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 Ghostly Echo: Suicide of Betty

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PostSubject: Ghostly Echo: Suicide of Betty   Sun Oct 31, 2010 6:21 am

Ghostly Echo: Suicide of Betty
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

SPECIAL NOTE: Heather Kern actually took 2 photos of a full body apparition. Everyone saw the photos. It has the head of a man and the body of a woman in 1800s type of dress. Heather sent the photos to me by email and the photos do not show the apparition. I am not sure why it is not reproducing and I will work on the photos for a future article. I apologize.

Paul Has a Flashback.
Seoul, Korea. Year: 1981. Defcon 1 Alert. Location: Yongson Barracks; 501st Military Intelligence (MI) Group; PIC-K (Photo Interpretation Center Korea). Paul Dale Roberts, Rank: SGT E-5 - Top Secret SBI (Special Background Investigation) Clearance. Roberts and another MI soldier take a MI security vehicle from Seoul, Korea to Osan Air Force Base (AF to pick up 'hot rolls'. Hot rolls are reconnaissance aircraft aerial photos of North Korea and Red China. Roberts and the other MI soldier drive like a bat-out-of-hell with a placard attached to the vehicle that states: "Do not stop this vehicle for any reason" (with a zillion codes cited). All of the Korean police and MPs have been alerted that we are driving at high speeds to reach our destination. The vehicle is black and sleek, we are in black business suits, we are wearing sunglasses. I can see how we can be mistaken for the Men in Black. We are not allowed to disclose our military function as MIs. As we reach our target area. The MI soldier has half of the combination and I have the other half to open the trunk of the vehicle. We pull out a large black suitcase, again there is another combination lock, the MI soldier has one half of the combination and of course I have the other half. The suitcase is opened and hot rolls are thrown into the suitcase. The suitcase is closed, the trunk is closed and we dash out of Osan AFB once again to get these hot rolls to the image interpreters. The mission is critical, but we are successful.

I take the same thing I learned from MI and apply it to paranormal investigating. I realize the critical points to an investigation and apply urgency when needed. I believe this case in Citrus Heights may have many critical points. Let's talk about the case in hand:

This is the original email I received from the occupant:
"We have had several things that we can't explain in our house. We heard a child scream"daddy help". My wife and I both have seen a figure in the bedroom doorway. We both have witnessed a dark shadow at floor level. We have heard odd noises and taps. She has seen a face in the window and so has my daughter's boyfriend. Things turn off and on all by themselves from fireplaces to DVD players. My wife and I were getting ready to go into the hot tub and the garage door opened on its own last week. We just want some answers and some piece of mind. We do know that a woman who owned the house before committed suicide and an infant died here as well. Thank you

Then I received this email from HPI Paranormal Investigator Heather Kern:
"Paul, My best friend used to live next door to this address and she knew the occupants that had the baby, his name is Joshua Lacy and he died of SIDS about 20 something years ago I believe! She also did confirm the occupants before that, the wife did commit suicide their in the garage because her husband left her! My friend also stated that she herself has witnessed seeing the female ghost in the home, but never heard or saw the baby! Hope this helps! Cant wait to go on this one!!!"

I have to admit this case sounds pretty spooky, give me the theme song to the Halloween movie, hear that song here:

To see pictures from this investigation, stop by here:

The investigation begins. Date: 10/29/2010. Time: 2000 Hours. Location: Citrus Heights. Tonight the teams are broken into 4 groups.

Team Zombieland. Senior Lead Investigator: Jennifer Newell. Note: Later Senior Lead Investigator Steve Roland takes over.
Team Sharks. Senior Lead Investigator: Ann Olson-Dupire.
Team Extreme. Senior Lead Investigator: Chantal Apodaca
Team Buster Posey. Senior Lead Investigator: Tiffany Ensign Gonzales.

HPI Paranormal Investigators Present: John Shue – Videographer; Phil Langbein; Steve & Jen Roland; Kelly Moss; Kayla Fiegenbaum; Michelle Fontana aka Border Girl; Heather Kern; Tiffany Ensign Gonzales; Carry Lawlon; Sherry Langber; Kristina & Ken Dunlap; Sandra Bradenberg; Rhonda & Ben Hall; Drew Tadlock; Nicole Stowe; Paul Meads; Sir Wes; Angel Kesti; Chantal Apodaca; Jennifer Newell; Ann Olson-Dupire.

Occupants are: Ken Dunlap and Kristina Dunlap.

There are 4 areas to investigate. 1. Garage/Front Yard; 2. Bedrooms; 3. Living Room; 4. Backyard.

