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 A Breath of Fresh Air to Sacramento Hip Hop Part 2

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PostSubject: A Breath of Fresh Air to Sacramento Hip Hop Part 2   Sat Nov 13, 2010 9:30 pm

A Breath of Fresh Air to Sacramento Hip Hop Part 2
By Ann Olson-Dupire
Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts

Question: What has been the most memorable performance?
Murrey & Gomez: April 30th in ’09.
MDV: That was crazy. That place was packed.
Murrey: I literally didn’t have to say anything. People were saying the words before I even made a sound.
Gomez: That was at the G Street Club in Davis.
Murrey: That one was off the hook.
Question: Tell me about your upcoming show.
Rodriguez: I am excited about this upcoming show.
Murrey: This is the first show that is entirely Explicit Expression, stage design dj, everything all sponsored by Explicit Expression.
Gomez: During my set I am doing two things with an acoustic guitar, which has never been done. My guitarist is Jason Lamanto.
MDV: Jason is really good.
Question: Do you think having an acoustic guitarist will bring in a different crowd?
Gomez: People who came to hear me will hear him, and I think after they are introduced to his music, they will look for him too.
Murrey: It’s a cross-over song.
MDV: It makes it a more intimate thing. Even during practice it sounded like him having a one on one conversation. It was perfect.
Gomez: Its one of those songs that everyone can relate to.
Question: In an ideal world, where would your music take you?
Rodriguez: To the stars
MDV: To infinity and beyond
Murrey: They say the sky’s the limit. We take it to the next level. Wherever your imagination can go.
Gomez: I want people to dissect my music in college classes. Break it down line for line. Call it lyrics 101.
MDV: I’d like to teach that class.
Question: What’s your hope for Explicit Expression?
Murrey: I just want to see us succeed in every aspect. I want to see us continue to be creative, original, challenge the mind. Everybody’s challenging the mind. We don’t get stagnant. We write some of the dopest lyrics, we record it and as soon as we hear it we’re like, “alright what else is there”.
Question: What do you hope for as far as careers in the industry?
Murrey: whether we get paid or not it won’t stop us from doing it. We all do it for the love of it. It’s not a money thing. We do this because we love it. If anything I spend more money on it than we make.
Gomez: I would still feel successful that I accomplished even just one song. Something that people can listen to forever and like. I don’t write music thinking “oh this will get me signed”. If it does, great, but that’s not my main goal.
MDV: We just do it for the love. It would be a plus if we made it.
Murrey: Hands down we do it for the love. Strictly for the love.
Question: Other than for yourself, who do you perform for?
Rodriguez: I do it for the people who can’t. It’s for the people in situations I talk about, going through stuff. I try to do music on different levels. I try to touch people that are going through the things that I am talking about.
Gomez: The people that listen. It’s for my family, and the stranger that I don’t know at the show. I do it for people who don’t know what hip hop has to offer. They think its all rap. I want to reintroduce hip hop to the world.
Murrey: My biggest inspiration is my son. I go in going over the top, going to the extreme. I want him to listen to it 10-20 years later and hear what I am creating now. I want him to be able to express himself in some kind of art form. It’s positive, and it’s so therapeutic for people, and I want that for him.
Gomez: I would say family too. No one ever thought I would be doing what I am doing right now, and it inspires them. I would say for my little brother. Now he will think he can do it too. It motivates you.
Question: Now just for some fun stuff. What’s your favorite line from a movie?
Rodriguez: “Say ‘what’ again. SAY ‘WHAT’ AGAIN!”
MDV: “Are you not entertained?”
Gomez: “I don’t know any other way to put this but, I’m kind of a big deal.” –Anchorman
R.Valdez: “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Toto”
Murrey: “Funny like how? Like I amuse you?” – Joe Pesci
Question: Favorite musician?
Gomez: John Lennon
Rodriguez: Lupe Fiasco
Murrey: Stevie Wonder
MDV: Jay Z
R. Valdez: Eminem
Question: If you could have a super power what would it be?
Gomez: I have been thinking of this my whole life! A shot giving power! Like Shots just come out of my hands (sound effect: pew pew pew).
Rodriguez: X-ray vision
MDV: I want to be able to go invisible instantly.
Murrey: I know its corny, but to read your mind.
R. Valdez: Super extra super strength.
Question: Last but not least, leave us with a few words of wisdom.
Murrey: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.
Gomez: I’m shaped today by what molded me then so I am blessed today by yesterday’s sin.
R. Valdez: Raymond does it for the love of the music.
MDV: I’m far from finished, I’m barely gonna begin I’m embarking on to something greater, farewell friends.
Rodriguez: I’d rather enormous than live dormant
For More on “Elicit Expression”
Eric “Myztereiz” Murrey:

Eddie “D the Artisan” Rodriguez

Jose “Sincere” Gomez

Michael “MDV” Vamdez

Raymond Valdez
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A Breath of Fresh Air to Sacramento Hip Hop Part 2
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