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 A Step into the Unknown: DQ University

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PostSubject: A Step into the Unknown: DQ University   Sun Nov 14, 2010 6:31 am

A Step into the Unknown: DQ University
By Paul Dale Roberts, A Vietnam Era Veteran

Let me get into the mood, let's step into the past. Let's touch on the war in Vietnam. Rolling Stones, hit me up with Gimme Shelter! Hear it here:

Veteran's Day is tomorrow (Nov 11, 2010) and it's a time to honor our veterans, especially the ones that sacrificed their lives, so we can live free. God bless them all!

Vietnam 1968:
God bless my half-brother Andrew Somprise Soyo as he fought through the jungles of 'Nam, knee deep in mud at the Mekong Delta. I remember my brother's stories, how he told me that there was a time he was shooting his M-16 into the jungle at Charlie, watching his tracer projectiles pierce the night sky as he hoped they would make their target into the VC's heart. Sweating profusely from Malaria that he picked up, he continued to fire his trusted weapon. When he finally heard cease fire, he looked towards his buddy and his buddy laid next to him, his brain spewing from his shredded skull. My brother's shock from seeing this horrendous sight was drowned out by the sound of rotor blades of incoming UH-1 Hueys. This was the Hell of war. Andy left Vietnam and one of his most prestigious awards was receiving the reward entitled 'Soldier of the Year'. HPI Reference File #209.

Special Note:
HPI DQ University Reconnaissance Tactical Squad is the name of the group of HPI splinter cell that investigated DQ University.

1974 Germany:
1973 they pulled out the last of the troops. 1973 is when I joined the Army, thinking I might be shipped out to Vietnam, but fortunately for me, the war ended and I found myself working for the Drug Suppression Team D.S.T. Criminal Investigation Division C.I.D. in Germany. I was fighting a different kind of war, the war on drugs, against the Khaki Mafia that originated in Vietnam. As I drove in a German sportscar with my C.I. (Confidential Informant) down a narrow passageway, alongside the road in the bushes were CID Special Agents armed with shotguns as they waited for my signal that I met up with my target and the target had a couple of pounds of heroin. My two 45 calibers gave me comfort in my shoulder harness, I knew at anytime, my CI and I would have to be prepared to take cover underneath the vehicle as a hail of bullets could be headed our way, if things turned ugly.....

Now the reminders of Vietnam will present itself on our November 13, 2010 paranormal investigation. An investigation at DQ University Army Barracks. What is the DQ on:

"It might have been an after-action report from General William Westmoreland at Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, in Saigon to the Pentagon, the top-secret plans for a military operation in the Mekong Delta, or a routine requisition for bullets or bananas. For several years it was the mission of the U.S. Army Strategic Communications Command (USASTRATCOM) to ensure that such messages reached their destinations in a timely and secure manner. The communications facility near Davis, California, was a key link in the Command's worldwide communications system to make that happen. This somewhat obscure Army post was one of the major relay stations in the Defense Department's Defense Communications System (DCS) during the 1950s and most of the 1960s. The facility was phased out in 1967 due to its technological obsolescence. Since then, it has been the site for a struggling university for Native Americans, which has had a turbulent, even bizarre, history." HPI Reference File #304.

Now we are in the present time, the memories of Vietnam haunt us and since DQ University Army Barracks was such an important key element to the Vietnam War, I would imagine there is a lot of residual energy from that dark past. I was contacted by Marge, a native American Indian and she tells me that DQ University is teeming with paranormal activity. The native American Indians did a cleansing, but yet the entities that haunt this university are still very active. They need help, they contact HPI. An Army of HPI Paranormal Investigators descend upon this building, we are prepared to investigate. We are armed with our equipment. We will also be armed to cleanse. It is now a new war, a paranormal war. Let it commence!

The Original Phone Conversation from Marge in Regard to this Investigation:
Paul, the place is located at: 33250 County Road 31 out west, halfway to Winters) Davis, CA 95616
Davis DQ University Army Barracks
There is slamming doors, talking heard, doors lock on their own, little girl heard laughing, bangings on walls. There is no light in some parts of the barracks, make sure to bring flashlights. Native American Indians occupy the barracks and want the entities out. They tried to cleanse the place and were unsuccessful. WE NEED cleansers for this one! Be prepared!