Team Zombieland: On some of the photos, they captured orb activity. Jennifer Newell felt sadness and a strong feeling in the garage where the woman committed suicide at. Jennifer says she felt strong energy in the garage.
Team Sharks: They captured no EVPs. Their EMF detector fell off the shelf on its own accord.
Team Extreme: They captured 3 EVPs. One was a woman’s voice EVP that says ‘oh yeah’. Then another woman voice EVP that says ‘oh yes’. The third EVP was a growling noise. Chantal gets a strange red mark on her leg.
Team Buster Posey: Orbs captured on photos. They captured an EVP that says ‘come on’ and it sounds like a woman.
Jennifer Roland/Psychic feels sadness and the baby entity she feels is residual. Some of the investigators feel pressure on shoulders and pressure on their chest.
John Shue captured a strange photo that looks like an apparition, but it could be a light anomaly, needs to be analyzed further.

Holy crap!! The bowels of Hell have opened up! All kinds of activity and experiences are taking place. In the garage, Ann Dupire learns that she is an empath. She starts crying and feels a pain in her chest, she has a hard time breathing. This is where ‘Betty’ committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. Chantal Apodaca is getting red marks on the palm of her hands and on her legs. Carbon monoxide poisoning is known to cause red marks on the body. John Shue feels sadness and then feels the sadness leave him and that is when Ann Dupire feels the suffering of Betty. Ann said that she had red tunnel vision during the experience. Ann says the experience lasted for 5 minutes. Ann’s team captured an EVP of a woman moaning. Ann’s team was in the garage at the time, when the EVP was captured. The EVP was two soft moans, it sounded like a woman. Chantal’s group was in the bedrooms and they used the flashlight to communicate with the entity. The flashlight went off and on for yes and no answers. The flashlight communication was witnessed by 5 investigators. They acquired 2 EVPs, one EVP was the sound of a baby and the other EVP was the voice of a boy and he says ‘Ryan’. During our evidence briefing we played back all of the EVPs back for the occupants. Jennifer’s group was outside and got strange designer orbs and when you enhance or enlarge the photos, there appears to be faces inside the designer orbs. Ben Hall heard a music box. 2 investigators heard with their own ears, the name Ryan. Now here is the good part and you will soon see these pictures. Heather Kern took 2 pictures and the pictures are full body apparitions and you can distinctly see the faces on the apparitions!! Oh yeah, it’s a good night and the night is still young! The full body apparitions of a woman (with the face of a man) were taken in the living room, you can see the outline of her body. Jennifer Newell is feeling nauseated and dizzy, she was removed as the lead and Steve Roland takes her place as the Senior Lead Investigator for her team.

Chantal's group obtained nothing. Some of the group members felt nauseated. One investigator received sharp pains in her stomach. One investigator felt anxious and couldn't explain this feeling. Tiffany's group, one of the investigators felt hands on her shoulder blades and then the entity came up behind her and hugged her. They obtained a childlike EVP, that said 'hope'. One of the psychics says the entity feels lonely. Ann's group did not get any evidence. Jennifer Newell felt nauseated and had to leave the group for awhile, until she gained her bearings.

No evidence, no personal experiences. This time the group went freelance and was able to go anywhere they wanted in the home.

One EVP that says "I am not home". Note: Chantal conducted the seance.

Kristina Dunlap Says in her Own Words:
"I bought the house 10 years ago since then we have had a lot of strange things happen. Shortly after buying the house we found out from neighbors that a woman had killed herself in our garage and a baby died in one of the bedrooms. I’ve had a shoe thrown at me in the garage, for a short time we had our TV or DVD player turn on in the middle of the night. I was emptying the dishwasher and just had a feeling if I turned I would see someone standing behind me. We have a light in the hallway that had never burned out in the 10 years I’ve lived here. We have heard noises in our bedroom wall. I have seen a face in the kitchen window. A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were going to go in the hot tub. When we were in the kitchen we both heard a growl down the hallway. My husband went to go look at where the noise had come from and I stayed in the kitchen. While I was standing there the door from the dining room into the garage opened. About a month or so ago we went to bed, my husband was falling asleep, I was laying on my back. I saw someone standing at the foot of my bed, I thought it was my son. I called out Donny, Donny, he didn’t answer. I said again Donald!! No answer. Then I shook my husband and said babe there is someone in our room and he was gone. We were in our room watching TV one night and both my husband and I heard a little boy yell “help daddy, help”. It sounded like our son, who was out in the motor home. When my husband went out there and asked if Jesse and Don were playing or yelling. Don said Jesse was just watching TV and Don was just in there paying some bill. They didn’t hear anything. I was in the bathroom and saw a dark cloud go across the floor. A couple of nights later my husband opened up our bedroom door to leave our room and thought he saw a dog go across the floor. He called out to our son’s dog and I told him Chewy was in Donny’s room with the door closed. There was nothing in our room."

With the 2 distinct pictures of full body apparitions and all of the EVPs that were obtained from this investigation, I must say this place is definitely haunted. Further analysis is warranted. Note: Japanese Internment Camps were once on this site. A couple of investigators while looking out the patio window towards the park, saw 2 shadow people type of entities in the park, while they watched the shadow people, they would simply fade away into nothingness.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Administrator
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International)
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
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Cellular Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI
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Ghostly Echo: Suicide of Betty
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