strong shadow on the right side of the photo. Later I discover I took a strange shadow photograph in the living room.

Possible EVPs that need to be analyzed further, two strange shadow anomalies in Ben’s photo and my photo. I felt it was significant on how the psychics picked up the ‘stones’ as soon as they walked into the home and stones were discovered that were significant to the family. So far, the evidence is inconclusive, but I do believe there is something unusual going on at this residence.


Andi Whalen Talks About Her Mermaid Story:
I was in a boat off the coast of Waikiki in Hawaii when I was young, and all I wanted to do was stare straight down off of the side of the boat! My mom kept asking me why I was looking at that one spot, and I guess I was just drawn to it. And then all of a sudden I just saw a flash of something swim by in the same direction as the boat but much faster, and I'm not sure why but I just knew it was a mermaid! I don't have any evidence or anything, but ever since I've really been fascinated by mermaids, and I'll always believe in them!


Sandy Atkins in 1988 lived in an old Victorian home in Long Beach, CA. The home was built in the 1900s. The prior occupants of this home make claim that they saw an apparition of a little girl, age 10 or 12 wearing period clothing of the 1900s. They would see the little girl floating around the house. When Sandy moved in she had 3 guests that also saw the little girl. Sandy never saw the apparition of the little girl, but she remembers on one night, she could not fall asleep. Sandy was pregnant at the time. Sandy got up to sit on the couch which was situated on the landing, next to the nursery. She was startled when she heard the breaking of glass in the nursery, then she heard furniture tipping over, there was all kinds of strange noises coming out of the nursery, things sounded like they were crashing and flipping over, it terrified Sandy. When the sounds stopped, Sandy finally decided to open the closed door to the nursery and to her astonishment, everything was in order, nothing was disturbed. Everything in the nursery was perfectly normal. She will never forget this paranormal experience for the rest of her life. Note: The previous owners of this home was a family that worked at a circus.

Submitted by:
Lindy Bellamy

SF Demonic Case now on Video (Darkview Productions):

The Viviana Pimienta Story (Unedited - in Author's Own Words)

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Impossible Paranormal Mission in Rosemont
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