To see pictures of this investigation, stop here:

HPI Paranormal Investigators Roll Call: Paul Dale Roberts/HPI General Manager; Stephanie Belson - Senior Lead Investigator/Psychic; Walter Recinos; Angel Mata; Christina George - Senior Lead Investigator; Kris Ragasa; Lisa Gottschalk; Carol Castro; John Shue/Videographer; Rhonda & Ben Hall; Sandra Brandenburg; Andrea Whalen; Drew Tadlock; Vicki McIlwain; Mia Moreno; Jason Andersen; Eric & Nadine Miller; Eileen Boettcher; Elaine Hall; Teri Villarreal. Note: Carol Castro and Teri Villarreal are with Soulsearchers Paranormal Research.

Now to the story....

Walter Recinos rode with me to DQ University Army Barracks. When we got there, we met up with Stephanie Belson and enjoyed watching the Pow Wow Native American Indian dancing rituals in the main mess hall. After the festivities, Marge (Contact Person) lead us out to the Army Barracks. Marge did not inform the Tribal Counsel we were coming and was quite nervous that we would be seen investigating. So nervous, that she told us we had exactly 10 minutes to investigate. 10 minutes is NOT enough time to investigate and produce evidence. Finally Marge decides to have us all leave. The short time we were in the barracks, there were investigators that saw Shadow People and anomalies were in our photographs, such as 3 Comet Orbs in one photo. Comet orbs are orbs that are in movement and have a tail. Disclaimer: Orbs are not evidence of the paranormal, unless you can show intelligent movement. Some investigators heard disembodied voices with their ears coming out of rooms. The investigation was cut short and we were asked to leave.

Plan B came into action and we headed to the town of Winters and investigated the outside perimeters of the haunted Buckhorn Steak and Roadhouse. We captured pictures of orbs. After the Buckhorn investigation we headed to the haunted J. Robert Chapman Memorial Bridge and again we captured orb pictures. Carol Castro shows us a strange blue figure she captured at DQ University. We continued our investigation of the bridge and Ben & Rhonda Hall capture 2 audible EVPs and Eileen captures an audible EVP. The words are hard to make out, but they are quite clear and distinct and will be analyzed further. HPI Reference File #5474.

HPI Paranormal Investigator Mandy Lewis Info Discovered on DQ University:
Interesting article about a protest in 2008...
More info including timeline of events at the bottom of the web page...
Have fun!

HPI Researcher Laurie Rutledge on DQ University/Army Barracks:

It is designated as a tribally-controlled community college under the Tribally Controlled Community Colleges Assistance Act. Governed by an Indian Board of Trustees, D-Q University offers quality instruction and a culturally supportive environment for those wishing to learn. D-Q University has also been approved for the training of Veterans and for the education of foreign students. Located on Road 31, seven miles west of the city of Davis, California, in rural Yolo County."

Walter Recinos Testimony on DQ University:
While conducting an EVP session inside one of the abandon barracks, I along with investigators Kris, Lisa observed shadow people. The shadow people appeared to be coming inside and out the rooms.
A male voice was heard by investigator Kris. The barracks were pitch black with a sense of being watched by an gentle male entity.


Tamara Sanden-Maurer
CCCF SID 7335588
24499 SW Graham Ferry Road
Wilsonville, OR 97070
Dear Tamara Sanden-Maurer and Rhonda Wheeler:
Thank you for your well-written letter. xxxxx, I do not believe is a real vampire. In her mind, she believes she is an xxxxx year old vampire, but her story has too many inconsistencies. Nevertheless, she was a good person to interview.
There are several types of vampires and I will try and name them here:
Blood vampire: Typical classic vampire that needs blood to feed on, energy source.
Energy vampire: Most energy vampires need only to touch you to feed off your energy.
Physical vampire: Take jobs like coaches or drill sergeants, they will drain you physically and feed off your energy that way.
Sexual vampire: Male womanizers who enjoy sexual conquests, feed off each conquest. There are of course female sexual vampires and they will take on jobs like prostitution to feed their need.
Mental vampire: Take on a job like a history teacher, will talk in a monotone voice and put you to sleep, mentally draining you, this is how they feed off your energy.
xxxxxx does make claim she feeds of peoples' blood, so maybe she is a vampire, but being xxxxx years

Shout out to HPI fans: Janet Molorvi; Kar-ron Wood.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Executive Officer
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International)
Lorena's Angel's Cards by Diana Lorena Valencia Riomana
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager/HPI Senior Lead Investigator
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Cellular Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

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A Step into the Unknown: DQ University
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