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 Joann I Martin Sowles, Author of Laney

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PostSubject: Joann I Martin Sowles, Author of Laney   Sun Nov 14, 2010 10:18 pm

Interview with Joann I Martin Sowles, Author of Laney
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Question: Joann, before we get into the heart of this interview, can you tell the readers something about yourself, such as schools you went to, family life, hobbies and recreational activities you may be involved in?

Answer: Iím married to a very supportive man and we have two great children that I home school. I love to write and read. Iím usually busy running my kids to art classes and sports activities. Iíve spent a lot of my recent spare time on the sidelines of my sonís soccer and flag football games. As for school experiences; I have very little college education and was a terrible high school student. I hated to read and write when I was in school. It wasnít until I was in my late twenties that I found my love of reading and soon after my love for writing.

Question: Being a person that has lived in Sacramento, will there be any inspiration of Sacramento in one of your future Brookehaven Vampire series?

Answer: Yes. In one of the upcoming books in Laneyís story Sacramento is mentioned and one of my future characters, that has yet to be introduced, lives in the Sacramento area.

Question: What places in Sacramento do you like to frequent?

Answer: My family and I love the Sacramento Zoo and Old Sacramento. We try to visit both places a few times a year and a trip to the zoo isnít complete without a visit to Vicís Ice Cream for a scoop of my favorite, peppermint.

Question: You have a superb book out on the market called Laney. I donít call it your average vampire book. I found a lot of emotion in your book. What inspired you to write Laney?

Answer: There are two major factors behind why I began The Brookehaven Vampires series. The first; I found that the books I was reading were lacking certain things, mostly what I wanted. The relationship and the endings I was looking for. They would just end. Secondly; I didnít want to ever look back at my life and I wish I had. I now look back and Iím thankful that I did it. Iím still surprised that I wrote Laney, but Iím so happy that I did. I think that the emotion in my book is just me and the love I feel for my story and the characters.

Question: Are the characters in Laney, based on people you have met in real life?

Answer: No, not really. Like many writers, Iíve taken moments and people in my life and used aspects or characteristics and molded them into new people that Iíve created.

Question: Back to the emotions. In a lot of vampire movies, there is not that much emotion shown, either there is a lot of blood and guts being spewed out here and there or there is intense horror. In your book, I feel the emotions of Laney, how she looks upon relationships, on love. What made you follow this path in your book, instead of going straight for some old fashioned horror?

Answer: Laney started in my head on her own. With every vampire book I read, fiction and non-fiction, her story got stronger and stronger to the point that I really had no choice but to write her story down. And with writing her story I put myself into her wholeheartedly and felt all that she felt and saw all that she did. Iím a big fan of the blood and guts and not a big fan of ďchic-flicksĒ, so maybe itís all that emotion I feel when I watch those horror type movies that I put into her emotions.

Question: Your writing career is fascinating and I look forward to your future endeavors, can you open up a window and show us what you have in store for us?

Answer: Laney is just the first release in The Brookehaven Vampire series. I plan to finish telling Laneyís story and I also plan to tell the stories of other characters in the series. Some that have already been introduced and some that will be introduced in future books. All the stories will tie in together and once Iím done with those, I plan to go back and write Oliverís story (Laneyís love interest).

Question: Is there a connection to the vampires in your book to the classic vampire known as Dracula?

Answer: Very good question. I believe that most vampires and their stories have a connection to Dracula and a little bit of him in them.

Question: Hmmm..interesting. So are you saying that Oliver will eventually have his own book, so you can tell his story?

Answer: Yep. I am constantly taking notes about his version of the story and what heís off doing during parts of the book where heís missing.

Question: Why the fascination with vampires?

Answer: I have always been fascinated with vampires and the ďmythicalĒ world. Dragons are my favorite animals and fully believe in their existence just as much as I believe in dinosaurs.

Question: What were your favorite vampire books or movies that may have inspired you to write Laney?

Answer: I get inspiration from so many places but a few of my favorite vampire books that have given me inspiration would be Stephanie Meyerís Twilight Saga, J.R.Wardís Black Dagger Brotherhood series and Rachel Caineís Morganville Vampires series.

Question: Out of curiosity, have you ever attempted writing a book and it just sits around on some shelf in your home unpublished?

Answer: I do have one other story that I started a few years back and I plan to finish eventually. It involves dragons and several other ďmythicalĒ creatures and revolves around a broken heart.

Question: If Laney became a movie, who would play the main character parts and why?

Answer: Very tough question. Iíve always pictured Oliver having a few of Hayden Christensen features. Especially his hair and his smile. As for the other characters, I donít think Iíve had anyone specific picked out for the characters that have been introduced. I do know who I would choose for Laneyís dad. But Iím not sharing that info yet. *giggles*

Question: If you can write any kind of book besides vampires, what would that book be and why?

Answer: I would write a book about dragons. Iíd finish that book I started years ago because itís just sitting there in the back of my mind waiting its turn.

Question: Okay to the fun stuff. If you had 6 dinner guests, 3 historical and 3 fictional who would they be and why?

Answer: hmmÖ Okay, my three historical would be J.K. Rowling herself, Paul Newman and J.R.R. Tolkien. As for my fictional; J.K. Rowlingís Harry Potter, Christopher Paoliniís Saphira the dragon and Charlaine Harrisís Eric Nothman.

Question: You were at Shannon McCabeís 2010 Vampire Ball. In fact we were both there and did not meet up with each other. Did you have fun?

Answer: I had a great time! I remember seeing you there, but at the time, I didnít know who you were. I hadnít put the name to the Ďmaskí yet. Iím looking forward to next yearís vampire ball and being one of your interviewees. *smiles* Note: Joann is talking about the way I interview the patrons with my videographers John Shue and Bryan Coleman.

Question: We have another mutual friend on Facebook Christy Wardlow of ; how did you meet her? I love Christyís online magazine and I am glad you are part of it!

Answer: Christy is fantastic! I met her through a good friend and I have become very fond of Christy. She is an amazing person with great wit and she has been such a support to me in my new life as an author.

Question: What books, TV shows, movies do you like?

Answer: I love books with fantasy involved. My favorite book series include J.K. Rowlingís Harry Potter, Christopher Paoliniís Inheritance Cycle, Charlaine Harrisí Sookie Stackhouse, Stephenie Meyerís Twilight saga and Rachel Caineís Morganville Vampires series. I love a lot of different types of movies. My favorites would include Romeo and Juliet, Grease, all the Harry Potters, Pretty in Pink and Serenity by Joss Wheeden. As for TV show, I have quite a few that I watch and love. True Blood is my number one with The Big Bang Theory following close behind. I also love Dexter, Merlin, Eureka, Star Wars Clone Wars (I told you it was a mix) and Cougartown just to name a few.

Question: How can people get in contact with you? How can they order your book?

Answer: The easiest way to contact me is through Facebook and my website. I have my author page on face book and my fanpage as well which can be found through my website at The book is available in hard back, trade paperback and ebook and is available through, Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook to name a few. There is a full list of where is can be purchased on my website.

Question: Final question. Thank you for this wonderful interview. Are there any words of wisdom for your readers?

Answer: Believe in yourselves and know you can do it. Oh, and peppermint ice cream fixes everything. *Smirk* Thanks Paul, this was a lot of fun!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Executive Officer
aka The Demon Warrior
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Joann I Martin Sowles, Author of Laney
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